Worldwide Day of Prayer-April 26, 2016


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Dear fellow staff member,

Around the world we are setting aside April 26 as our next Worldwide Day of Prayer. I am thankful for the wonderful privilege we have as a staff family to approach God’s throne of grace together.

As you know, our ministry has always placed a high value on prayer, starting in 1951. This is the first Day of Prayer in which neither Bill nor Vonette is participating from this earthly venue. How we miss them. But, may we follow their joyful example, and pray in complete dependence on our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our three-part theme for the day is: Mold, Multiply, Mobilize. These are, of course, our daily prayer requests for Pray2020.

  • We love our Lord Jesus, and we want to be like Him. We ask Him to MOLD our hearts to be one with His heart, to align our hearts to obey the clear commands of Scripture, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • We want everyone to know how wonderful He is! We pray that He would MULTIPLY our lives through others, reaching many who will reach still others, in an ongoing chain of spiritual multiplication.
  • Longing to be used to the utmost, we pray to the Lord of the harvest to MOBILIZE laborers through our prayers and ministry efforts.

Praying this way and following His lead, we can expect Him to use us as a movement even more in the future than He has in the past. I look forward to praying with you on April 26.

Yours In Christ,

Steve Douglass

Global Prayer Request

Our Worldwide Day of Prayer will be April 26, 2016 (as always, the fourth Tuesday of April) #wdop16. The theme of this special day together before the Lord will once again be the three-fold petition of Pray2020: MOLD! MULTIPLY! MOBILIZE! #Pray2020

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You can see/download All Prayer Requests by PDF File

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