Area Team Leader: Javier and Gema Garcia


Area Leadership Team:

  • In October the first of a series of City Workshops in Europe’s main cities will start off with London. With the focus on making Jesus known, Agape Europe will initiate a process to engage with the whole Church for greater visibility, credibility and adding value to the city. We very much realize that we need to co-work with all Christians in order to impact a city. Please pray for an inspiring start that will lead into multiplying movements.



  • Please pray for good transition in the SLM role. John McNeill will be handing the reigns over to a younger man from the Netherlands named Maarten Gast.
  • Pray for the “Frozen North” where SLM has launched new student movements this year in three Scandinavian countries – Denmark (Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo) and Iceland (Reykjavik). Pray that these ministries take root!



  • Give thanks to the Lord that He was with us in the leadership transition. Please pray with us that the new team will grow in their relationship and take all the old and new responsibilities and that the Lord takes care of them and leads them through the Holy Spirit.
  • We want to implement MyFriends Ministry. In the fall the trainings will start. Pray with us that many churches will come on board. This training fits Austrian culture so well. May the Lord call people to become trained and share their faith at their workplaces and with friends in a very practical way.
  • Ask God to send new, young people on staff. In our youthminsitry (SHINE) there are a lot of young, gifted people. Pray the right ones hear God’s calling and are bold enough to follow. 



  • Praise God for a good and growing interest in our Luke 10 discipleship teaching that inspires many Christians to find their own way to be witnesses for Christ in their everyday life. Pray for our training team taking L10T courses in local churches. Praise God for a weekly radio programme; pray it will inspire listeners and for good content for every programme. The Luke 10 course goes well with the THE FOUR concept (evangelistic tool).
  • Pray for our student and youth ministry teams – for wisdom how to use the resources we have. Pray for young people and students to find fellowship and their place in it. Praise God for all the teenagers who attended our four confirmation camps and heard the gospel, that they would grow in their faith.
  • CHRIST DAY: On December 2 there will be a second nationwide Christ Day in Finland in Turku. The first one was in 2008. Please pray the day would bring together Christians from all groups of our nation—and from all denominations and organizations—to give thanks to God for His grace on our nation on our 100th anniversary, and to pray for our nation and for revival. We pray that representatives from every municipality would be there, along with representatives from all people groups in the nation. Please pray for all the arrangements and logistics, for true unity and above all, God’s presence in the event and for a prayer movement to be strengthened for and through this event.



  • Please pray for the various ways Agape France is involved with the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, including the exhibit that is showing in churches around France and the Paris city hall. Pray for a massive gathering of Protestant Christians in Strasbourg at the end of October – that these events would further open many eyes to the harvest in France and Europe and send out more laborers into the harvest field.
  • Praise the Lord for success of the “Bouge Ta France” (Move your France) national project in Le Havre (Normandy) – a joint venture which has mobilized churches and 15 Christian organizations to train 1,200 youth to become witnesses of Jesus. Agapé Campus was responsible to lead the outreach day and participate in the July 14 gathering of 8,000 believers to pray for revival in our country.
  • Pray that they continue to be zealous for Jesus where He has positioned them, and for 10 people joining the Agape France movement.



  • In early June Germany was able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ministry. A week of action included encounters with the SHINE Electro-Pop-Festival and the Jubilee-Gala on 3 June as highlights. Our 50 gifts to the city of Giessen were gladly accepted and the local press reported it very positively. One could hardly walk through the city during those days without being pointed toward God – a very special atmosphere!
  • We have a strong focus on cities, and we want to strengthen ministries in different cities. Pray for good partnerships and a life changing influence in these cities.
  • A changing law for data privacy is having significant impact. We pray for wisdom and the right decision, so that it has no bad influence on the ministry.



  • Pray for the continuous MPD efforts of the Greek staff, even in the midst of difficult times for the country and the ministry. Pray for the capacity of the Greek ministry, as the ministry opportunities that God opens up require more staff and volunteers in order to take advantage of each one of them; we want God to raise up people who are called to the ministry.
  • Pray for our Refugees Day Center in Thessaloniki, which hundreds of refugees visit every week to have a shower, wash and dry their cloths, and have coffee/tea and some finger food. Pray for opportunities to share our faith with them.
  • Pray for our increasing contacts with the Greek authorities and the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church to continue to lead to open doors and ministry opportunities of high visibility, where we will be able to share our faith and who we are. Pray for the strong connections between the Greek ministry and the International Hebrew Community and the opportunities God gives us to share our faith and the love God gives us for them.



  • Praise God with us for five new campus team members – three interns and two Stinters. Pray that their involvement with us will draw in many more harvest labourers in the near future.
  • Pray for new, higher level of involvement of volunteers in our ministry to reach leaders. They will help in planning, finances and running events.
  • Pray for new people to be ready to join our Board. We’re looking for people who have benefitted from the Agapé ministry, a mix of men and women, and with a lower age profile.



  • Rome Global Contribution/Gospel in Action: Pray for the many refugees coming to faith in Rome, that God would protect them and help them move forward in their lives and their faith.
  • LDHR: Give thanks for the four Italians and seven International Staff raising support to join our teams in Bologna, Florence and Rome. Pray for diligence, perseverance and God’s provision.
  • Students (Rome): Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and direction and our listening as we go after two  movements on La Sapienza Univ and Roma Tre Univ. (Bologna): Pray for our four student believers to become leaders this year and multiply their faith into other students.



  • SLM: May God raise up 2-3 new student leaders with a heart to start a ministry of evangelism at Latvia University. Pray for four student leaders at Riga Stradins University to have courage to initiate conversations about God with their friends and classmates. Pray that we would see students come to saving faith as Christian students and share their faith more on campus.
  • Crescendo: Pray for our former director as he moves into a new role as president of the Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, that he would have a great influence on the music culture and many personal evangelism opportunities. Pray for the leadership transition, that God would raise up a new generation of leaders to continue the Crescendo ministry in Latvia.
  • Media Strategies: Pray for the online project Mystory.me. Our goal is to have 50 MyStory.me stories in Latvian by the end of year 2017. Pray for 20 more stories to be put up.



  • A new generation is rising in the Netherlands who hardly have heard of or know anything about Jesus and the Bible. Please pray for the different strategies to reach this younger generation, especially those of AiA and Streetlink (Inner City Ministry).
  • Agape Netherlands wants to help in networking in the cities so that churches, Christian businessmen and other influential people in the city will come together to pray and work together for growth in the cities. Pray for open doors and a blessing for this vision.
  • Pray for unity within Agape in a way that staff can become a powerful instrument in bringing together Christians, churches and other organizations so that the “world (Netherlands) can see that we are one” (John 17).



  • We are looking for new staff in different areas. Please pray that the right persons hear of this opportunity and boldly follow the way of God’s plan.
  • In just over two months we already will be at Explo 17 in Lucerne. We pray that the conference will be a blessing for all participants and they will be motivated for active engagement. We expect 6,000 participants from all denominations.
  • October 8-13 we will have our staff conference. Please pray that we will be refreshed as one team. We are all working in different ministries but want to unite the vision of why we are doing this. Prayer is much on the heart of our leadership team. May this be a time where the vision of the leadership team can come to every staff member.



  • Over the next 12 months, Agapé UK is trusting God for 26 new staff/interns, including an LDHR Director. Pray that God would raise up these people and clearly hear the call to join us.
  • Our different ministries working in the same cities seek to work better together. Pray for wisdom as they bless each other, share ideas and make a bigger Kingdom impact together.
  • Agapé Student Life is trying to develop ‘catalytic’ student ministries in the UK – movements on campuses where there are no staff. Pray that resources we’re developing would prove fruitful and we’d see many catalytic movements begin over the coming academic year. Pray for the start of the new academic year at universities across the UK; may many students encounter Jesus through meeting our Student Life societies.