Western Europe


Area Team Leader: Javier and Gema Garcia


Area Leadership Team:
  • To make Jesus known is our main goal. Everything in the planning by the countries should help to fulfill this goal. Pray for the leaders in the countries to find the best ways to change their countries.
  • Our focus is to inspire the leaders of our countries. In November we will have a week together with the ND‘s. We pray that God will change hearts and minds during this time.
  • We have started a new next gen training. We pray that we can develop good future leaders for all the different ministries.


  • Student ministry: At the start of the semester, we ask God to give courage to believers for evangelism, bless their conversations, and open the hearts of listeners, especially Austrians students, so that our CampusLive movements will impact the nation.
  • The nation: Most of the many missions organizations in Austria are staffed and funded by foreigners. Please pray for native Austrians to rise up to accept a national responsibility to take on the task of manning and financing local ministries.


  • Paris has a long history of revolutionary change and worldwide impact. The city, along with the whole country, has suffered through various terrorist attacks in the past two years. At the same time, the presence of Agape Paris continues to grow and develop among students and professionals. Whether it be people on the streets or students on the campus, Agape Paris is trusting God that the City of Lights becomes a light to the nations.  Please continue to pray for many more young and diverse French leaders to be raised up in this great city.
  • May God lead us to use technologies wisely to contribute to making Jesus known in France and beyond, and to build operational capacity to see more movements everywhere.
  • Pray for recruitment for these French ministries: Internet, Churches, and Sport. We drastically need additional leaders and staff members.


  • Many churches take care of refugees and use the JESUS film for it. Pray that many refugees from other religious backgrounds come to know God as Father.
  • Ministry leaders and the ND plan to meet in October. They are developing a new team. They will meet to talk about unity, cooperation, and understanding of a cities strategy. Pray that the cities strategy will find fulfillement.
  • Pray for all volunteers in SLM. We are happy that in many universities students really do lead the movement. And we pray that this will be true in other cities as well.


  •  Pray for the strength and well-being of our team as we aim to share the gospel and initially try win people for Jesus.
  • Pray for our student and campus team to be protected and given strength and wisdom for the next season ahead.
  • We will be having several staff meetings and board meetings. Please pray for wisdom and unity.


  • The internet ministry of the Netherlands (ikzoekGod.nl) will train new online coaches for the new season. These e-coaches will be coupled with seekers who have landed on one of the many websites (about life issues) that ultimately bring them to a gospel presentation. E-coaches are there to listen and help direct the seeker in their path to knowing God.
  • In past months staff and students of StudentLife (Netherlands) have invested time and energy in new campuses in Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Arnhem. Pray that the students they have talked to will take up the challenge to start new StudentLife groups in these cities.
  • All Dutch staff and volunteers will come together for the annual staff conference from 28-30  October. Thank the Lord for the staff family and their kids. Pray with us that the love of Jesus will be our drive for reaching and discipling the lost. Pray too that our children will have a good time of fellowship and of learning about Jesus’ love for them.


  • Magdalena Project: Pray for more effectiveness in using this film to reach women.
  • The Story of Jesus film: Pray for fundraising to send the film to 300,000 families with children ages 6-12.
  • Pray that we will find Swedish students who will take responsibility for new campuses.


  • We regularly have big youth events. We pray for many youth participants who will have an interest in knowing Jesus. We have also a big investment in PraiseCamp at the end of the year. Pray for power for staff and volunteers.
  • We had opportunity to talk to many Muslim tourists this summer. We distributed 3,300 DVDs, 180 bibles and 500 SD cards. We pray that they will know Jesus and grow in Him.
  • Everyone has been talking about “Pokemon Go.” As an internet ministry in the French part of Switzerland, we just wrote and published in Facebook and Twitter a small article with five verses and five questions. After three weeks more than 35,000 persons had viewed it. Pray that the questions asked will also help in other areas of the lives of those people.


  • Please pray for “freshers’ week” at the University of Oxford from 3-7 October. Ask God to provide many opportunities for Agapé Student Life to connect with freshers and share the gospel with them. Pray for good conversations and ongoing relationships to start this week.
  • Please pray for our First Acts team who are working alongside many Farsi-speaking, asylum seekers in the UK. Pray as they help many with practical needs but more so their spiritual needs. Please pray for wisdom in gospel sharing and follow-up.
  • In 2017, Agapé UK will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Pray that this will be a fruitful season as we praise God together over how far the seeds of our movement have spread and aim to serve and bless the church throughout the UK.