Western Europe

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Area Team Leader: Javier and Gema Garcia


Area Leadership Team:
  • This summer we will have our area staff conference, the Agape Europe Family Gathering. We pray that many volunteers will join us, as we want to increase their future role in the ministry. We also pray that the gathering will help us grow together as a family, learning how to support each other and collaborate in our countries but also across the borders. Please pray for anticipation in all staff members as they invite their friends to be part of the gathering.
  • Another big topic is our mind-set change towards cities: We want to work with the whole church and through the 10 gateways leading to communities in the city – each owning the whole (city) and doing their part (community, ministry, etc.). We want to model, equip and mobilize. We are convinced that it is urgent to change the way we work if we want to see more people coming to faith.
  • Fund raising: Because of focused turn-around in MPD activities in the past years and more conviction to become self-funded, AE nations have increased staff accounts in the last four years from 332 to 389 = 117% growth. At the same time in some countries salaries were even raised, and together our buffers grew from 2.46 Mio to 3.50 Mio. This gave us hope to start to train 16 local teams to start doing Team Partner Development (TPD) who have already been successfully raising additional funds. God, the global owner of the whole universe, is giving us more and more insights in how he wants us to move together with our partners to learn to stimulate faithful stewardship for the sake of the Glory of his name.





  • God is working among students in Estonia! There are about 250 students that we are in contact weekly. We have seen students making huge progress in discovering God and we have seen some becoming believers!
  • This year Estonia is celebrating its 100th birthday. Please pray for continuing freedom and revival for our country.
  • We are thankful for many great partnerships and we pray for more full-time workers as we want to reach every Estonian with the message of salvation.



  • We praise God for the ChristDay we helped organize last December in Finland. It gathered over 7,000 people from all denominations to pray together for the country. There were leaders from many Churches and ministries and representatives from most of the municipalities. Pray for the follow-up on this and encouragement for Christians to come together locally in every area and community.
  • We praise God for a good and wide reception of Luke 10 – discipleship training during the past few years. For a second year now we have also a week radio programme to support the teaching and encourage Christians to live out their faith and reach out to others. The programme reaches about 30,000 listeners weekly. Pray for fruit to come from the training and for the production of the weekly programmes. For Christians to be more active in sharing their faith in creative ways.
  • Student ministry: Pray for new student leaders to come forward, especially those who would be interested in discipleship and training others. And pray for participants to MyFriends-training from all the university towns.
  • Pray for the weekly paper Sana (means Word in English). Pray for those putting the paper together each week and for circulation of the printed paper and the web version. It is not easy to find new readers or keep the circulation these days.



  • We give thanks for the way the various expressions of Agape in Paris are learning to collaborate and work in greater symbiosis across the City of Lights to be a light to the nations. From the arts, music, students and humanitarian, we give thanks to the Lord for the heart and desire to work together for the greater good around the 10 branches of Agape in the city.
  • We give thanks to the Lord for the Sport and Faith (AIA in France) ministry in the Paris suburb of Sevran. This community is in crisis as it lost several young people who went off to Syria to fight for ISIS. Yet our Sport and Faith soccer team has been organizing games against local teams and also sharing hope and love in the name of Jesus in this community.
  • We give thanks to the Agape Art team in Paris that is working to see the work with and among artists. Recently a young student artist came to faith in Christ and is preparing to be baptised. We give thanks that so many young artists are passionate about bring hope and the love of Christ to the people of Paris!



  • The evangelistic initiative “My Friends” is very inspiring. Especially our team in Berlin is practicing and spreading this wonderful approach. We pray that this will become part of our DNA as we reach out to those around us.
  • Munich is one of our three key cities (Munich, Berlin, Gießen) for the years to come. Nine staff of our student ministry “Campus Connect” have moved to Munich and has started to build movements at the different campuses of Munich and the universities in several Bavarian towns and cities. With this team we spend two prayer-days together, inviting the Lord to reveal His presence and salvation. Let us lift up this courageous new team to grow together and to be a bright light to many students.
  • We are very grateful for teammates who moved to Munich and Berlin as city-coordinators. This task is a great challenge. Let us commit them to the Lord to strengthen their backs, to bless their roots, to receive the Lord’s heart, to unite the teams, and to build strong networks of faith and love in these great cities!





  • Praise God for raising up students who have a vision for personal ministry and for multiplication in Cork and Limerick.
  • Pray for students at Dublin Institute of Technology who are working on setting up an Agapé society there. This world be a great asset to our work.
  • Pray for a good partnership with a multi-cultural church in West Dublin who want to reach their sphere of influence in their many ethnic and cultural circles. This is becoming a reality in Irish life. There are many godly believers among our in-coming immigrants who can significantly bless the settled Irish church. We’re keen to help that happen.



  • Bologna Students: Pray for the 10+ involved Christian students to have a desire to share their faith and reach their lost friends.
  • Global Contribution: Please pray for more laborers (volunteers and new staff) to join us in our outreach to refugees in Rome. Please pray for the successful fund development by the end of May 2018 for Chasolo Clinic Construction in Malawi.
  • Operations: Pray that the Lord would provide a new, long-term Financial Manager for the National Office in Florence. Also that current office staff that are away raising support or in poor health would return quickly and be 100% healthy.





  • We are working with a team on the preparations and compliance for the GDPR before the May 25 deadline. Pray that no details will be overlooked and for positive communication with our ministry partners.
  • We thank the Lord for the increasing collaboration between different movements within Agape (AiA and Streetlink). Please pray for further integration of other movements within each other thereby enhancing the effectivity of reaching people for the Lord.
  • We thank the Lord for the continuing flow of participants in our MPD Trainings. Please pray that all new staff will persevere in the Lord to reach their 100% target and not stop somewhere in between. This is also true for those who have undergone TPD training. Pray too for unity and perseverance in finding team partners for Studentlife and Streetlink.



  • We are praying for Austria. We want to see a flourishing ministry there, and we need wisdom how we can support the staff there.
  • We are hosts for the Western Europe Staff gathering this summer. We want every staff to go home encouraged, empowered and with new dreams to go forward to build God’s kingdom.
  • We want to find new ways to inspire people. Life transfer is our goal in all areas of our ministry. We need good will with buildings, new staff and wisdom in the way forward.
  • We are thankful for all the good will we have in our supporters and also in networking with different churches and other Christian movements.



  • Please pray as FamilyLife trains more willing, brave and enthusiastic couples on 9 June to facilitate their ‘A Day Together’ events throughout the year. These couples are volunteers and put lots of time and effort into bringing the event material alive through their own personal stories. Please pray for a fun, relaxed time together and lots of learning.
  • From 13-24 June a team from our aid partner, Global Aid Network, will be in Romania, providing education and activities to gypsy children living on a city rubbish dump. Please pray our team would be able to demonstrate love and hope to these children, and point them to the hope found in Jesus.
  • A team of students are in Lisbon, Portugal, 18 June – 7 July and St. Petersburg, Russia, 18 June – 9 July on short-term mission projects, working alongside the local Agapé Student Life teams. Please pray they’d be a blessing to the local ministry, be able to engage many Portuguese/Russian students on a meaningful level about the gospel, and for students to come to faith through the project.