W Africa


WEST AFRICA AREA (Great Commission Movement)

Area Team Leader: Austin and Zchat Okomohwo


Area Office

  • Praise God for His hand of blessing and protection over our team as we perform our work of resourcing the countries to ensure they are able to build deep and wide so that we move to the next level in ministry.
  • Pray that the focus of accelerating the raising of Associates and volunteers will be successful. Pray for wisdom and favor to accomplish this and for the right leadership to give the needed attention and vision to it.
  • Pray that our team will be united in our love for Jesus and commitment to follow Him and accomplish His purpose for West Africa.


Africa Centre for Theological Studies (ACTS)

  • Pray that the Lord will help us to provide necessary help for all the other departments. Pray also for provision of funds for the ministry so as to be able to fund all her financial plans.
  • Praise the Lord for answering our prayers. We started the MDiv and Masters in Biblical with 13 students on 11 September 2017. Thank God for His faithfulness. Pray that the Lord will add more students to our number. We are trusting Him for 30 students, 10 in each of the three courses available in our school.
  • Thank God for the ongoing process of accreditation of ACTS with ACTEA, praying that we will receive good news before the end of October. Pray that we will be blessed with what we need to continue the process of the next stage of accreditation.



  • Praise God for a good working relationship with the Federation of Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches of Equatorial Guinea. Ask God for courage and boldness for Pastor John Sima, the President of the Federation to follow up on every detail of the partnership agreement on church multiplication.
  • We urgently need to appoint a National Church Planting Coordinator to help lead the process of selecting church planters and supervisors. Pray for the right person as National Coordinator.
  • Pray for Rev. Molo Gerasimo, who has accepted to be the Representative of GCM. Pray for  wisdom to register with the Government. Pray that he will be a big blessing to the work of evangelism and discipleship which will lead to building movements of multiplying churches and disciples.



  • We thank God for success of the just concluded Discipleship Conference in September, and pray the seeds of the word sown into the lives of the disciples will abide and bear much fruit. Matthew 13:23
  • We plan to continue with the second cycle of the MCC training in November 2017 (Phase 3)  and February 2018 (Phase 4). Pray that the participants will all meet the requirements to proceed with the trainings as planned. Psalm 9:10
  • We pray that the year 2018 will birth more second and third generation churches within the country. John 9:4a



  • Praise the Lord for the success of the Digiship (digital discipleship) Pilot Project and the difference it has made in our SLM; three campus ministries have been opened as a result. Pray for wisdom to crystallize the digiship processes to be simple and easily transferable for use in other campuses as well as other MCCs.
  • Trust God with us to develop a core team of 10 members for History’s Handful who would commit to give a minimum amount of $10,000 each annually and to multiply themselves by recruiting others for similar commitments.
  • Pray that God will help us raise, train, resource and assign volunteers and associates in 20-30 local teams (a local team of at least three members) at 20-30 different ministry locations in Ghana with very high local ownership. To this end we need wisdom to develop clear, simple policies and guidelines that will help us to relate with and empower them.



  • Pray that we will experience success in our 4th Phase of MC2 training as we did in the first three phases.
  • Pray that all qualified church planters will be available for the training.
  • May the situation of the country be conducive throughout this period, with God granting safety to all trainers as they come.



  • Campus ministry is preparing to launch a massive outreach campaign to freshman students on three major university campuses. Pray that this evangelist blitz will transform the lives of many students through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
  • Praise God with Global Church for the just completed circle 1 MC2 training of trainers in MPTA1. We are praying that the next two MPTAs, 2 & 3 complete their training for trainers by September 30 and at least 30 TOTs begin circle 2 MC2 by Nov. 2017. They are also trusting God for funding to successfully complete; may God provide funding from the local church.
  • The Prayer Ministry has just ended its national prayer conference. May there be testimonies of prayer altars in every home and prayer lighthouses in the communities of everyone represented at the conference. Pray also that there will be evidence of changed lives among intercessors.



  • SLM:  Thank the LORD for some of the students who have made commitments for full-time staff; pray that the conviction will continue to grow stronger in their hearts and that they will follow through on their commitments. Zaria Team planned to embark on Mobilizing Associate and Volunteers from various churches around Kaduna state. Please pray that the LORD will grant them favour before the church pastors, protection and utterance as they stand before God’s people. Also pray good response from the churches.
  • GCM:  Thank God for the progress GCM is making in the recruitment of the National Church Planting Coordinator and Church Planters Supervisors. Pray for wisdom and God’s leading to select the right person as National Church Planting Coordinator and Church Planters Supervisors for the five sites in Nigeria. Pray for wisdom to mobilize, inspire and train the leaders.
  • LDHR:  GCMN wants to see for every 1 full-time staff member, there will be 4 Associate Staff and 16 Volunteers; pray that this desire will be achieved. Pray for funds to cover the organizational portion of the social security and health and life insurances for the staff.



  • Praise God for our country visit last year. We connected with leaders of the Alliance of Evangelical Churches and other key leaders of the church.
  • Our key contact Pastor Dalton Jose is in Brazil for further theological studies. Pastor Excellence Hebron, a Nigerian Pastor serving in the country, is holding brief until we are able to find another Sao Tomean to provide leadership. Pray that God will choose a man after His own heart, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom.
  • Our strategic plan in 2017/18 is to conduct MC2 training and select 80 people as Church Planters. Pray for churches to select the best who are passionate, full of zeal and commitment to Jesus Christ to attend the training and go as church planters to help in planting 80 new churches.



  • Please pray for the 200 church and cell planters in the Eastern Province and Western Area, as they continue on their field work of planting churches.
  • Pray for the mudslide victims as a good number of them are still homeless.
  • Pray for good health for staff in Sierra Leone, as most of us are presently experiencing ill health.