WEST AFRICA AREA (Great Commission Movement)

Area Team Leader: Austin and Zchat Okomohwo


Area Office:
  • Staff support – Pray that the staff support situation will radically improve. Most staff are receiving less than 50% of their needs.
  • SLM – Thank God for the progress made in the last three years in terms of scope, engaged and multiplying disciples. Pray that each country in our Sub Region will be able to reach their goal for this financial year.
  • Operations – Pray for the smooth implementation of Netsuite in our Area, that the rollup plans and implementation will be successful. Pray also for successful implementation of plans to have all staff trained to use MPDX; wisdom and strength for all trainers.
  • Prayer – Pray that in the midst of all the busyness, our staff find themselves, they will guard and enjoy intimacy in their walk with the Lord.


Africa Centre for Theological Studies (ACTS):
  • Pray for God to bring new students to us. Pray that the many inquiries we are having will translate to students enrolling at ACTS. Pray for ACTS to fulfill its mission with GCM and the Nigerian church in training and empowering leaders for the church.


  • Pray for God’s direction for our next move in Cape Verde.
  • We need to find a way for training teachers for ministry. Praise God that ISP (International School Project) is willing to train teachers for ministry in Cape Verde. Pray that God will direct our steps to know the right timing for this ministry.
  • Pray specifically for Cape Verde students who are planning to launch SLM on another campus.


  • Praise God for the progress of the partnership with Federation of Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches of Equatorial Guinea. A National Church Planting Coordinator and six supervisors have been appointed by the Federation. Pray for deeper commitment to the mission of church multiplication by these persons. Pray for also for a priority of deeper walk with God. Pray that their lives model authentic Christian living with high level of integrity and honesty. Pray for excellent vitality spiritually and health wise. Pray for greater anointing for the work.
  • We have big challenges in terms of fund transfers to the country which has slowed down progress. Ask God to help us overcome this challenge as quick as possible. Pray for a good means of money transfer in with less bank charges and good exchange rate. Commit to praying about raising local funding to be effective for continuous ministry.
  • Ask God to grant us good speed in recruiting church planters for MC2 training in May 2018. Pray for a team of facilitators to be formed as soon as possible. Some of the facilitators are coming from Latin American countries. Pray for the overall goal of planting 1,000 new churches and faith communities to be realized. Ask God to bless our efforts


  • Thank God for the success of the graduation and commissioning ceremony for those who completed the first two cycles of MCC training. Pray that all 53 graduates will continue to do exploits for the Lord.
  • The next cycle is planned to commence in April 2018. This will also introduce and model MCC 3.0 Launch. Pray the God will roll out this new approach with us and establish all the strategies to His glory. Alongside will be the Prayer Conference. Thank God for answers to the prayers made concerning the programme and for the overall success.
  • Pray that God will further strengthen the existing partnerships of GCMG, and make more room for our ministry within the nation.


  • As a ministry we need to step up our fund development. Pray that we will be able to develop a core team of 10 members for History’s Handful who would commit to give a minimum amount of $10,000 each annually and to multiply themselves by recruiting others for similar commitments.
  • In line with Mathew 8:39, pray that God will lead us to raise, train, resource and assign 40-60 volunteers and associates and station them at 20-30 different ministry locations in Ghana. Pray for people who will have a very high local ownership. To this end we need wisdom to develop clear, simple policies and guidelines that will help us to relate with and empower them.
  • Pray for all our field MCCs: SLM, GCM, and Digiship (digital discipleship) to experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so that we will be able to achieve immeasurably more than we can think of or imagine with regards to our ministry goals.


  • Pray that the peace of God reigns supreme in Guinea Bissau, despite all the political tension.
  • Praise God for the success of the second phase/ second cycle of MC2 (April 3-7, 2018) at the two training centers in Buba and in Bissau. Pray for consistent and fruitful follow-up to the training.
  • Praise God for the Prayer training given to the pastors and church workers who completed the first cycle of the MC2 training. Pray that this will result in their establishing multiplying intercessors for the fulfilment of the Great Commission in the country. 




  • Praise God for raising the resources for Project Nehemiah (the National Rural Student Project). We’re thankful for the number of students and staff that God provided fees to cover their necessary expenses. Praise Him for traveling mercy and favor to and from the two Counties that were being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that their target of reaching and disciplining 3,000 persons in each county will be realized. With the diabolical risk involved, pray that God builds a fortress of protection around the new converts as they share their salvation testimonies from village to village among their own people.


  • The dubbing of the film Walking with Jesus in the Grebo and Gola languages will be done in May this year. Pray for all of the actors to prepare well and connect with what God wants to do through them during this time. Pray especially for spiritual revival within themselves. Pray that the reporting and recording teams arrive safely and on time and enjoy good health during their stay in Liberia.


  • We’re still trusting God for the construction of our National Multi-purpose Complex. This project is expected house all of our desperately needed spaces and raise resources to support the national ministry. Support raising for this project has been slow but consistent. Please pray that God raise supporters both in and out of Liberia for this construction to begin in November of this year.




  • Thank God for the success of the Student Conference, Destiny 2018, that took place during Easter. Praise God for safety and protection for all the participants. Pray the Campus staff will be able to adequately follow up students who made one commitment or another. Pray that more Catalytic Campuses will be opened in the South and South Eastern parts of Nigeria.


  • Digital Ministry – Pray that our forthcoming Booth camp will be a huge success. Praise God for the progress we have made with our projects.
  • Pray for success in the M1:4:16 recruitment effort of Lagos staff . Our target by 2020 is 16 full time staff, 64 associate staff and 256 volunteers.


  • Pray that our collaboration with Alliance of Evangelical Churches bear much fruit which abides. MC2 training has been scheduled to take place in July or August 2018. Pray for effective mobilization by the churches to recruit credible and passionate persons to serve as church planters.
  • Ask God for continuous provision of resources to plant 200 new churches and faith communities in the two islands.
  • Pray for the success of JESUS Film mission trip in October, to bear much fruit and to consolidate the August MC2 training.




  • We are planning a mass training for the three campuses we are involved with. Pray that we will plan well, that students will be willing to participate, and that no unforeseen problem will arise to spoil the training program.


  • We are preparing to participate with other partners in this year’s Gospel Outreach Day on 30  May 2018. Pray that all participants will fully cooperate and that plans for follow-up after the outreach will not be neglected.


  • Our National Prayer Team is presently coordinating zonal prayer and planning a retreat for our pray teams around the country, but the present political atmosphere is causing concern. Pray that the political atmosphere will be stable after the election so that we can continue with the program. Pray also that intercessors all around the country will participate fully when we reach them.