Area Team Leader: Farai & Chipo Katsande



  • Praise God for the strong leadership and wonderful work done by the outgoing University of Botswana (UB) student-movement leadership team.
  • Ask the LORD to send forth more labourers to serve Him cheerfully, willingly and be part of our staff team.
  • Pray for the launching of the ministry in seven new campus locations around Botswana by the end of this year.



  • Moving our national office into our new building is taking longer than expected. Please pray the move will be quick and God will provide the needed resources.   



  • Pray for solid partnerships on the Islands that will unite church leaders to reach the lost together, until no place is left, as Paul mentioned in Romans 15:23.
  • Pray for our leadership teams on these islands. Pray they will be Spirit-led as they seek God’s will to move forward and launch movements.
  • Pray for permission for doing JESUS film projections in prisons.



  • Praise God for the progress toward reaching our 2020 goals. We have 252 prayer teams, 4,251 engaged disciples and 873 communities of multiplying disciples, excluding other partnering organizations.
  • LeaderImpact: Pray for a successful vision event with 150 participants. A major outreach forum and speakers training the week of 25 Oct 2017.
  • Praise God for a successful Building Powerful Ministry Teams workshop. Staff team members were helped by clarifying job roles, challenged and affirmed in pursuing our mission objectives with exceptional results. Team members will work on many common tasks in the next 6-12 months.



  • Thank God for the September Outreach, with the goal of opening two new campuses. Praise Him for human resources, finances, clear direction, and God’s favor.
  • Pray for strategic partnerships with key pastors, churches and organizations that will be willing to adopt the DeepLife (win-build-send-mobilize) strategy. 



  • Please pray for the large outreach with the synod of the Reformed Church in the western part of Antananarivo city, planned for 16 October. Pray for the mobilization of more than 100 disciples and church members. We plan to start training the participants from 8 October. Pray the LORD will reach many for Himself there. There has been organized resistance from a religious group.
  • Pray God will use Student-Led Movement staff members to open doors on catalytic campuses where there are no staff members. Pray our SLM staff members and their disciples will stay deep in the Word and pray so they can always hear where God is leading them.



  • Praise God for the successful launch of the film “Magdalena” in the Yao language and training in Bible storytelling last month. Thirty-one people, mostly women, were trained. This combined program has made a big impact in the Yao community.
  • Thank God for the church plants and follow-up trainings in Phalombe – Miseu 4 and Chiradzulu – Ndunde. Pray for these churches and Christians to live lives of faith and trust. Pray they will influence others to be connected to Christ (John 15:16). Ask the LORD of the harvest to send forth more laborers who are committed to preach the true gospel (Matthew 9:38) also those who will disciple others (2 Timothy 2:2).
  • Pray our Student-Led Movement (SLM) staff members will open new campuses and develop movements with many students joining. Answering many questions is helping students who are coming in response to the Word of God! 



  • Praise God for the results of two Student-Led Movement events last quarter with 80 university students from six campuses. About 40 students are being discipled in five discipleship groups.
  • Thank God for a successful Discipleship Ministry Partner Development (DMPD) training for three Mozambican staff members with the Swaziland staff team in Mbabane. The goal is for each staff member to raise a minimum of 30% of their ministry needs in the next three months.
  • We praise the LORD for the 16 Mozambican women who attended the Significant Woman Summit in Durban, South Africa last month. Five of these women will work on contextualizing the materials for translation.



  • Pray that God will produce faithful multiplying disciples through the training and discipleship efforts of churches to contribute towards Namibia DEEPLIFE strategy.
  • We trust God that we will get the Walking with Jesus Kwanyama DVD duplicated soon, as we plan to launch and use it in before October 2017. Also pray for successful translation of the discussion guide to accompany the DVD, which is in progress at the moment.
  • Pray that seeds that have been sown during the four-day mission trip of GCM and SLM in the community of Walvis Bay and the International University of Management will bear lasting fruit. Pray that God will produce strong and FAT volunteers to help start the movement in Walvis Bay IUM Campus. We trust God for five students to join the annual new leaders training in November.



  • All of our disciples on campus did well in school. After graduating we pray they can continue to be involved in community ministries.
  • Praise God for the exciting church multiplication occurring using the “Magdalena” film strategy, especially among women. (
  • Pray for some volunteers are who hesitant about becoming full-time staff members because they fear discovering ministry partners. 



  • Thank God for the great success of the Ubuntu student conference and the students taking ownership of the whole process, a great victory in the Kingdom.
  • We are trusting the Lord for enough volunteers to run with, in each strategy and all the staff to multiply spiritually with fourth generation disciples in all spheres of ministry.
  • We have family as a value, so we pray that all staff and associates will experience a new level of commitment towards each other on ministry levels and personal levels. May all our relationships be God-honouring.



  • Pray for the South Sudan staff members. They continue living as refugees in northern Uganda. Back home it is estimated more than 10 million people are on the verge of starvation, due to the ongoing conflict and widespread drought.
  • Thank God we have been able to mobilize 100 pastors and leaders in the refugee camp.
  • Pray for our JESUS film outreach. We are trusting God for 300 JESUS film showings in the three main refugee camps. Pray for the staff and the volunteers who will do the film showings. Pray the Lord will protect them and provide the resources needed.



  • Global Church Movement (GCM): Please praise God for the use of JESUS film products in planting new churches in the Lubombo region.
  • Pray for wisdom, favour, and understanding in collaborating with other organizations. We have seen more Christian organizations who want to partner with us.
  • Student- Led Movement (SLM) praises and thanks God for being able to have ministries and movements in new campus locations. Our target goal is to reach at least 16 Campuses this year. Please pray that God will give us wisdom as we go catalytic.



  • Praise God for the STINTers (short-term-international mission trips) who came and ministered with us. They started Bible study clubs in 10 high schools. Pray these will develop into movements.
  • We are grateful for the well-attended Catalytic Training (training how to involve students leading movements on campuses where there are no staff teams). Student-led Movement (SLM) staff members from countries in the SEA area attended the training here in Dar es Salaam. Pray there will be movements started on many catalytic campuses.
  • Thank God for the recent community ministry activities. Physical needs were met, evangelism was made easier and churches in the area were encouraged. Ask the LORD of the harvest to give us more full-time staff members and volunteer labourers.



  • Pray for the fund development team to come up with effective and clear strategies for generating self-sustaining local resources necessary for transitioning from ministry to movement building.
  • Pray for every staff member to develop five multiplying leaders in the market place, community or church.
  • May the staff be able to operate at 100% support.



  • Praise God for successful training of 217 students at University of Zambia (UNZA) in Lusaka and NORTEC in Ndola, in the New Life Training Curriculum (NLTC).
  • Pray that 50 people who attended sports chaplaincy training will join as associates with the Athletes in Action (AIA) ministry. Our prayer is to see a chaplain in every sport team.
  • Pray for a successful dialogue with the Nsenga translators and the Bible Society, for the completion of a Nsenga Jesus Film translation.



  • Pray our student leaders will be bold in presenting Christ as they are reaching out to new students.
  • Praise God our staff members are remaining focused and committed to the Great Commission. Many of them are facing financial challenges.
  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for our nation, as we approach our general elections early next year. Our economy normally worsens and we tend to experience a lot of violence before, during and after our general elections.