SE Asia



Area Team Leader: Chris and Marlyn Uy


Area Team Leader’s Office, ASEA
  • Praise and thanksgiving for the just concluded IGNITE 2017 gathered 170 top executives and businessmen from 15 countries. We were able to invite them to give their LIFE (Leadership, Influence, Finance, Expertise) for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  • Pray for follow through on the LIFE commitments of our IGNITE participants.
  • For healing many SEA staff – some being treated for cancer and other serious health concerns.
  • For team-to-team country meetings with our LTs to be fruitful and serve our countries’ needs.


LeaderImpact, ASEA
  • Pray for the upcoming Alumni Forum in several cities to reconnect and mobilize the influential alumni who are now in high positions in various domains to help lead movements in their cities.
  • Pray for the continuing training and multiplication of city teams through TOT (Training of Trainers) focusing on getting the volunteers to train the volunteers.
  • Pray for the intentional focus of recruiting, training and formation of functional city teams to help reach our cities in each country in our area. 


Global Church Movements, ASEA

Praises & Thanksgiving:

  • Praise God for the progress of church multiplication in all the countries. We are seeing generations of multiplying churches even up to seven generations. Those newly trained in MC2 (Multiplying Churches and Communities) are seeing fruits of people receiving Christ, being discipled and engaging in the same process they experienced. We are seeing multiplication among Campus Churches too, with the students becoming reproducing leaders.
  • Newly planted churches and new baptized believers were results of short-term mission projects and stop-outs of local ministries.
  • Doors of partnerships are being opened. Thank God for giving our GCM leaders favor among church leaders in their respective countries. Even seminaries are open to partnerships with them in equipping their students on church planting.

Pray for:

  • Preparations for the GCM Leaders Conference in Manila, Feb 27 – March 2, that will gather 200 GCM leaders from countries across the globe. We want to tackle barriers and make necessary “final adjustments in the strategic” toward seeing 5M churches globally by 2020.
  • GCM efforts in all Southeast Asia countries to take vital part in the unity of the Body of Christ in planting a church in every village in the region. We are trusting God to see 500,000 churches in Southeast Asia by 2020.
  • Our GCM staff in the countries as they seek to humbly yet confidently come alongside churches in planting multiplying churches and communities among the religiously diverse people groups. We are seeing many inroads even in remote and difficult places. Pray too for sustainable indigenous leadership and resources for the newly churches planted.


Student-Led Movements, ASEA
  • Praise God that most of our staff in the area went through the Campus Expansion Training to continue to trust God in seeing student-led movements in 3,000 campuses by 2020.
  • Pray for growing love for God and commitment to the Great Commission. May our staff and student leaders keep focusing on Jesus, our ultimate movement builder.
  • Pray for fruitful and effective partnerships with the Body of Christ as we work together in building Christ-centered multiplying disciples in campuses and communities. Pray for 2,000 more campuses to have Movements of Multiplying Disciples through this partnership. 


L.I.F.E. Initiatives, ASEA

Praises and thanksgiving for:

  • Ministry Partners’ faithfulness to invest in our ministry through their prayers and L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Influence, Finances and Expertise).
  • Staff in 12 countries/regions will have increasing number of Ministry Partners and will be receiving increasing amount of financial investments for their ministry. We are gearing toward each staff having 100% of their financial needs raised for their field ministry.
  • Successful Ignite Cebu – 15 countries joined in; participants from the four Southeast Asia countries are preparing for their within-the-country Fund Development retreats.

Pray for:

  • DMPD Blitz of Central Java on October. For preparation of DMPD National Leaders in equipping the local staff develop indigenous Ministry Partnerships.
  • Preparation and recruitment for Fund Development Retreats in four countries, to be held in early 2018.



Praises and thanksgiving for:

  • New Staff Training and Training of NST Trainers – praise God for the equipping of the NST Trainers in two countries. Thank God also for the new Staff Trainees and the completion of their MPD goals.
  • Associate and Volunteer Staff and Interns – for raising up more manpower for the harvest; as of August 30, we have an additional 215 associate, volunteers and interns in ASEA!
  • Global LDHR Consultation – participation of some ASEA LDHR leaders in the global consultation; thank God for the encouragement that we received and the lessons and insights that we learned from others.

Pray for:

  • New Staff Training – Pray for ongoing staff training in three countries; pray for multiplying disciples to be raised up through the ministry of new staff members; that trainees will have numerous opportunities to do Win, Build, Send and to mobilize others to do the same; pray for God’s provision for their continuing MPD needs; and for wisdom and diligence for trainers.
  • ASEA New National Leaders’ Orientation – Pray for the new members of the Leadership Teams as they go through a Leader’s Orientation. November 7-10; pray for wisdom and guidance for the facilitators; and pray that this will be a time for learning and growing.
  • Discipleship Applied (A Training Video on Evangelism & Discipleship) – Schedule of talents for production shoots has always been a challenge; pray that conflict in schedules will be minimized; and for wisdom, guidance and creativity for video editors, health of the DA team.


Operations, ASEA
  • Pray that God would provide the resources necessary for us to serve our staff with:  
  • The right people.
  • The best systems.
  • The appropriate training for our people to be confident and fulfilled in their ministry.
  • The finances necessary for the systems we need to meet field needs.
  • Pray for MPDX roll-outs in our countries. 
  • That God would use this tool to help our staff develop ministry partners more effectively.
  • That our systems could link effectively with MPDX without a lot of manual input.
  • Pray for ASEA Operations Team Leaders Conference October 23-27
  • That God would prepare the hearts of everyone who attends.
  • That we would have unity and a team spirit of collaboration.
  • That our stronger ministries operationally would actively seek ways to come alongside other ministries who need help.

Prayer, ASEA

  • Thank God for Prayer Initiatives with other churches and organizations that are happening. Larger scope of countries are having prayer cover. People are acknowledging God’s movement to bring people together on their knees and are in awe of answered prayers.
  • Pray that each MCC in each country will continue to Pray, Care and Share. They will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading and answers to declare the glory of the Lord. This can be door openers to areas beyond existing target audiences and areas.
  • May the Ministry Calendars in each country reflect a priority of individual and corporate prayer and fasting, with the National Team Leadership championing 3G and 3M Praying. May Prayer Teams in each country be learning and sharing “Best Practices” to further enhance Prayer Movements across Southeast Asia.


  • Student-Led Movement: Praise God that He is raising up laborers for His harvest: seven staff members, two field staff interns and five students who joined B-Camp X Training in Thailand; B-Camp X hopes to increase the capacity of our staff to reach other-faith students with the claims of Christ’ love and plan for each of their lives. May there be an increasing number of Kingdom Volunteers (KVs) who be able to reach many students and see the majority of them become believers in Christ.
  • May God bless SLM’s partnership with the Cambodia Ignite Team, to conduct Ignite event; Ignite seeks to gather highly influential people who will invest their L. I.F.E for kingdom building. Pray for: Preparations for Student Leadership Conference (SLC) from 13-15 May 2018 to have 86 staff, PKV and KV student participants.
  • Global Church Movement: As we seek to partner with others toward seeing multiplying churches and communities—including far flung provinces—more people are active in witnessing, discipleship and planting multiplying churches. May we have wisdom to be strategic in finding and working with like-minded partners. May we be able to mobilize other believers to keep reaching out to the whole country. Pray that we will take God’s leading toward Men and Women of Peace who will positively influence the propagation of making disciples who will experience God’s love and plan.


IGSL (International Graduate School of Leadership)
  • Pray for God’s direction and enabling, as we have just started our 2nd trimester – students to experience maximum learning in class and elsewhere; faculty members to teach with passion and mentor in love.
  • Pray for a deeply refreshing time as the whole community of IGSL goes for a spiritual retreat on October 26-28, 2017.
  • Pray for the school’s alumni around the world, that they would continue to be faithful workers for the harvest.


  • OPS and Digital Strategy: Pray for the scheduled “hackaton” on October 20, 2017 and the upcoming hack for mission events. Lift up our Measurement Update/ Mission Hub and iShare – may these technologies bring accuracy & efficiency in report management, and contribute to greater effectiveness in the field.
  • Student-Led Movement: Through the Local Hybrid we had last July by students from different campuses, 364 heard the gospel, 270 prayed and received Christ, and 107 accepted the challenge to share Jesus. Pray that subsidy for Intern Program and budget goal for Campus Expansion will be raised as the Lord will lead us to corporate ministry partners.
  • Global Church Movements: Praise God for the five churches our team is partnering with in QC, Valenzuela, Caloocan, Malolos and San Jose Del Monte. The church partners want us to train their members so that they will be able to start campus ministry, strengthen their current outreaches and start multiplying churches! Pray for our team as we visit the churches twice a month to train and disciple their members.



Student-Led Movement:

  • Thank God for three new staff members and 17 volunteers joining our misssionary force this year. TCCC is in need of more human resources now!
  • Pray for 300 Christ centered multiplying disciples to develop before May 2018 and for every believer involved in TCCC to become a discipler.


  • Praise the Lord for testimony and enthusiasm of a disciple; she shared Christ with a business man and laid on hands to heal his cancer; the doctor was surprised and has not found any more cancer; now this disciple shares Christ enthusiastically. As of August, we have four new LI movements. Pray that we will see 100 CCMDs by end of 2017.