South Asia

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Area Team Leader: Jose and Neena Sam


Area Leadership Team:
  • Pray that all our teams, individual staff and disciples will be truly characterized by the qualities of Earnest Prayer, Motivation, Passion for Holiness and Authentic Community.
  • Pray for the vision of seeing 100,000 multiplying disciples by 2020. Pray also for the provision of 100% funds for ministry and staff needs.
  • Our shift towards disciple-led, integrated ministry in 300 cities (from the present 80+ cities) with multi-MCC city leadership teams is progressing. Pray that Holy Spirit would empower our staff and disciples to make this a reality.
  • Pray for the upcoming India National Staff Conference in May. Pray that it will birth a revival, personally and as a movement.


  • Praise God for raising up key volunteers and enabling them to open 122 campuses in the past seven months.  Please pray that the Lord will raise up student leaders, and Student Leadership Teams will be formed in 10 student population centers.
  • Praise God for the launching of the LeaderImpact movement in five cities of East India. Pray for the successful execution of the 5-step multiplication pathway with the potential professionals.
  • Pray for GCM Lay Leaders training in April to promote multiplication of lay leaders.


  • Ask God to send streams of 70 warm-hearted laborers, anointed by the Holy Spirit, to move out from their comfort zone and join our full-time staff by 2020.
  • Pray that we may see 1,250 multiplying disciples who will be passionate to lead spiritual movements in their campuses by 2020.
  • Pray that we may be able to train and empower many lay leaders in different places in North India, and open ministry in several new cities of this vast geographic region.


  • God may bless Northeast India with 12 staff members by next year. There are six teams so each team may develop two MDs to join the staff.
  • May God enable each and every staff to own the 2020 vision and shift in their heart so that they may genuinely pursue it.
  • Pray for the successful launch of LeaderImpact in multiple cities.


  • Pray for the expansion of Campus ministries from the present 300 to 3,000 by 2020. Pray for the multiplication of 1,200 Student Leaders to 10,000 in these campuses.
  • Pray for the formation of an effective Volunteer-Led City Leadership teams in 100 cities. We have around 2,200 leaders already identified and trained in these cities.
  • Pray for the 80 new church planters (New Phase CPMIs) starting their work in more than 400 villages since April 2018. At present we have 1,350 churches and house churches functioning with ministry presence in more than 7,000 villages. The goal is 15,000 churches by 2020.


  • Pray for 15 graduates to come on staff this year. Eleven graduates who indicated they want to join full-time have a few roadblocks. Pray that they may be brave enough to withstand the oppositions from several corners.
  • Pray for the spiritual multiplication of 1,700 disciples.
  • Pray that we may able to develop manpower, materials and finances to expand the ministry to 60 cities by 2020 in Southwest.


  • Pray that God will raise up full-time staff for SLCCC. We have only 11 graduate staff right now.
  • Pray that God will help us to identify the right kind of leaders from each city to form City Leadership Teams to launch movements in each domain.
  • Pray that all the individual movements of each City and the National Leadership Team will be able to raise needed funds for the movement expenses.