A Radical call to Pray for ISIS

Kareem Mufleh freely admitted he fought for ISIS. At just 15, he was put into battle with the knowledge that if he didn’t fight he wouldn’t make it through the day.

“They captured my village and gave me a choice,” Kareem said in a CBS news article. “Either join ISIS, or be beheaded.”

The name ISIS, or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, almost plagues our televisions, radios and newspapers as the group continues to try and create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria.

The group known for killing dozens of people at a time, as well as carrying out public executions and crucifixions now has taken over large swaths of northern and western Iraq. Now, I find myself asking what can we do here in America? How should we react?

I live in a peaceful society and news like what is going on with ISIS is like something out of a horror film.

I know the ingredients of the horror – the curse of broken humanity – are buried deep in me too.

It doesn’t take much for those ingredients to surface and I don’t have to think back too far to recall a time when that happened …

At the time, I was sitting in a plush, leather chair in a mahogany-lined boardroom with the CEO of a large company looking at me. I swallowed, my stomach feeling like it was tied in a Chinese butterfly knot.

I was a campus minister raising support and had connected with the CEO through my school. He had been crunching the numbers of my ministry and saying he had heard from the Holy Spirit. Now, as we sat in the boardroom, he told me I was on the wrong track.

The CEO picked up his phone to call some business friends. They were going to give me some direction.  I cringed – I was already feeling 7 mm tall.

They grilled me for about an hour, “Amening” everything the CEO was saying.

Then they prayed for me.

While this was going on, my face grew red and my hands shook. I was seething. I hated these guys and given the right conditions – swap the boardroom for a forest, my pencil for a knife and inject me with some courage – who knows what I would have done?

The apostle John says in 1 John 3:16, “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer.”

I murdered in a boardroom.

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