Prayer Leadership Seminars

The Prayer Leadership Seminars are a set of biblical studies designed to motivate and multiply prayer disciplers. This seminar series has been prepared for believers who want to grow in prayer themselves, and for those who want to help others to do so.

The set includes (click on the seminar you want to view):

Each seminar within the series contains one to six Sessions. Each seminar has leader’s and participant’s guides, a scripture reference and slides for each Session.

We have converted all the seminar files to the PDF format and they are available for download below. You can download these individually or as one ZIP file. If needed, download Adobe Reader to view a PDF file.

HINT: You can view the slides in full screen by clicking on the monitor icon in the lower left corner of the Adobe Reader screen. Press ESC to return to the normal viewing screen. You can use the arrow keys, the page up/down keys, the space bar, the enter key and a mouse click to page through the slides.