Prayer Guide Glossary

Global Prayer Requests


4 October 2016

“MOLD OUR HEARTS – Strengthening our Spiritual Foundation”

Global Prayer Requests


Always observed on the:

  • Fourth Tuesday of April.
  • First Tuesday of October.



Each staff member, volunteer and disciple–as well as every team–has some needs in common: Let’s pray for one another’s faith, growth, fruitfulness, re-vitalized first love, walking in the Spirit, hearts that are God-attentive/God-dependent/God-responsive, a refreshed vision, conviction of God’s calling, unfailing love, team unity, additional laborers, full funding, health, protection in travels and protection of families, along with our global goal of 10 million Christ-centered, multiplying disciples and 5 million new churches by the end of the year 2020.



3G A God-attentive, God-dependent and God-responsive way of life

4G A God-attentive, God-dependent, God-responsive and God-expectant way of life

3M Mold-Multiply-Mobilize: The elements of Pray2020.

ACTS  Africa Centre for Theological Studies

AE Agapé Europe (the Western Europe Area)

AIA Athletes in Action (sometimes shown as AiA)

ALT Area Leadership Team

ATL Area Team Leader

BPMT Building Powerful Ministry Teams training

Cada Uno LAC all-Area staff conference held after the Solo Uno 2015 student conference

CAM Capacity-Accelerated Movements, i.e., Operations

CCCI Campus Crusade for Christ International

CCVN A new staff training program including elements of NLTC (El Salvador)

CE Christian Embassy

CFD Consolidated Fund Development

CFM Campus Field Ministry of Cru Campus

CLM Church-led Movements (more commonly known now as Global Church Movements)

CLT Campus Leadership Team (local)

CMD Christ-centered, Multiplying Disciples

CNEF The New Staff Training Center (same as GCTC) in DRC  

CPMI Church Planting Movement Initiative

CrossRoads Youth at the CrossRoads seeks to train teachers in Biblically based ethics and life skills

Cru The umbrella name for all US-based CCCI ministries and Cru Singapore

Design The Design Movement: Cru Campus ministry to/through South Asian American students

Destino Latino outreach of Cru Campus

Domains Influential parts of society (usually seven), e.g. media or government

DPMD Discipleship Ministry Partner Development training for missionary support

DS Digital Strategies (formerly known as Virtually-led Movements; see GDS)

EAOrt The East Asia Orient Area

ELI Emerging (or Emergent) Leaders Initiative

Epic The Epic Movement is the Asian American outreach of Cru Campus.

FAT Faithful, Available, Teachable

FLT FamilyLife Today radio program

GAC The group of committed disciples on any campus in Francophone Africa

GACX Global Alliance for Church Multiplication

GAiN Global Aid Network expresses the love of Jesus Christ in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering and restoring dignity

GCM Global Church Movements, one of our five Mission Critical Components (MCCs)

GCM Great Commission Movement: Campus Crusade for Christ in the West Africa Area

GCML Great Commission Movement Leaders (students in West Africa)

GCMT Great Commission Ministry Training (for church leaders in parts of Africa)

GCTC Great Commission Training Center (usually a new staff training program)

GFD Global Fund Development

GDS Global Digital Strategies (DS); one of our five MCCs

GMA   Global Measurement Application

HomeBuilders   Small groups meeting in informal surroundings, usually as follow-up to larger  

FamilyLife conferences and events

IBS Institute of Biblical Studies

IGSL International Graduate School of Leadership (formerly ISOT-Asia) located in the Philippines

ILF International Leadership Foundation primarily in Africa and recently Latin America

Indigitous The public face of GDS

IR International Representative, i.e. an expat missionary

IR-ROS International Representative – Representative Office in Singapore

IMPACT The IMPACT Movement: Cru Campus outreach partner to African-American students

KCCC Dual usage: A part of Cru Campus aka Korean Cru, or CCCI in South Korea  

L21 A LAC short-term mission project designed to launch a spiritual movement in 21 days

LAC Latin America and the Caribbean Area

LD Leadership Development

LDHR Leadership Development Human Resources (sometimes seen as LD/HR or LD-HR)

LLM Leader-led Movements, one of our five Mission Critical Components (MCCs), focused on reaching leaders in seven domains of society

LTI Leadership Training Institute

MC2 Multiplying Churches and Communities (a GCM training program) (also used as MC2)

MCC Mission Critical Component, a major strategy such as SLM, GCM, etc.

MD Multiplying disciple

MDE Spanish for SLM: Movimientos Dirigido por Estudiantes

MIT Missions Impact Taiwan

MPD Ministry Partner Development (raising and maintaining of prayer and financial support)

MTL Movement Team Leader (Ministry Team Leader in some places) (Missional Team Leader in the Cru Campus Field Ministries)

ND National Director

NLT National Leadership Team

NLTC New Life Training Center

NTL National Team Leader

PCS Prayer Care Share groups, as in South Asia

PIRT Pacific Islands Regional Team

SI Student Impact in East Asia

SLM Student-led Movements, one of our five Mission Critical Components (MCCs)

Só1o Uno LAC all-Area student conference, July 29 – August 3, 2015

SOFT Shaping Our Future Together, comprising five elements of CCCI culture change

SPC Student Population Center – may be a school or place of dense student housing

SPP Strategic Planning Process

STINT Division of Cru Campus that sends missionaries on one to two-year assignments (Short Term INTernational originally); sometimes seen as “Stint”

StoryRunners takes the gospel to oral people with story groups becoming new churches.

Student Venture is the name for middle school and/or high school ministry in some nations.

TLGS The ILF’s Transforming Leadership and Governance Seminar

TSW The Significant Woman training resource to minister to and mobilize for the Kingdom

USCM United States Campus Ministry now known as Cru Campus

VEM90 A LAC 90-day missions team to support national leaders and launch new movements

VLM Virtually-led Movements, the MCC usually known as Global Digital Strategies (DS); see Indigitous

VP Vice President and/or team they lead

WBS Cru overall mission: Win, build, and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples who launch spiritual movements

W-B-S Sometimes used as W/B/S. See WBS

WSN Worldwide Student Network, the international sending division of Cru Campus

WTR FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember event

XChange Cross-cultural training in East Asia
(* Indicates a Stage 3 Country, with self-sustaining resources for a movement of win, build and send.)