Area Team Leader: Javier and Gema Garcia



Area Leadership Team:

  • Pray for continued enthusiasm and momentum as we pursue our DeepLife Goals and objectives through the GCM, Leader Impact, and SLM initiatives countrywide.
  • Pray for greater financial provision toward the refurbishment of our national offices
  • Pray for a fruitful time of movement building during the A6 Korea SLM team mission visit from mid-April to end of May 2017.


  • A leadership change is coming in June. Pray for a good and blessed transition.


  • Recruitment: We need to recruit new young staff for the Campus Ministry, Internet Ministry and Church Ministry, especially people with leadership potential, as well as someone to be in charge of fundraising.
  • Please pray for new French donors as we want to raise money for Ministries.


  • 29 May to 3 June: We are celebrating 50 years with a full week of outreach activities, a SHINE concert and a gala style anniversary event.
  • Pray for favour among the people and churches of Gießen and for many people to meet Jesus! As the 50 year celebration is going to be more and more concrete. Please pray for the preparation of the special celebration evening.
  • We hope many friends will attend the party. Pray also for overflowing joy to the inhabitants of Giessen which we want to surprise with 50 gifts.


  • Please pray for our outreach to refugees in Rome that the Lord would send more labourers to work in this mission field, and that we would have wisdom in knowing how to move forward with this historic opportunity.
  • Pray for our student leaders and student believers in Bologna and Rome and ask Jesus to convey His vision to each one, growing their passion for sharing with the lost that they might truly understand and live out the Great Commission. Pray that God would multiply disciples through each of their lives.
  • Pray for the follow-up conversations with students who attended our International Women’s Day events in Bologna and Rome called Cara Donna. Ask the Lord to open the door for many new friendships and opportunities to clearly share the Gospel with these students.


  • Thank God with us for the new staff He continues to give us each year. Please pray that all the different Dutch ministries will be aligned and working together towards achieving our vision and mission.
  • Please pray as Agape Netherlands seek more partnership with and serve the local churches. In the last years working with churches has been very minimal.
  • All Dutch staff have taken the challenge to be at 100% of their MPD goals by end of June 2017. Please pray as staff take faith steps and overcome obstacles (spiritual and emotional) to achieve this goal in the coming months.


  • Pray with us for the Magdalena project in the churches in Sweden
  • Pray for SHINE in Sweden. Swedish youth needs Jesus and SHINE needs your prayer, guidance, blessings and favour to go into the schools.
  • Pray for AGAPE SVERIGE and the Leadership Team. We want reach churches more effectively with the different tools, films and outreaches. We want to reach the gentiles in the whole country with the guidance of the Holy Spirit . Pray specially for the Christian leaders in Sweden.


  • The next Explo is planned for the end of this year. Please pray for many participant, who will be challenged to conquer ‘new land’ (the theme of the conference). We pray for many who are willing to change their lives to more of the following action: pray, care, share.
  • We see the importance to invest in Europe. May this be blessed and may we see the will of God in this area.
  • We pray for protection for our leaders. Especially in the part of French speaking Switzerland the leaders are challenged with illness and other difficulties.


  • Agapé Family Life have recently launched a new online resource called ‘Toucan’, which aims to give couples the tools they need to build happier, healthier relationships. It uses testimony and other resources to spark spiritual hunger, encouraging interested couples to explore a relationship with God. Give thanks for the recent launch of Toucan and pray for its impact to be wide-reaching. Pray that couples would find it helpful and that God would use it to draw people to himself. Pray too for the funding necessary to further develop this resource.
  • This summer Agapé Student Life will send short-term projects to Portugal, Romania and Russia. Please pray for the preparations happening in the coming weeks – for wisdom and good planning. Pray too that God would prepare the hearts of all those who will be impacted by these projects.
  • As part of our 50th year celebrations, Agapé UK are trying to form deeper relationships with churches by helping equip them in their evangelism. Please pray for relationships with existing churches to be strengthened, and for new relationships to be formed. Pray we’d be a blessing to these churches and help them to reach out to their communities more effectively.