WEST AFRICA AREA (Great Commission Movement)

Area Team Leader: Austin and Zchat Okomohwo 

W Africa

Area Leadership Team:

  • Pray for the meeting of the ALT and The ET in May that it would be significant in its fruitfulness.
  • Pray for the Meeting of the ALT and NLTs in May. Pray for preparations that it will be thorough and increasing impact of our movement. Prayer the time would be prayerful, an encounter with the spirit of God and bring clarity to what God would have us trust him for in the next year.
  • Pray that the Area team will be able to maintain focus on the most critical and needful strategies and tactics to help fulfill the Great Commission and establish our movement in every nook and cranny of the 9 active countries in the Area over the next 3 years.

Area LDHR:

  • Pray that staff support across the Area would pick up significantly. Severe slides in currency exchange rates have critically eroded the gains made from DMPD in the past five year. Pray that staff will be encouraged and their needs met.
  • Pray critically for quality new young staff to be raised for every country. We need to raise at least 30 full time new staff over the next 18 months and 100 associate staff.

Area SLM:

  • The numbers of our multiplying disciples tripled in 2016. We now have SLM in 7 countries out of 9 countries with campus locations in our area. 
  • Thank God for new campuses opened in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Guinea Bissau this current year. Pray that we raise choice disciples who will go on to launch Campus wide transformation in their countries.
  • We don’t have SLM staff in Cabo Verde but we have launched a vibrant SLM there through our partnership with LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean’s). Pray for sustainability and also for Deritson (student leader) and his team of leaders. Ask for wisdom for them to lead the movements right. They plan to open other campuses.
  • Pray for our catalytic strategy that it would continue to yield positive results and pray for safety for all the catalytic staff as they travel.
  • Pray that the 200 key volunteers that attended the leadership retreat from 14-17 April will be fully equipped and get fully engaged. That when they return to their campuses, they will multiply up to four generations before the end of the year.

ACTS (Africa Centre for Theological Studies) – Lagos, Nigeria:

  • Thank God for a new property in Lagos for ACTS. Pray for protection in the new location from harassment from street urchins and from government agencies. Pray for speed and God’s help for the renovation work on the new property to complete. Pray for God’s provision for ACTS and in particular for the renovation work for the new property to be functional.
  • Pray that the new place for ACTS will boost our visibility and students’ enrolment. Pray for high students’ enrollment during the forthcoming module Pray for God’s provision for our staff and students especially during this time of economic recession in Nigeria, pray for God to raise faculty for ACTS. We are trusting God for additional program for the school.
  • The strategic location of the property makes it assessable to the larger population of Lagos. Pray that this will be for our good that many people will be able to attend our school, churches will be able to link up with us for partnership in mission, also that the area will be secured by God for us. Pray for us as we are strategically planning for how Great Commission Movement in new Lagos will look like, and effectively mobilize Lagos Christian community and evangelize the unreached groups in and outside of our community.


  • Praise God for the success of the visit by Jesus Film Mission Trip in September 2016 and pray that this result in beginning a movement of multiplying churches and faith communities. 


  • Praise God for the success of the partnership meetings on church multiplication movement with top leaders of the church in Malabo, Bata and other regions of the country in October 2016. We thank the Lord for 120 church leaders who participated in the meetings. Thank God for Partnership signed with the Federation of Churches in Equatorial Guinea to plant churches in every hamlet, village, town and city over the next 3 years. Pray the project will be actualized and fruitful. Pray also that each party will fulfill their commitments.
  • Pray for the great move of the Holy Spirit in Equatorial Guinea and for national spiritual awakening which will result in multiplication of biblical healthy churches across the nation. 
  • Continue to pray for safety in the frequent shuttle to the country. Pray for safety in the air and on land. Pray for spiritual resources as well as physical resources of manpower and finances for the overall success of this vision. Pray for self-sustaining indigenous movement of evangelism and discipleship.


  • We Praise God for protecting all missionary staff and workers during the political impasse in Dec 2016/January 2017.  Many travelled to places both near and far and all were successful journeys! 
  • 2017 in The Gambia is “2000 and Esposals!”  – That is, it will be a year of weddings in The Great Commission Movement!  Two workers have definite plans to get married in May and June, while two others desire to wed sometime this year.  Pray for God’s provision and perfection for each couple.
  • We continue to trust God for a permanent site for an office/discipleship center.  Ask God to guide us to an ideal plot of land in the first half of 2017. Pray also for a clear vision on structuring the center.


  • Praise God for providing two brand new pick up vehicles last year for our “Kokofu for Christ” Project and for our Church Planting Teams. They cost us US$60,000.00 and the Lord provided US$25,000.00 locally. Please pray also that we would maintain good stewardship of the vehicles and for them to serve the projects fruitfully.
  • Serious efforts have been initiated to start off multiplying church planting movements in both the middle and northern sections of our country during the latter part of last year. Please pray that the different phases of the projects would work very well, especially the vision casting for pastors and church leaders and the phase one training for multiplying church communities.
  • Trust God with us to develop a core team of 10 members for History’s Handfuls who would be able to commit between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 each annually and to multiply themselves by recruiting others for similar commitments. In this vein, please pray that we would be able to organize an IGNITE Summit in Accra in the 2nd Quarter of 2017.


  • We would like all to appreciate God with us for the Churches that were planted so far in Guinea Bissausince the beginning of our MC2 program. That the grace of God would be sufficient for every member of the new Churches , to remain firm in the Lord despite Islamic opposition from Bafata region and animistic attack from Biombo region.
  • That our forth coming training to review church planters past work and amendment of challenges would be a success. That God would provide the opportunity for all the Church planters involved to be able to attend.

That there should be a great revival in the land of Guinea Bissau, especially among various Christian bodies, to love one another and be in unity to join forces against the spread of Islam in Guinea  Bissau.


  • Please pray for project Nehemiah; a short term mission project with university students reaching villages through one on one evangelism and Jesus film showings in the local language of the people. Pray that each student will be able to raise the amount charged for the project.
  • We are trusting God to reach 2,500 people in Grand Cape Mount and Maryland Counties. Please pray that this will happen. Pray for God’s protection against accidents and sicknesses that are deadly. Pray that God will cause revival among the students and the people.

The “Truth to Liberian Muslim”; a special project designed for going north was started by Global Church. After a major outreach, two small groups were started. Please pray that the new partnerships formed will be strengthened and two new Churches be started in the next six months in this Islamic area.


  • 7 couples and 5 spouses were challenged in a just concluded HomeBuilders Capacity Building Retreat to help start HomeBuilers studies for couples in their sphere of influence: Pray for grace and excitement for these trained couples to start HomeBuilers studies and find joy in helping other couples learn practical Biblical principles for building godly homes.
  • M1-4-16 initiative (i.e. one staff raises four associates who will help raise fourteen volunteers) had done series of mobilization events to recruit associates and volunteers, even full time staff for Nigerian Ministry:Pray that God will bless us with good fruits from these events that will help accelerate and improve ministry activities in the country.
  • The national goal: Pray that various MCCS in Nigeria will position and empower teams that will help reach each of the 36 states in the country including Abuja with the gospel that will also raise laborers and resources for the harvest.


  • Praise God for the good reception and acceptance of our vision for multiplying church movement. Pray for churches to key into the vision of church multiplication movement and for the selection of highly passionate persons as church planters.
  • Pray for the success of multiplying church communities (MC2) strategy in the country.  Commit the first phase of the training to take place in June 2017.
  • Pray for national spiritual awakening resulting in multiplying church movement. Pray for self-sustaining indigenous movements of evangelism and discipleship. 


  • Sierra Leone Immigration Services is cracking down on foreigners in the country, the government is asking every foreigner to pay Le500,000 as residential permit regardless of the number of days you are staying. This will affect us greatly as are brethren come and go. Pray that the consultation with the foreign department that is ongoing will succeed.
  • Pray for good health for two JF staff that are recording the walking with Jesus film in to Mende and Themn, they will be staying about a month.
  • Pray for five young men who have applied to join staff, that they will go through the process smoothly and be ready for DMPD by next year. Pray that new prayer cells that are been formed in various places around the country as a direct result of the last prayer leaders training will be able to attract non-Christian neighbors in different communities.