Area Team Leader: Chris and Marlyn Uy

SE Asia



Office of the Area Team Leader, ASEA:

Praise Item:

  • Successfully prepared the countries for their planning and budgeting through the ASEA LT Forum and individual coaching;
  • Fruitful and meaningful meeting with (History’s Handful) HH Indonesia and the Indo Council;
  • IGNITE events in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam under the leadership of Tegoeh S. and IGNITE 2016 Alumni;
  • Leadership Training in the Philippine Office of the Senate President led many participants to Christ.

Prayer Item:

  • Leadership training among the top and middle management of the Philippine Senate on April 25 to 26. Pray that the training will help them experience transformation;
  • Wisdom as the LT study the plans and budgets of the countries to be able to come up with a support plan and budget for them;
  • Spiritual refreshment for all the (National Team Leaders) NTLs and their wives during the May 19 to 21 retreat;
  • Fruitful and meaningful time with the Myanmar team on May 23 to 26;
  • Wisdom as we assist the countries with on-going leadership transitions.




  • Praise God for all the staff (full time and associate) who just finished their NST and New Associate Staff Training (NAST) and for the new staff who are joining NST/NAST this coming ministry year.
  • Praise God for increased desire among our leaders and staff to recruit more volunteers.
  • Praise God for the recent gathering of LDHR leaders where we identified our priorities for the coming year.
  • Praise God for the increasing number of staff having Position Focus conversations with their leaders.



  • Pray for all our incoming staff to raise 100% of their support goals before the scheduled start of NST.
  • Pray for God to raise up more volunteers for our movement and for our staff/leaders to be able to mobilize and empower them.  Pray that we will have a movement environment that will be welcoming of and caring for our volunteers.  Pray that we will be able to simplify our trainings and some of our process to be more volunteer-friendly.
  • Pray for the continued equipping of our national LDHR leaders and their teams so they will continue to be effective in doing their tasks.  Pray for wisdom as we address how to better care for and develop our growing number of senior and retiring staff.
  • Pray for increase in the number of fruitful and beneficial end-of-the-year Position Focus conversations among our staff and their leaders.



Leader Impact Movement, ASEA:

  • Pray for a thriving and multiplying network of city teams led by volunteers committed to reach their cities for Christ.
  • Pray for the mobilizing and recruiting of alumni and former contacts scattered in many cities to reengage in their city team vision.
  • Pray for the Indonesia City Team TOT (training of trainers) in Jakarta in June 2017 which will be conducted entirely by city team leaders while staff stay by the side as coaches.
  • Pray for the recruiting and sending of mission teams to new Target Cities in each country in Southeast Asia beginning in 2017.


Leadership, Influence, Finance & Expertise (LIFE) Initiatives, ASEA:

Pray for:


  • Ignite Cebu on August 31 to Sept 3, 2017. Pray for all the committee members who are preparing this event that through this event many more business leaders will give their L.I.F.E. for God’s agenda.
  • Pray for God’s leadership in recruitment for Ignite Cebu, Pray for 200 participants to attend the event. May those whom God is calling to attend be responsive to His will.
  • Pray for LIFE Initiatives team so that they can work together to maintain and build relationship with those who are current and future Corporate Ministry Partners.



Operations, ASEA:


  • Thank God for the increase in the use of information to lead.
  • For the result of Central Indonesia audit last March.
  • For Ops volunteers and paid staff joining to become fulltime missionary of CCC.
  • Mentoring relationships has been set-up for National Ops Leaders.


  • Pray for ASEA Ops Core Team- Mark, Paul, Geoff and Yulius to be able to lead the Ops Team well.
  • Audit Team to be able to conduct all the necessary audits this year to help increase effectiveness of finance systems.
  • God to raise up adequate finance team for all countries.
  • For all properties of CCC in the countries to be placed under CCC name.
  • Pray for our Staff and Student Leaders (CMDs)— growing love for God and the lost.
  • Pray for all our National SLM Leaders — wisdom in coaching their Local Leaders, ensuring team application of the training – follow thru on Campuses to open and strengthen this year 2017-2018 and build movements of multiplying disciples thru win-build-send.




  • On-going mission (Mobile Clinic) at Batambong April 24-25. Groups of house churches are involved in this. Do pray for more of their contacts to become believers in Christ as they see the relevance of the gospel in their lives and community life. Pray for blessings for the church members and medical volunteers.
  • Prayer movement to continue among students (SLM Target Areas) and among house churches (GCM Target Areas).
  • House Church leaders and GCM staff members to consistently emphasize dependence on the Holy Spirit in their personal walk and in their discipleship of other church leaders.
  • Consistent spiritual discernment and dependence on God to overcome spiritual warfare.
  • Blessed DMPD for staff. They will discover more of God’s attributes and His heart to provide for their needs as they complete their support goals. Many more Cambodians will discover the grace and rewards of investing in the Lord’s work. All our staff members to be abundantly supplied to the point of generosity.


  • Meaningful and intimate time with God’s word for each staff and disciples.
  • God will provide fully for Admin Expenses and other financial needs in the ministry.
  • God to direct our staff members and disciples to those students who are “good soil”. Those who are ready to receive the gospel and will produce remaining and multiplying fruits. Pray that they will exemplify wise time management.  Many of Cambodian students are working students. Lack of time seems to be prevalent excuse.





  • Key Students and Alumni faith in Multiplication (CMDs) Follow up Camp X Training.
  • Around Prayer on May 20, 2017 in Covalima (Independence Day of East Timor Celebration) and the New President’s inauguration.
  • Discipleship Training Class this summer with target participants :88 Students from 8 campuses.
  • Parliament Election on July 2017. And East Timor Will be sending delegates in Mission Trip Sumba South East Indonesia Program) on July 2017.




Praise: IGSL has sent off 67 graduates from 14 different countries last April 9, 2017.


  • Pray for the recent graduates to have settled well back to their respective countries, provinces, or areas of assignments; pray for their physical, emotional, and social adjustments. Pray for favor from God and men to become transformational leaders for the Lord’s agenda in their area.
  • Pray for the incoming batch of freshmen for this year—safe trip coming to IGSL and adjustment to their new environments (people and place).
  • Pray for the provision of needs for faculty, staff, and returning students this Summer time. Pray for blessings on their Ministry Partners as they continue to invest in the pursuit of what is eternal.
  • Pray for the students undergoing their Team Leadership Practicum deployed in the various parts of Luzon—maximized learning and practice of ministry skills.


  • Praise GOD for our newly selected National Team Leader. Please pray…..for GOD to anoint, empower and fill him with his Holy Spirit. Pray that he will seek GOD’s heart, mind and will for our movement above strategy and methodology in building Spiritual Movement in our country;
  • Praise GOD for the success of the PCCC National OJ (Operation Jabez), a Summer Mission. We thank GOD for the souls that have been brought to the feet of JESUS as a result of this project. Pray for a lasting fruit and that Christ will bring forth new churches in the area.



  • Staff conference in May 2017. Pray for our staff to be prepared to be ministered by God and one another. Pray too that we will be encouraged to pursue our goal to reach 50,000 Christ-centered Multiplying Disciples (CMDs). To keep trusting God to see 2,000,000 fellow Thais come to receive the Lord Jesus.
  • Budget Provision. May God provide $400,000-$500,000 each year for all ministry needs. Pray for blessings for our corporate and individual ministry partners. They will see the grace and rewards of investing into the souls of men.
  • Continuous vision-filled and faith-partnership with local churches in Thailand. We trust God to see 2,000,000 Thais be trusting Lord Jesus for their salvation.
  • More laborers to respond to the call of the Lord of the Harvest. Trusting Him for 20 to come on full-time service.
  • Pray for our National Leadership team to find their strength, wisdom, guidance, favor and increasing competencies in the Lord. Pray for the staff to be supportive of them through prayer, encouragement and submission to the Lord’s will.