Area Team Leader: Jose and Neena Sam


South Asia


Area Leadership Team:

  • Pray for the National/Regional Leadership Teams, Staff Teams and Key disciples / volunteers engaged in the process of finalizing 2017 – 2020 ministry strategic plan. We are undertaking a major paradigm shift to raise up thousands of volunteer/lay leadership for the movements. Pray that we will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we decide on our future move with the implication of the needed major shifts in our current ministry.
  • Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will raise up laborers (full time staff, associates, marketplace missionaries, lay leaders, digital multipliers etc.) from every place in South Asia. Pray for 2020 vision of 100,000 multiplying disciples in South Asia (SLM, LeaderImpact, GCM, and Digital) across 10000 campuses, 300 cities, 50000 villages and digital domains. Pray also that God will raise up right people to serve in technology / media / communication teams. Pray for the mobilization of 100% staff support and ministry funds.
  • Pray for God’s protection for the Church in South Asia and the ministers of the Gospel, in the face of increasing religious intolerance, opposition and isolated instances of persecution.
  • Pray for the current batch of new staff in GCTC for their final phase of training. Pray that they all will have enough prayer and financial partners. Pray also that each of these new staff will grow in Christ likeness.
  • Pray that all our teams, individual staff and disciples will be truly characterized by the qualities of Earnest Prayer, Motivation, Passion for Holiness and Authentic Community.


  • Pray for “i-Lead” Student Leaders’ Conference, a platform to Envision, Equip & Engage students to be multiplying disciples. Pray for this year’s conference with 5000 students. Pray also for the provision of 100% funds.
  • Pray for the Ministry to Movement Project to help Church Planters and the Lay Leaders to be intentional in their approach of building multiplying leaders for multiplying movement of Church planting.
  • Pray for the faith step towards helping plant 10 Urban Churches through partnership by 2020.


  • Praise God, we are launching new ministry centers in Dehradun and Allahabad city in the month of July. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of students in different campuses, so our staff will be able to get key volunteers in different campuses.
  • Pray that we would be able to train and empower the existing 76 kingdom leaders to initiate and take responsibility to start the spiritual movements in other cities.


  • Pray for partnership with churches and mission organization for an effective saturation and discipleship process, so that we can build movement everywhere in NORTHEAST India and beyond.
  • Pray for the restoration of peace in whole Northeast India, as there have been clashes between different communities in the different parts of the region time to time. Pray that the spirit of repentance and reconciliation will remove away problems existing between these tribes and God will propel His peace between them.


  • Pray for our Student movements on 271 campuses, LeaderImpact in 29 domains, and church movements in 4385 villages.
  • Pray also that God will equip and motivate the volunteers to create new contextualized digital tools to reach this digital generation.


  1. Pray for 30 Graduates to join the next staff training from South West India.
  2. Pray for an effective multiplying discipleship ministry among Leaders, where everyone would be able to develop 5 multiplying disciples in the current academic year.
  3. Pray for the ministry fund development efforts and the promotional staff helping with this. Pray that we will have promotional staff in all the ministry centers.


  • SLCCC celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. We have planned various projects which will accelerate reaching the 2020 goals. Pray that God may help us to accomplish them all.
  • Pray for 10 new staff to join from student ministry and 10 professional (associate) staff to join from LeaderImpact this year. We have not been seeing new missionaries in the last several years.