Area Team Leader: Layo and Luchy Leiva 



Fund Development:

  • Please, join us to ask the Lord for wisdom and grace to create  transferable models for funding projects all over Latin America and the Caribbean with local donors who can share their L.I.F.E.  (Leadership, Influence, Finances and Expertise).
  • Let’s ask God for each leader to be an effective fundraiser, each staff at 100% salary, each team totally funded, each office with financial systems, each sity with L.I.F.E. donors network, each missional community with generous disciples.
  • Praise the Lord for the progress we are seeing in the process of building capacity to raise funds at the local level. God has been so faithful in connecting the  Ecuador National Team with key leaders from the community who are sharing their Leadership, Influence, Finances and Expertise.  


  • Praise God for the successful LDHR training and coaching meeting that we had with our LDHR Representatives from Latin America in Panama.
  • We are thankful to God for the work of our National LDHR Representatives in each of our national ministries in LAC, and their heart to serve their staff.
  • Please pray that we can have all of our staff throughout LAC engaged in the staff development cycle. Pray for our leaders as they take the initiative to have 3 conversations each year with their staff concerning their personal development plan and position focus.
  • Pray for our LDHR area team’s policy revision project, and especially that we can have all the policy pieces in place and translated by June 2017.


  • Thanks to God for the time we had in Ghana, Africa. We had the opportunity to create a strategic plan for LAC Ops. We believe it will serve LAC well.
  • Please pray for our training and release of the new tool MPDx which will help with support-raising.
  • Please pray for laborers in Operations. We need more to support the Area well.


  • Please pray for the Caribbean student and professional conference in the Dominican Republic, June 23-26. Pray 500 will attend from all over the Caribbean. Pray the Lord will provide the visas and all the resources so that the Haitian students will be able to attend.
  • Please pray for the 17 lac missions projects this year. Pray God would provide 4 people for each project, for hearts to be prepared in the new locations and that He would raise up key volunteers to launch movements.
  • We thank the Lord for His help in making developmental coaching for all our SLM leaders a priority as a team, please pray this will help each leader to grow personally and in leading spiritually.


  • GCM: For the plantation of 120 churches for 2018 and 500 for 2020 in the northern region of the country.
  • Family life: For the strengthening of the ministry and the evangelization and restoration of many families.
  • For the volunteers who are serving with us after the National Student Congress in January, in the areas of Operations, Digital Strategies and in the team of evangelism and discipleship in the different universities where we have movement.


  • Please pray for students, staff, volunteers and professionals from Barbados who are raising funds to attend the Overflow Caribbean Students & Professionals Conference, that all the finances would be provided and preparations would go smoothly.
  • Please pray that our 6 full-time staff and National ministry will be fully funded.
  • We are thankful that this year we have seen more student-led initiatives.  We thank God for connecting us with faithful, available and teachable students who are excited about the movement.


  • We praise the Lord for the carnival retreat and the strong motivation from God for us that this year is time of “abundant fruit”
  • We praise the Lord for the beginning of L21 La Paz and for the opportunities he is giving us to help build the movement in that city
  • For the Lord to allows us to find in each component disciples that represent “the good land”
  • For the Lord to maintain the conviction in us that this year is time of “abundant fruit” in Bolivia


  • Pray for a great action of God on our country through the strengthening and expansion of the Movements of the Cru Brazil with Universitaries, Churches, Sports, Digital Strategies, Leaders, and Operations.
  • Pray for the blessing and direction of God in the preparations for the Cru Campus National Student Conference, which hopes to gather 700 students in the city of Fortaleza from June 15 to 18. May we overcome the barriers and may the event produce great fruits in this generation of students.
  • We thank God for the expansion of the Movements of Cru Brazil: this year Cru Campus reached the mark of 40 cities with Movement, and Athletes in Action received 16 new missionaries.


  • May God provide; experienced full time missionaries aligned with God´s heart to properly care and disciple the student leaders, and faithful people to join the administrative area of the ministry.
  • May every member of the missional communities remain filled with the Holy Spirit, passionate to study and share the Word of God in a relevant way and willing to love and serve sacrificially to those around them.
  • We thank God for our Summer School of campus mission. Student leaders were trained and challenged to seek growth in different areas of their lives, in order to faithfully continue working on the Great Commission.


  • So that we can have a culture of spiritual multiplication in our movement here in Colombia, and we can have multiplying disciples.
  • For our role as spiritual leaders in the post conflict that we’re facing after the peace treaty with the FARC’s guerrilla.
  • We thank God for the new team of administrative team and all of the improvement we’re having.


  • Please pray for our government. This 28th April we are having another election just after 6 months of the last one. For them to turn to God, and for God to put the people He wants to, to govern our island properly.
  • For God to keep working in Cru, by sending more workers, commitment of the students, and provision for our next Caribbean conference in June 2017.
  • We thanks God for always providing for us with people coming to our weekly meetings to hear the gospel and also for finances for our training activities.


  • For the Congress Overflow that are celebrated from June 22 to 27 in punta cana, with all the islands of the Caribbean, so that the Lord will provide all that we need and that will be a time of growth, joy and union of all the Caribbean.
  • For the process of transition in which we are at this moment and for more workers in MDE, workers faithful and committed to the work of the Lord and for wisdom for local leadership.
  • For faithfulness, love and mercy of God and for the growth of our ministry and the new campus that we have opened.


  • For the process of the ISP Project in Ecuador, which will allow us to unify the efforts of each Priority in each city.
  • For Wisdom and Spiritual Growth as a Team in Ecuador
  • By the missionary communities as a result of the direct ministry of each Staff in the city, in each University, and by the procession of Mc2 with the city team in the city of Guayaquil
  • For the faithfulness of God in each Staff and their Families


  • Pray for staff team, for God to shape our hearts every day.
  • Pray for MDE, from April 9th to 12th will have their summer camp.
  • Pray for the different components: Women Today, Professionals, MGI, Digital Strategies, Jesus Film Project, develop multiplies discipleship.
  • For every opportunity that God is allowing in MDE, Women Today, Professionals, MGI, Digital Strategies to share the gospel to be performed in every event.


  • Thank God that in this process of transition through which we have been passing as National Ministry, God has shown his faithfulness and provision and the body of coordinators has remained dependent on God.
  • Pray that God will continue to help us with wisdom, grace and provision to finalize the legal re-ordination of Cru before the authorities and the internal changes and challenges for each coordinator.
  • Pray that the physical, spiritual, emotional, and ministerial area of the leadership team and coordinators and volunteers stay focused on the vision of forming spiritual multipliers and mission communities.


  • Many students and professional who are actively involved in ministry are desirous to attend Overflow. However, many who have expressed their desire are having major difficulty to get the financial support.
  • Please pray that we get a breakthrough both financially and logistically.
  • Our staff team, that despite of the many challenges we face individually and collectively,  we will work together in unity to accomplish the ministry the Lord has entrusted us.
  • After Hurricane Matthew devastated South Haiti,  our Jesus Film team worked alongside many pastors covering roofs and schools and helping in aid distribution.  They have also maintained an evangelism presence through the Jesus Film showing.   Through these efforts, many have come to Christ.
  • We have students and professionals being motivated to share Christ in their faculties and sphere of influence.
  • Our monthly meetings of “Journee avek CPC”. (Day with Campus pour Christ) is having an influence on those attending.
  • On 25th March we have another meeting where Local pastors will join in.


  • For the work team among teachers that has been set up in four cities and that by the end of 2017 consolidate the communities of disciple’s multipliers in at least 20 schools.
  • That God allow us to apply a research study of CRU Honduras in partnership with the Liberty University, in VA as a key technical instrument to validate our educational programs and present it to education authorities that require verification of results.
  • We thank God for sending new workers to our team formed by the marriage Gerardo and Ruth Aguilar. Pray for the process of training and raising finances. God is good!!!!


  • Successful partnerships and implementation of strategy by the churches and that the use of the Jesus Film in Jamaican Creole will be maximized.
  • Opportunities to show Jesus Film in Jamaican Creole on all universities during orientation week in August and that we can start movements on three new campuses and three High schools (Grade 12 &13) and for two new staff to be ready to start new academic year.
  • Praise God for the for the successful translation and recording of the Jesus Film in Jamaican creole. It is the translation with one of the largest people groups and as such has the potential to reach over 3 million people and top sportsmen who are helping to establish AIA in our campuses.


  • “Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Mt 9:38). We are praying and working to have 10 new staff members this year. Pray so that this can be a reality by the end of this 2017.
  • “… complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.” (Phil 2:1-5). Pray for wisdom, humility, and perseverance so that we can start having integrated movements in Mexico City, Queretaro, and Puebla.
  • “Till now the Lord has helped us.” (1 Sam 7:12). Praise God for sustaining us, for watching over our families, for giving us strength in the middle of the spiritual warfare, and for the fruit that he has been raising among the students, businessman. and in churches.


  • Prayer for the spiritual life and physical strengths of each one of the members of the CRU Staff and volunteers to Nicaragua, that each day they can grow in their relationship with God and carry out his ministerial work with passion and dedication.
  • Prayer for the missionary projects of CRU Nicaragua at the national and international level, so that God will provide leaders committed to participate, financial and material resources and that yields results Disciples multipliers and spiritual movements.
  • We thank God because this first quarter of the year 2017, God has opened doors to minister in new Universities in Nicaragua and has touched the hearts of students and teachers by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, for new student leaders and by the alliance CRU Nicaragua & CRU United States.


  • For all coordinators and especially new ones to raise 100% of their finances. That they enjoy whole process to enter, including to raise your finances.
  • For God to give us grace and wisdom in how we can best contribute to the transformation of our city.
  • Praise God and give Him thank for 7 new full-time coordinator candidates.
  • We praise God and thank Him for the Second Missionary Project on St. Marteen Island that took place in February.


  • We pray the Lord for multiplying disciples and servants in order to extend God’s Kingdom in Paraguay.
  • We pray for God’s guidance and support on Mission E during Easter.
  • Se praise the Lord for the week of conferences that took place in Universidad Columbia and the doors that are being opened there.


  • May God increase our leadership capacity wherever we have Cru and AIA teams in universities in the island. Pray for open doors in other universities and components (LLM, CLM, DS).
  • We praise you, Lord, because you have been with us until now!


  • Pray for government that God will raise up strong leaders who will fight against corruption and will rule the country with integrity.
  • Pray that our movement will impact more leaders on the campuses, marketplace and families.
  • We are grateful for the community groups on campus and the opportunities to invest in marriages and families. Also for the growing movement of Leader Impact.


  • Pray for the new approach to building multiplying disciples that we have committed ourselves to begin implementing. This new approach will simplify our activities so that we can focus on outreach, building relationships and spiritual multiplication. Please pray for God to raise up students to lead the campus ministry at Mt. Hope (U.W.I.’s medical campus in Trinidad).
  • Pray for the upcoming FamilyLife T&T events:  “Blended & Blessed” ulcSimast on April 29 for couples with blended families, and “Weekend to Remember” FamilyLife Marriage Conference in Trinidad on June 15 & 17, at the hotel where we hosted our first marriage conference. We celebrate 20 years of FamilyLife T&T.
  • Please pray for more effective recruitment of staff and volunteers, as well as involvement of our ministry partners in our movement efforts. Pray for 100% support raised for all our staff, and that our new staff will reach their goals by June 2017.


In Digital Strategies Venezuela:

  • We ask for more qualified workers, with gifts and talents in the areas of need committed and in love with the vision of ED in Venezuela.
  • We ask for wisdom in decision-making, and in the next steps to take.
  • Because we can train the rest of the team.


  • We ask for the families of each of the Operations team.
  • We ask for the development of agile and comfortable processes so that each coordinator is more effective.
  • We ask for the heart of all those who handle finances in Cru Venezuela and its integral growth.