VP Team – Global Church Movements

  • Praise the Lord for enabling GCM to plant 58,324 churches and faith communities over the past seven years.
  • Thank God for allowing us the joy of seeing His Holy Spirit at work in 127 countries that are actively planting multiplying churches.
  • We give thanks for the Holy Spirit raising up 1,420 GCM staff members and 13,694 volunteers that are helping to plant churches.
  • We celebrate an alliance of 52 GACX partnering members in North America working together to multiply the number of healthy churches.
  • Please ask God to strengthen the wonderful new regional alliances forming in Latin America and Europe for church multiplication.
  • Pray for all churches planted in the past seven years to grow as vital, self-sustaining churches. Pray for the funding of newly planted churches.
  • Praise God! More than 1 million churches have been planted by the North American GACX alliance during the past seven years.
  • The Spirit is motivating believers to plant multiplying churches and faith communities. Pray for development of digital tools to help them.
  • Pray that pastors and volunteers will experience the daily presence of the Lord as their first love and highest priority in life and ministry.
  • Pray for the strength and perseverance of God-responsive pastors and volunteers who are obediently leading churches by priorities.
  • Ask God to raise up leaders to fill the gap and lead new churches and faith communities, so there will be one church for every 1,000 people.
  • Come alongside pastors and volunteer leaders by praying often and fervently for their families, health, finances, and spiritual well-being.
  • Pray for current and future trainers of trainers. These Spirit-filled trainers are vital to help coach and lead multiple generations of church planters.

VP Team – Global Digital Strategies

  • Please pray against spiritual warfare. We did a quick assessment recently and noted that nearly every one of our key linchpins in DS is experiencing significant family stress, physical sickness requiring inordinate care, MPD drop-offs (while raising support), and discouragement. We have ramped up to fight a real battle, and the enemy of our souls is not taking it lightly.
  • Pray for clear progress toward key objectives. By June 30, 2017, this means the Global DS team worldwide delivering:
  • 1M people known and moving through our digital pathways (names, contact info, and a contextual point of entry).
  • 420 DS emerging leaders aligned and equipped via Digital Schools of Leadership distributed through the Areas. We are about 1/2 way to that goal.
  • 10,000 volunteers engaged in digital mission via Indigitous. Last count we were somewhere between a conservative 3,100 (known, created accounts on, probably more in the 5K range.
  • Ask the Lord for money to fuel the work. Digital maturity is expensive. We need new funding (praise God for a single boost of $100k last week), and we need to sunset outdated programs, and the talent managing those programs or products, into new opportunities. This is some of the most difficult work in leading change. We need favor from God, insight and courage.
  • Pray for a new crop of emerging talent – coders, designers, and mainly experienced ministry leaders who understand our DNA and can lead in the digital space.
  • Pray about our re-messaging of to inspire new audiences, and ability to deliver help on 10M multiplying disciples’ phones, in their hand, every single day.
  • Pray for the fulfillment of God’s promise in Hab. 2:14 – that the earth will be covered with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea – every tribe, tongue, people and nation. 

VP Team – Global LDHR

  • Pray that all staff and volunteers will be ministering from fully rested hearts, deeply abiding in Jesus, and full of the Holy Spirit.
  • Praises that involvement in the Staff Development Cycle (team leaders having meaningful conversation and feedback with team members leading to greater mission fruitfulness) is increasing. Pray that 90% of staff worldwide will enjoy meaningful involvement in SDC by this June.
  • Praises that 1,236 local team leaders have been trained in the past two years. Pray these local team leaders grow in grace as servant leaders that inspire their teams to build movements. 

VP Team – Global SLM

  • Give thanks to the Lord for what He has done through Global Student-led Movements this year:
    • Multiplying Disciples globally have increased 16%.
    • Campus locations globally increased 23%.   
    • 7 new Nations have a Student-led ministry presence.  Only 25 nations remain.
  • Pray we have surrendered hearts and lives before the Lord, hearing together where He says to, “put out into the deep and let down the nets for a catch”.  Responding with bold expectant faith that will accelerate growth toward our 2020 goals of: 2 Million multiplying disciples, a ministry presence on 50% of campuses worldwide in 100% of nations (Luke 5:4).
  • God is at work! Pray for eyes to see, ears to hear and perceive where He is at work and inviting us into new things; new breakthroughs or change needed to help bring about our vision of: the gospel for every student, a movement on every campus and leaders for every nation (John 5:17,19/Isaiah 43:19).

VP Team – LeaderImpact

  • Pray for the planning of our May 16-19 global team meeting in London, England. Pray for the LeaderImpact global team as we discuss next steps in our strategic plan, moving towards 2020.
  • Please pray as we continue to develop relevant materials for LeaderImpact. There are several products in various stages of completion; pray that we would finish them by the end of 2017.
  • Pray for the development of digital strategies as we seek to identify pilot cities. Pray specifically about development of Leaderhub (our website for professionals), which is being translated into several languages.

Women’s Resources

  •  Thank the Lord for bringing people to us to help build our website. Pray for us as we curate content and make the site known to more Cru staff women. Ask God to show us how we can meet the needs of our staff sisters.
  • is an online community designed to support anyone whose loved ones are making destructive choices. Pray for our prodigals to come home to their heavenly Father and to their families here on earth. Our annual day of prayer is June 2nd. Ask God to meet the needs of our members and the prodigals they love as we spend concentrated time praying for our prodigals and for each other.
  • The Significance Project – Please pray for the completion of editing and design of the men’s evangelistic and discipleship life-coaching resources by May 15th. Also pray for the funds to enable several more countries to print their translated version of The Significant Woman resource.

Global Prayer

  • Ask God to raise up additional qualified liaisons to facilitate communications with and support for each Area Prayer Champion.
  • Pray for the Area Prayer Champions as they seek to identify National Prayer Champions who will accelerate their national plans by developing a culture of prayer.
  • May Pray2020 develop as an encouragement for the body of Christ to unite in strategic, persistent intercession.