Area Team Leader: Djasrabe and Cosette Siangar




  • We thank God for the official launch of the JESUS film version children in Luanda. The body of Christ has received it well and there are currently projections all over the city of Luanda.
  • Let us pray for the launching of movements throughout the Huila province. The local population is not really evangelized. Pray for the recording of the JESUS film in the Nyaneka language to reach these natives.
  • Let us pray for the SLM in the province of Uige. May God help us to have all the required authorizations. We want to have an effective movement in the Kimpa Vita University and in the ESCED school in Uige.



  • We bless the Lord for the peace in our country and the openings we have to do ministry.
  • Pray that each team member would be at least at 50% of personal support by June 2017.
  • As a team and we have the help of our partners, we want to develop 1,754 disciple’s trainers by June 2017 (GCM 1,200; SLM 536; LI 18).



  • Pray for stability and social peace in our country because we are facing an ever-increasing terrorist threat that is especially growing in the northern part of the country where teachers are threatened by terrorists. Because of that, many teachers have deserted the schools in the north. A teacher has already been killed by terrorists. This area borders with Mali and Niger.
  • Pray for the objectives at the GCM and SLM. There are opportunities. May we seize them and make disciples and communities that are able to multiply.
  • Pray also for the objectives in MPD and Fund Development – that our efforts would bear fruit. Pray for the recruitment of staffs and volunteers.



  • We praise the Lord for a special meeting with the students that took place March 18, 2017. All 30 invited who were not CCC disciples prayed to receive Jesus Christ into their lives.
  • Pray with us for good monitoring in SLM in general and of the students in particular. We want to increase the number of students who participate in spiritual multiplication in SLM.
  • Pray with us about the financial support for the staff and for ministry projects to achieve what is planned. For staff support, we want to reach 50% of support for all staff members by June 2017.



  • Pray for our country going through a time of unrest and insecurity due to terrorism and the problems in the English-speaking part of the country. May God grant wisdom to our authorities so that they can manage this.
  • Pray for the 25th anniversary to be held, God willing, from 3-15 August 2017. For finances to cope with all the challenges of organizing this event. For wisdom and direction from God. For the human resources needed to accomplish this event.
  • Pray for the mobilization of 10,000 intercessors of all denominations and from all regions of the country


  • Praise God for the health, safety, protection and multiform support that He grants staff members, disciples, volunteers, associates, ministry partners and intercessors who are behind the dynamism and motivation observed in the national ministry.
  • Pray that each staff member and associate disciple would develop godly character and a great intimacy with God for efficient replication and a greater impact in society so that the national target to train 65,000 MDs by 2020 would be reached; may He help us to raise enough local resources, so that each staff member in Chad would reach 100% of personal support and 75% for the ministry and operations by June 2017.
  • We want to set up the necessary logistics to ensure that new staff members get a good training and onboarding in the context of movements. May God grant wisdom to the trainers to replicate their life in their trainees who are under their responsibility.


  • Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send us new full time workers, part time staff and volunteers to expand our field of activity and strengthen existing evangelism departments.
  • Pray the Lord for the total payment of compensation for expropriation (64,000,000 CFA francs or about $120,000 US) that our ministry is awaiting from the Congolese authorities who built a university on a plot of land belonging to our ministry. These funds will enable us to acquire new land and build our headquarters.
  • Pray for good performance in carrying out our 2017 plan to clear our deficit. May God help us to carry out the conferences and trainings planned to reach the number of MD’s planned and that each team member would at least get to 50% of his/her support by June 2017.


  • We thank the Lord who gave us the resources for the completion of the 1st phase of the construction of our Guest Center in time.
  • Pray that the Lord would make it easier for AIA staff members to approach all the athletes at the Francophone Games to be held in Abidjan in July 2017 so that they can introduce them to the gospel, that many athletes would agree to follow Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that God would give us many multiplying disciples in the SLM, GCM, and other components.



  • We praise God for the changes in our national leadership team at the national level and the appointment of provincial coordinators for the new provinces.
  • Our 2020 targets of training 110,000 MDs and planting 24390 new churches, as well as the effective implementation of the 5 Every’s of FD to achieve financial autonomy and go to stage 3 as a country.
  • The understanding of the paradigm of staff status. May God guide our team in the process of selecting the right staff status so that everyone will thrive and that our God may be glorified


  • Pray to God He would grant us His favor with Gabonese and protect us everywhere we go for outreach, discipleship and planting new churches according to the objectives of our National Strategic Plan, to build Spiritual Movements across all social strata and across the country.
  • May He grant us human, financial and material resources, as well as the spiritual strength we need to accomplish our national strategic plan. We seek 100% financial support for each family and 100% for December 2017 for Operations. Pray that our Summer Project Shekina due for August 2017 in Franceville would get all the funding and be successful.
  • May He grant us a permanent abundant harvest with Christocentric multiplying disciples of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations with the possibility of recruiting new full time staff members, part time staffs, volunteers and LIFE Partners.



  • Praise God for the commitment of 14 students to be trained with us at The University Gamal and Koffi Annan. 5 are already growing.
  • Pray for the planned retreat on May 25 with students: that there would be a strong mobilization and the objectives would be reached.
  • Pray that the multiple JESUS film projections with the use of JESUS film products in Kindia over a period of ten days to help in church planting and triggering movements of prayer and evangelization.



  • Praise God for the things we do as part of our plan GREEN TATA FOR CHRIST.
  • Pray that God would protect the staff members and their families in a context of increasing concern for safety.
  • Pray for the 10 missionaries trained so that God himself would maintain their zeal and guide in planting 100 new churches in the districts of San and N’Torosso.



  • We thank God for evangelistic efforts in a difficult environment like ours.
  • Praying for authentic conversions and a change in the spiritual face of the country.
  • Pray for the recruitment of new staff members, associates and volunteers for a mobilization in line with movements everywhere.



  • Praise God Almighty for the health and protection staff members and their families.
  • That staff members and multipliers would be protected in their movement and that all the objectives of the plan would also be reached .
  • May our partnership with all churches and organizations be consolidated.



  • Let us pray for locally supported movements.
  • Movements that are multiplying in every major University and College by 2020.
  • Ask God for 50 churches that are multiplying and the sending of 25 missionaries by 2020.



  • We bless God for the life of the entire national team and for BPMT training that allows us to be more effective as a team. The team members are motivated and are working diligently to make disciples and get new partners.
  • Let us pray for a good follow-up of the activities organized: School of Storytellers at Tchamba in the Akasselem language. May the groups lead to new churches. May disciples proceed from the momentum activities in Kpalime and Kévé. May the students’ disciples and key volunteers multiply their faith.
  • Let us entrust to God the arrival of the Jesus Film team for their project in Kpalime, (April 17-23, 2017) and Dapaong (April 24-30). There will be a 3-day seminar for pastors and church leaders, door to door evangelism and the JESUS film screenings for expansion or planting of churches.