Area Team Leader: Marek and Ala Wyrzykowski



  • Praise God for “The Fellowship of the Rings” national plan to reach our 2020 vision. The beginning of a Catalytic movement, as part of this plan, has been one of the most exciting things. The local churches have welcomed it, and want to partner. Pray that this movement will take us to 15 new cities by 2020.
  • There has been an ongoing boom of events with high school and college students, teachers, young professionals, businessmen, and government leaders, in partnership with church groups from the US, Switzerland and other countries. We have connected well with an extraordinary number of people. Please pray for a good and fruitful follow up with them. Pray for about 20 summer camps that are planned for this summer.
  • Praise God for 12 people who have applied to join staff this year! Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom to accept the right ones, and for the finances we need to raise in order to provide their needed subsidy in their first few years on staff.


  • We are thankful for the development that’s happened so far with the High School ministry in Sarajevo! You can pray for a full time team for this branch of our ministry.
  • The EQ seminars (both in Sarajevo and Mostar) have had great attendance and have given our organisation a good image in the eyes of students. Pray that we will be wise to use this platform in order to reach these students with the gospel.
  • Please pray that God will provide more long-term workers to join the ministry in Bosnia and Herzegovina!


  • Last year it started DMPD training with part of Bulgarian staff and this year is going to continue with the others on June. It is important for Bulgarian staff to have good financial stability and trust in God in this area so we to move to financial independence. Also to be well prepared to teach future staff and volunteers. Pray that God would use this training for His purposes.
  • For fresh new beginning this year on GCM as it was shut down at the end of the last year. Pray that GCM would be built on the values and principles of Cru, for new faithful workers.
  • For more dedicated workers – staff, volunteers, stinters, in SLM – Sofia, Student Venture – Sofia (it is only one couple), AIA (also only one couple).


  • Praise for a wonderful turnout at our SLM CSI event in Split. Our team got close to 50 students who are either interested in joining our movement, Bible studies or to have a “Spiritual conversation”; praise the Lord for 40 student leaders and mentors in our Educational project in Zagreb.
  • FamilyLife has identified 18 different volunteer couples in various stages of growth – that’s truly an answer to prayer. Pray for God to move in and through our volunteers – we rely on His power to change them, and to stir in them desire for growth, change and multiplication; pray for our sensitivity and patience in the process.
  • Zagreb SLM is relaunching “Everystudent.com” type of website, which is going to become something like a portal. We are developing new ways of advertisement, and follow up strategies, as well as strategy for student leader involvement in this. Please pray for the process to get going before June and get ready for a big launch in September.


  • That the Czech government would be understanding and helpful as we continue to try and sell our current offices, and as we are also in the process of trying to buy new offices, that things  would move quickly and smoothly.
  • Wisdom for how to effectively get visas for future STINTers, after 2 years of difficulties obtaining visas. That the government would be understanding and efficient in the future.
  • For wisdom and effectiveness as we are seeking to be more collaborative with all of the areas of ministry in the Czech Republic. That we would see fruitfulness as we try to join together and help to mutually build-up all of the ministries here.


  • Launching Jesus.net in Hungary. Two requests within that:
    • Learn to work together with partners on launching this Digital Ministry
    • Figuring out how to do discipleship through digital means
  • Evangelism fruits – While we are doing lots of sowing, the fruitfulness of our evangelism efforts is down. Please pray that the Lord would have us change our strategies if needed but also that He would change the hearts of those who hear. This would influence so many other things, discipleship and multiplication, for example.
  • Leadership Development – Currently we have many new leaders transitioning into new roles. Huge blessing, great people – this is a thanksgiving!!! Please pray that they would be spiritually fresh, aligned in our ministry understanding, and trusting and humble when seeking ways to collaborate.


  • Speak Out Project in Macedonia. Please pray that we will have the right number of tutors and campers for the two camper weeks. Pray for all the preparations and that during this time a lot of high school and college students will come to faith in Jesus and that all the student volunteers will grow to the next phase of growth, coming closer to the Lord, and being better equipped for launching and leading movements. That the Speak Out will be great momentum builder for the next school year.
  • GCM and LeaderImpact. Please pray for the start of these two new ministries in Macedonia. Pray that we will soon figure out what and how to do the ministries in an effective way. Pray for many volunteers in these ministries. Pray for great synergy among the Student ministry, GCM, and LeaderImpact.
  • That the Lord will work in such a way in the hearts of our Macedonian staff and students that they will start reaching the Albanian students with the gospel motivated by the love of our Father. Better synergy between the Albanian team and the Campus team in Macedonia – love among us that will be a witness and visible sign of the power of the gospel in us. One more couple to come and serve on the Albanian team.


  • For the evangelistic projects for Easter. So that many people will hear the gospel and turn to God. For a good follow-up work.
  • Many of our missionaries are on Sabbath. Pray for that this time to be a special time of intimacy with God, rest, understanding of oneself and relationships with other people.
  • For many changes in SLM next year, a new national leader, a new leader of the local team, the formation of a catalytic team. That these changes would not be difficult and God will lead everyone in this.


  • We’re praying that God would raise up a community of believers who are excited about God’s Kingdom and His work here in Montenegro. We’re praying that they would want to grow together in faith, prayer, vulnerability, and seeing God’s love spread!
  • We’re praying that as a whole, Montenegro would be a nation that would praise and hope in Jesus. Montenegro has been described as a place of hopelessness and apathy, but through Jesus, that it would be a place filled with light and hope. The vision that has been set for Montenegro is that the light of Christ would fill these black mountains (Montenegro means ‘black mountain’).
  • The other thing that we are praying specifically for is that hearts would be open to hear the gospel. Often people here are skeptical to even talk about spirituality, and are often resistant to talking about God. We’re praying that hearts would be open and that people would be eager to talk about their creator in the hopes that they would come to know Him!


  • Praise the Lord for the New National Team Leader
  • For the Lord to raise up laborers for the harvest (wisdom in recruitment and selection of new staff)
  • For the New Staff Training program, that both the trainers and the trainees will grow spiritually and will acquire the desired competencies as Cru staff.


  • This February student leaders gathered in St. Petersburg from 17 cities spread across 9 time zones. It was a great time of vision and equipping. Please continue to pray for these student leaders as they return to their cities and continue to take steps of faith to build movements on their campuses. Pray that they would put the lessons they learned into practice, and that God would be pleased to use their faith to impact the lives of others. Our vision is to have student-led teams in 50 cities in the next couple of years.
  • Please pray for God to continue to work in the hearts of Russian people to soften the soil. We are thankful for opportunities like our joint project with Russian Orthodox Church – distribution of 140,000 New Testaments with Jesus Film DVDs around Lent and Easter time. We are also excited about the Russian Baptist Union adopting the training materials our GCM staff are using as the official tool for building movements of multiplication through small home groups strategy. Please pray that this sowing the seeds of the Gospel and working with churches of various denominations will result in more volunteers out in the harvest and more fruit and would cause movements to grow and spread across Russia.
  • Please pray for our National Leadership Team as we have 2 new members who’ve been recently appointed to join – National SLM Leader and National LDHR leader. Both of them need to raise additional support and move with their families to St. Petersburg (for them it would be moving across the distance of 4 and 5 times zones). Pray also for successful leadership transitions and for our NLT to serve our staff well and to be a highly effective team.


  • Please pray for wisdom in process of “Winning” people in Mirijevo, for resources, ideas, and mostly that Holy Spirit is working in hearts of this people. Pray that we can welcome new people to our Bible study group.
  • Please pray for staff who are in deficit. Pray for their going to the US and new contacts for support. Pray for perseverance of volunteers, and the inclusion of new ones.


  • Pray for 30 American and 30 Slovak volunteers to join our English camps ‘Speak Out’ that will take place at two different locations this summer.
  • Pray for new key volunteers to join our SLM and GCM ministries.
  • Pray for passion, commitment and dependence on the Holy Spirit of all our staff and volunteers in different ministries around the country.


  • Pray for our student leaders to be aligned together and have a sense of team amongst themselves. That they would meet together regularly each week, have a common vision and a sense of trust and friendship amongst them.
  • Pray for the high school Speak Out event we are hosting in Ljubljana this summer. Pray that many high school students will attend this week of english conversation and activities. Pray that each student would have the opportunity to clearly hear and respond to the gospel.
  • Pray that the Christian Slovene students we are discipling would take steps of faith to share the gospel with five of their friends this semester.


  • Family Life started using their new material Art of Marriage and it created a boom in raising the number of volunteers willing to use it. They have clubs of leadership of 100 people in big cities in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lutsk). They lead family groups for blind people and a radio program in Kyiv that covers even a bigger audience. Volunteers and staff are constantly trying new horizons: this week they are leaving to the front line city of Popasnaya, where shellings are regular, to help a church plant start family groups.
  • 22 new people decided to join staff this year, and we ask the Lord for wisdom as we process their files and make decisions regarding acceptance.
  • God blessed the student ministry with our first student center in a great location close to one of the biggest universities of Ukraine, Kyiv National University. Please pray God would give us wisdom how to finish this facility and provide all the necessary funding for it, as well as it would serve as a great platform for the student movements in Kyiv and Ukraine.
  • The English Club strategy is working great in all university centers: the smallest number of young adults there is 50, biggest is 300 ( Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Nikolaev). Please pray for all the follow-ups that are going on right now and will continue until the end of the semester. As part of this strategy we are planning to have a big 2 weeks camp, Speak Out, this summer.