Area Team Co-Leaders: 

Sung-MinPark (South Korea* NTL) Kok Hiang Lam (Singapore* NTL) Stephen Wang (Taiwan* NTL)


E Asia-Ort


MOLD – Praise the Lord! EAOrt leaders are more conscious to tune our hearts toward God. Please pray we will truly live out and lead a 3G lifestyle, remaining in His love and grow to love Him more.

MULTIPLY – EAOrt staff members are deeply rooted in Winning, Building, and Sending. Please pray for all our staff and disciples to really be Christ-centered and living out the truth, so that we are able to multiply more Christ-centered, multiplying disciples who truly follow Jesus. Please also pray that God will bring more potential multiplying disciples to our ministries.

MOBILIZE – Thank God that EAOrt countries are proactive in mobilizing prayer movements. Please pray we will have more connection with the body of Christ to mobilize them in praying, witnessing and multiplying.


XCHANGE (cross-cultural training center):

MOLD – Thank God for wisdom and favor as we prepare for the spring training and giving peace within team members as we handled some crisis situations during the preparation. Pray that all trainers and trainees will keep our focus on Jesus and be obedient to the Holy Spirit’s leading during the training from Mar 21 – May 21.

MULTIPLY – Thank God for sending 15 participants (six families and three singles) to the training. They will be assigned to five countries in Asia. Pray that God will grant our trainers and trainees good health, good heart preparation and good bonding time during this session.

MOBILIZE – Pray that all the trainers will be good influencers on the trainees throughout their lives. May all trainees and their children cope well with the heat in Singapore and have a positive influence on the locals. Pray for trainees to learn to engage and embrace the cultures with open hearts and equip themselves with skills to deal with different value systems.



MOLD – Praise the Lord! JCCC has smoothly launched the 40-day Fasting Prayer Chain. Please pray for everyone in the whole JCCC family to have a humble heart, love one another, be transformed with hearts renewed in Christ. Pray for us to surrender our hearts, lives and ministries to God, and be completely led by the Holy Spirit.

MULTIPLY – Pray for us to have Spirit-led, innovative, God-given zeal in evangelism and discipleship and the ability to see lasting spiritual fruit and harvest.

MOBILIZE – Praising and praying with God’s words are the forefront in fighting spiritual battles and building spiritual movements. Pray that we can see a tangible and concrete transformation happening with significant numbers of multiplying disciples being raised up as laborers in the harvest fields. Pray for more new staff to be raised to join us for the harvest. May JCCC and the entire nation of Japan become a missionary sending base to the world.



MOLD – By 2020, we hope to increase our staff strength to two or three times the current number. With the increase, we are trusting God to accelerate the building of spiritual movements. We need to trust God to recruit 100 new staff every year and hope to support them financially, calling this our “Challenge 2020.” Please pray for us to be attentive toward God, grow in reliance on the Holy Spirit, and respond to Him. May God fill us with joy to work as a team.

MULTIPLY – KCCC has set a goal to raise up 70,000 multiplying disciples in campus and community. In freshman ministry, God is giving us faithful disciples. KCCC has various community ministries. In order to better develop them, we changed the name of LLM to “Power to Change.” Pray for us to make a spiritual impact in society and to prepare our hearts for reunification of the Korean Peninsula. Pray that God will show us and give us His wisdom in all that we do. Pray for us to listen attentively and wait upon Him for His specific strategy in all the ministries under “Power to Change.”

MOBILIZE – KCCC is praying to send 100,000 missionaries to all over the world. Through CM2007, we have a vision to pioneer and launch spiritual movements in 6,000 unreached campuses. By 2020, we hope to pioneer 10% (600 campuses). Since last year, we have started to train 1,000 staff as mission leaders to pioneer campuses. Ask God to bless our sending and pioneering efforts. Ask God to send us the right people.



MOLD – Praise the Lord for giving us His monthly prayer focus based on the theme “Mold, Multiply, and Mobilize.” Thank God for showing us what it meant to “Mold our hearts to be one with God’s heart” at the all-staff prayer time in March. Please pray for us as we seek to start a 40-day fast and prayer time; we are waiting for God’s direction. Pray we will learn more on living out 3G life during the 40-day fasting prayer. Also pray for our staff and disciples’ hearts to be one with God’s.

MULTIPLY – Thank God that MCCC has 10 ministries in SLM and LLM. We are preparing to start GCM in 2017. Please pray for our 2020 goal to raise up 3,500 Christ-centered multiplying disciples.

MOBILIZE – Thank God for 80 full-time and associate staff members in MCCC. Also thank God for sending seven trainees this year and the 12 people applying to join us. Please pray for them to discern God’s way. Pray for our disciples to grow as spiritual leaders who will change our nation.



MOLD – Praise God for His provision. We have seen an increase in local support for our administrative needs! Please keep praying for more donors and ministry partners.

MULTIPLY – Praise God our GCTC Training is going well with seven trainees (two girls, five boys).

MOBILIZE – Praise God for our two main trainings, in which we were able to train 35 staff and associates in two places, enabling us to reach 260 local people of other faith backgrounds one-to-one!



MOLD – Pray for Cru Singapore staff and volunteers to cultivate a God-attentive, God-dependent, God-responsive lifestyle that seeks after God’s heart. We launched this year with watching the movie “War Room.” Pray that we will grow in sensitivity to the spiritual battles that we are engaged in and to trust God for His empowerment to fight for His glory.

MULTIPLY – Pray as we trust God for breakthroughs and for spiritual multiplication to take place through our staff and volunteers as we seek to do life-on-life discipleship. Pray that we will be intentional in multiplying our lives and point others to Jesus through Cru Singapore’s Student-led Movement, Leader Impact strategies, Missions Mobilization and Media Ministry, supported by our Operations and LDHR teams.

MOBILIZE – Pray that we will mobilize the body of Christ through our prayer and ministry efforts to win, build, send. Thanksgiving: During the Easter season (March 2016), we were able to use our #ReasonToLive magazine campaign to resource our ministry partners and believers to reach out to their community. The magazine contains transformational stories and the gospel message, focusing on Christ as our Reason to Live because He has Risen to Live! Praying for continued efforts to engage the community through social media and mobilize the body of Christ for His Kingdom.



MOLD – Pray for spiritual revival in the lives of our staff and disciples. Pray that our minds will constantly be renewed by the truth in God’s word, our lives constantly walking in the power of the Holy Spirit and a willingness to yield to Him. Pray that Lord will bring spiritual awakening and repentance in our society. May God use our evangelistic activities to bring more into His kingdom.

MULTIPLY – Pray for team leaders to have wisdom as they shepherd their flocks. Pray that each staff member will have a pastoral heart to care for their teammates, with transparency and willingness to learn from each other. Pray that God will use our loving community to draw others to Him.

MOBILIZE – Pray for our training and sending. Thank God for giving us workers who are willing to learn and be equipped as laborers. Pray that God will bless our trainees and volunteers in GCTC, SLM, LLM, GCM and other ministries to bring transformation and change in their ministries. We also pray that the Lord will expand our contact base, so that more professionals are willing to answer God’s calling and serve the Lord through their expertise.