Area Team Leader: Steve and Christy Sellers


AUSTRALIA* (Power to Change)

  • This year we are celebrating 50 years of service to the Lord here in Australia. Praise God for a Melbourne event where we were able to celebrate and reconnect with those whose lives have been influenced through their involvement with Power to Change. Pray for the upcoming event in Sydney, 14 October, as we continue to celebrate all that God has done. Pray that many of those reconnecting with us will continue to engage in the ongoing mission here. May God go before us as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in Australia and beyond!
  • With 2018 on the horizon, each of our teams is engaging in strategic planning for next year. Pray for the different strategies (campus, youth, church movements, families, global aid, core services) to have Spirit-led engagement as they plan, unity within teams, and that their 2018 goals will demonstrate bold faith, trusting God in building spiritual movements here in Australia.
  • We praise God for the new missionaries who have recently joined us, raised their support and  reported to their ministry assignments. Pray for many in the process of raising support. Ask God to add to our labourers in the harvest, as there is much work still to be done.


CANADA* (Power to Change – P2C)

M  I  N  I  S  T  R  I  E  S:

AIA Canada
  • SportAid initiatives in Paraguay: There are now 60 nutrition stations that are using soccer as a way of engaging communities (part of a holistic strategy for churches to engage their community and to BE the gospel amongst their neighbors). The Lord is working in the lives of 2,500+ kids in 60 neighborhoods. Pray for development of strong leaders, volunteers and the next steps in developing long-term sustainability of these sport initiatives, combined with feeding kids, and serving the neighborhood. Pray for the local churches that are wonderfully impacting lives and communities in which they dwell.
  • Summer kid’s camps: Pray that seeds planted during sports camps would bear much fruit. Pray for kids and families who made decisions for Christ would get plugged into churches, and their hearts would be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • New director: Pray that God would be preparing him/her to lead us. Pray for wisdom, strength, and humility for this person as they step into this role and lead our ministry. Pray that our staff team would come alongside them and work together to have a spiritually multiplying disciple on every team across Canada. Pray for six interns joining us this year, serving on campuses across Canada. May they connect deeply with Christ and catch a vision for lifelong ministry, whether with AIA or in another field.


Christian Embassy of Canada
  • Praise God for political and diplomatic leaders grappling with Truth, following our Leadership and “Debate without Hate” presentations earlier this year.
  • Pray that the Christian Embassy of Canada’s focus on equipping Christian leaders would cause Canadian parliamentary leaders as well as international leaders moving to new responsibilities to hold up the Light to colleagues and those they represent.
  • Pray that Canadian political and business leaders travelling to meet and interact with international leaders, Oct 4-14, 2017, at Hungary’s first National Prayer Breakfast and subsequent meetings in Hungary and Serbia would be bold witnesses for Christ and find like-minded international leaders with whom to collaborate in the future.


Connecting Streams
  • Pray for a clear process and smooth transition for our Langley and Edmonton teams as City Leader changes take place.
  • Pray for Connecting Streams in Ottawa that God would provide a dynamic volunteer coordinator, another admin, a media/communications person, and good team leaders for the current ministries.
  • Pray that God would continue to bring workers for the harvest to assist in the upcoming growth of Connecting Streams.


  • Pray for the strengthening of all current DRIME teams, particularly for our teams in Thailand and Kenya. Pray for four potential new DRIME teams that are currently in training: 1) Saenz Peña, Argentina; 2) Abomey-Bohicon, Benin; 3) Montreal, Canada; and 4) Entebbe, Uganda. Pray also for our new team in Luque, Paraguay, as they have now officially been launched.
  • Pray for meaningful follow-up for the hundreds of people who have made the decision to give their lives to Jesus this year through the DRIME ministry around the world. Pray also that the Holy Spirit would be working in the lives of the many others who have had meaningful, spiritual conversations with DRIMErs and are continuing to be followed up.
  • Pray for the preparation and fundraising for DRIME’s three Regional Leadership Summits, coming up in February and March. These Summits happen every two years and are important weeks in the equipping and long-term development of our volunteer leaders.


  • Praise God for the addition of new staff and the growth in the number of trained Marriage Mentors nationally and internationally.
  • Pray for the fall 2017 launch of our parenting strategy: Articles, workshops and parent mentoring resources; pray also for effective use of new Together for Good digital resources.
  • Pray that help and hope for every marriage and family through a growing network of HomeBuilder couples intentional about taking action in their local churches and communities.
  • Breakforth One: Edmonton, January 26-28, 2018: Canada’s largest church-equipping and renewal conference is being hosted by FamilyLife/Power to Change. Pray that God would use this conference to spark renewal in the lives of all who attend. Pray that the registration target would be met and even surpassed!


GAiN Canada
  • Water For Life Initiative (Benin, Togo, Tanzania, and Ethiopia): Pray for our well drilling and community development teams as they work in some very difficult areas and are away from their families for extended periods of time. They trust God for open doors, strength and wisdom to continue their work in demonstrating God’s love and compassion to people through the provision of clean water and ultimately the message of the Living Water in Christ Jesus. Pray for their safety and protection and that of the equipment as well, and that they would use every opportunity in the villages where they are working to bear witness for Jesus.
  • Syria relief work: The current conflict in Syria is now in its 7th year, and people continue to suffer with no hope for the future. Pray for our partnering work in supporting internally displaced families inside Syria through the Bags of Blessing project. This project is in its 4th year, and we are seeing many people being introduced to Jesus and being discipled. Pray for staff and volunteers in very difficult, traumatic conditions. May the Lord comfort their hearts and give them strength to go out each day and proclaim HIS love to hurting people in Syria.


JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS)
(Benin, Tanzania, Togo, Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mexico and Paraguay)
  • Please pray for strength and wisdom for all our teams in the various countries that we are operating in. The work in Benin, Tanzania, Togo and Ethiopia is in conjunction with GAiN’s Water For Life Initiative, and the others are in partnership with local partners.
  • Praise God, we are seeing tremendous fruit in the areas of church planting and ongoing discipleship with many people making decisions for Christ and wanting to be discipled. Pray for the teams as they conduct discipleship training, pastors’ and lay leaders’ training, and provide resources and materials for ongoing discipleship.
  • In some countries, e.g. Ethiopia and Mexico, it is increasingly difficult for teams to operate because of ongoing conflicts or calamities. Pray these issues are resolved, and people feel a sense of security, enabling our JFCPS teams to operate in relative safety.


  • Pray as the search continues for our National Executive Director – please pray that the right person be led by God to lead our ministry. Praise God that we now have staff serving in Quebec and Groups possibly starting this fall in the Maritimes.
  • Pray for the many events happening across Canada this coming fall – pray also for each speaker that presents at each event.
  • Pray for God’s guidance as LeaderImpact Global Exchanges and Vision Trips are taking place this fall –  Cartagena, Romania, Taipei, and East Asia.


The Life Project
  • Ask God to bring more people to our websites to write in to mentors and trust Jesus more fully.
  • Pray for our mentors to live out of the fullness of the Lord and in confidence of hearing His voice and following His direction, including their writing in online mentoring.
  • Pray for the Lord to direct our ministry involvement with possible partners so that we are engaging only in what He wants, rather than being distracted by other “good ideas.”


P2C Students
  • Pray for small group resources: We now have completed six that we are implementing across Canada. Much prayer and though has gone into creating them. Pray that God will use them to help equip students to live for Him. Check them out at:
  • “What does it mean to be human?” We are prayerfully considering how we can be used by God to equip students to have meaningful conversations with their peers about “What does it mean to be human?”. We want to help students have these conversations with both empathy and boldness in the gospel. We are doing this in partnership with other student ministries in Canada and are excited about the partnership opportunities in this.
  • Partnering with the Spirit: For more than a decade, we have noticed that students have struggled to understand and apply the Spirit Filled Life in its fullness. We are now beginning to implement a new model of teaching the Spirit Filled Life. We have spent much time, prayer, study and consultation and we are excited to start engaging students in how to partner with the Spirit. Pray that this focus in conversations about the Spirit would bring renewal and that He would use it to work powerfully in the lives of students.


WHEN (Women’s Heart-Engaging Network)
  • Pray for our two new staff members who are in MPD now. Pray that God will lead them to the partners He has for them.
  • Pray for our WHEN event season beginning with our September 23 Cantonese event. Pray that the women who attend will have open, ready hearts to hear and embrace the gospel.
  • Pray for our volunteers who lead our Cantonese, Spanish, Filipino and Intercultural teams. Pray that they will continue to reach out to their friends, family and colleagues – sharing the good news that Jesus has to offer.


H  Q     D  E  P  A  R  T  M  E  N  T  S:
  • Praise God for exceptionally loyal and generous donors whose FY2017 gifts provided P2C with more revenue than any previous year.
  • Pray for upcoming Gift & Estate Planning workshops in October, that God would draw key partners to attend and more funds would be designated toward Kingdom work.
  • Pray that our 50th Year Celebration would grow our resource base and donor relationships for 50 more years of even greater impact!


Corporate Services
  • Pray for continued protection of our building and wisdom as we work to keep it functioning well, heating-cooling, the waste containment and shipping area and fountain/pond with vagrants frequenting the site.
  • Pray for continued protection of our staff – spiritually, mentally, and for good health, etc.
  • Pray for continued team unity in serving each other and headquarters, reflecting Jesus to all with humility and grace.


Information Technology
  • Pray for our priorities to be the ones that will most effectively help Power to Change move forward.
  • Pray for clear minds as we troubleshoot problems and develop systems for the organization.
  • Pray for stability and reliability for our websites and servers, for us to be able to serve well the staff of Power to Change.


  • Pray that the year-end audit will run smoothly and have favourable results. Pray that the department will be able to complete on time and in the most efficient manner, the projects that we aim to accomplish in the next few months.
  • Pray that each member of the finance team is able to balance work and personal life especially during our busiest months ahead.
  • Pray the team will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit in the decisions that we make.


Human Resources
  • Pray for the new staff members who were trained in September to have courage and perseverance to live out their calling. Pray for all those new staff who are raising funds. Pray that the Lord would provide the funding they need to have a fruitful ministry.
  • Pray that the staff in HR would have wisdom in how they lead and coach the staff. Pray for insight and understanding in all that they do.
  • Pray that the Lord would continually reveal to the staff in HR how they are being used by God to advance His Kingdom.
Leadership Development
  • Pray for the growth and development of your leader(s).
  • Pray about your next steps in your growth and development.
  • Pray for Doris Beck who is on a two-year waiting list for back surgery.


  • We praise God for holding us together and bringing in new staff members that continue to greatly help us further our department goals of ministry satisfaction (dept WIG). We expect in the coming weeks to begin running on all cylinders, something we’ve wanted for a while.
  • Pray that God continues to maintain our team and each individual in it to walk faithfully.
  • Pray we hold tight to the victory that is already His. May we enjoy Him every step of the way.


Partner Care
  • Pray for health for our team and families.
  • Pray for wisdom as we interact with staff and donors on a daily basis, and about opportunities to share God’s love to those we communicate with.
  • Pray for continued development of a clear, unified vision as a team.


P2C Films
  • Praise God for sending Carlos to be part of our team, who currently volunteers one day a week with us. Praise God for our summer intern Lorenz from Germany, who helped us immensely on two projects over the summer. Pray for Richard in his support raising.
  • Pray for our work on The Human Project, in partnership with Apologetics Canada, we pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for all involved. We believe it will be a very effective ministry tool.


President’s Office
  • Pray for wisdom as we seek a new leader for Athletes in Action and LeaderImpact. Rod and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) would especially ask for wisdom as they work to discern who God is calling to lead these two ministries.
  • Pray for our upcoming Ministry Leaders’ Summit, November 6-9. We will be bringing approximately 50 of our organization’s key leaders together, and are asking God to make it a real time of learning, team building, and renewal.
  • Pray for our Board of Directors and the ELT as they continue to serve. Please pray that they would hear and sense the leading of the Holy Spirit as they seek to lead the organization. 


Project Services
  • Praise God for progress on the online application tool development.
  • Pray for God to raise up a part-time additional staff person for January-June 2018.
  • Pray for good health for both Susan and Alison.


Resource Centre
  • Pray that the Resource Centre will be a catalyst in helping people tell others about Jesus.
  • Praise the Lord that the Resource Centre is able to help The Mississauga Prayer Group where it can. At the beginning of November, another 10,000 homes will receive the “Good News” in Fergus, Ontario, Canada and surrounding areas. They will receive a JESUS film DVD, a tract, as well as the opportunity to receive a Bible.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of hundreds of thousands who will receive the recent shipment of 384,000 JESUS DVDs. These DVDs will be used for outreach in Canada and also in Latin America for the Lord’s direction.



Pacific Islands Regional Team (PIRT):

  • Praise the Lord for a brand new campus team in Samoa! Our Cru staff on-site there since January are a couple from Tonga, a single lady from Fiji and two Samoan single guys! Please pray that they will settle in well and be used by the Lord in amazing ways!
  • Thank God for what He is doing in Guam! We have three full-time staff serving there. In mid-March, a JF missions’ team went in to help them. Many new students were contacted and there’s follow-up to do. Please pray that God will raise up faithful students who will become leaders in the ministry.
  • Thank the Lord for His faithful work in our region! In the southern hemisphere, schools and universities begin their school year in February or March. Therefore, staff across the Pacific are getting in touch with new students, sharing Christ and establishing discipleship groups. Please pray that God will be glorified in an extraordinary way during 2017!



US Operations
Financial Services:
  • Please pray for our teams as they serve during audit season and provide financial reporting for the Board of Directors and Cru’s annual plan.
  • Please pray that we would pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus individually and collectively. Our theme this year is “With Him.”
  • Please pray that we would be successful as we pursue great partnerships with all operational areas within Cru. Working well together is key to being able to provide great communication, systems, and processes for staff and ministries.


US LDHR Recruiting & Sending:
  • Many leaders in Cru are crying out to God for breakthrough people; ask God to raise up those who will help their teams accelerate toward reaching their audience with the gospel.
  • Ask the Lord to shape Cru toward the day when we more completely reflect all of the people groups in America, so everyone will know someone who truly follows Jesus Christ.
  • Ask the Lord to send out workers into His harvest field who would hear from God, obey His leading and surrender in faith to His direction. Pray for the names of five people in this regard.


US LDHR Services:
  • May we seek and pray for oneness in our relationships, partnerships and teams as we take a learning posture.
  • Pray that God would provide LDHR leaders and emergent leaders to expand our capacity to serve our staff well.
  • Ask God to cause us to be open and responsive to new partnerships – to give away our ideas, creativity and resources to advance the Kingdom.


Staff Services:
  • Pray for the StaffCard/​Reimbursements Team as they continue to train our staff on the new StaffCard Reimbursement system. To date more than 6,400 new StaffCards have been issued.
  • Pray for the HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) Team and the PeopleSoft ​PeopleTools update this fall. Pray that this system upgrade will run smoothly and efficiently.
  • W-2 season is right around the corner. Pray for the Payroll Team as they prepare for tax season and W-2 processing for all of our staff. ​Last year they created and issued almost 9,000 W-2’s!​


Athletes in Action
President’s Office:
  • Pray for the spiritual, emotional and relational health of our staff.
  • Lift up in prayer movements to be launched and/or accelerated on the 225 college campuses, 46 professional sports teams in the U.S. and in 64 countries around the world.
  • Pray that by June 1, 2018, the completion of the $14.4MM needed to begin construction of the Wooden Family Fieldhouse will be raised ($7MM has currently been given or committed).
  • Praise for the seven guys who prayed and received Christ this past summer.
  • Praise the Lord for our eight youth teams this coming spring.
  • Pray about our direction for AIA Baseball.
Track & Field:
  • Ask the Lord of the Harvest for more full-time staff and interns for next year.
  • May He open doors in Estonia.
  • Also pray for open doors for starting a 2nd camp in Colorado, Oregon or Ohio. Lift up the Captains Academy in June 2018. 
  • Praise for the Lord’s gracious provision to allow the Sports Complex and Retreat Center to finish in the black for the third year in a row!
  • Offer prayers that the Lord would provide the SCRC with a year of transition, multiplication, direction, protection and provision.
  • Pray for us to have the Lord’s clarity on the next steps for the funding, programming, recruiting and building of the Wooden Family Fieldhouse.
  • Pray for the 30 SportLinc campuses that AIA is resourcing around the country – that the student-athletes who lead on each campus will be deeply rooted in Christ and growing in their faith to produce fruit of equipped and transformed lives.
  • Pray for the recruiting efforts toward five more new staff members to serve as regional directors (1 new staff member is in process and the other four have yet to be identified!).
  • Pray that as we experience growth in our department, we would stay unified while we enjoy going after the mission as a team together.
National Campus Department:
  • Pray for Chuck and Marilyn Mailloux in their ongoing battle with brain cancer – for peace, comfort, hope and healing.
  • Ask God to raise up and call more people of color to join the National Campus Team.
  • May more than 20%of our campus ministries engage globally and mobilize staff and athletes 
  • Pray that God will empower us to go after our part in the Great Commission by visiting 200 schools by this Dec. 31, including greater depth with new team building initiatives.
  • Pray for the coaches who are to be attending the International Basketball Coaches Academy, this Nov. 5-17, specifically for their visas to be approved, etc.
  • May we share a spirit of belief as we work diligently to seek funding for interns, staff support and the Wooden Family Fieldhouse.


Cru Campus
  • Pray for God to use Campus to mobilize more than a million followers of Christ engaged in the Great Commission over the next three years.
  • The Campus ministry is implementing a significant change initiative. Pray that God would use all these efforts to launch Campus and its partners into a significant mission expansion, more effectively reaching high school, college, and graduate students, as well as, faculty members. 
  • Pray for growing movements of prayer among students and faculty members, unleashing the work of God’s Spirit through united, strategic prayer.
  • Pray that Campus would see significant expansion of the number of Win-Build-Send movements, penetrating new schools and campuses, ethnic audiences and global locations. 
  • Pray for the growth and development of each of the Campus field missions:
  • High School
  • Local Missions (on US colleges)
  • Faculty Commons and Graduate Students
  • Global Missions
  • Bridges (among Internationals)
  • Destino (among Hispanic and Latinos)
  • Epic (among Asian Americans)
  • Impact (among African Americans)
  • Nations (among Native Americans)
  • Soon (among Korean Americans) 
  • Valor (among military ROTC)


  • Pray that God would continue to help Campus grow into a multi-ethnic organization, effectively reaching students and faculty in the diverse ethnic-minority audiences found in our schools today.
  • Pray that our efforts to build volunteer-led movements and partnerships would bear fruit in expanding Campus’ reach, especially among those campuses and ethnic audiences where no movement currently exists. 


Bridges International
  • Praise God for the record number of international and American students who participated on the Bridges summer missions’ projects. Thank God for all He did to strengthen their faith and give them vision for how He can use them back on their campuses and in their home nations. An example would be the project in Sydney, Australia, in which 20 students and staff from the U.S., Malaysia and East Asia initiated friendships with 400 students on two major universities, which led to more than 285 spiritual conversations. A Japanese man who lodged with them plus nine international students professed faith in Christ.
  • The VISION 2017 conference is slated to be the biggest to date as other international student ministries are also recruiting for this December 28 – January 1 event in Baltimore. The theme is “Known” since the essence of eternal life is to know God in relationship and we are intimately known by Him as well. Please pray for a record number of students to register by November 10 (after which the price will increase). Ask God for lives to be changed with many non-believing delegates to come to faith.
  • We are at work on an overall strategy called EveryInternational, to mobilize the body of Christ in reaching every international student. This includes a digital strategy, including website, that will equip believers in welcoming, engaging and ministering to the nations among us. Ask God to give great wisdom to those working on this and access to and/or creation of tools that will facilitate the fulfillment of this strategic goal. Since the re-organization of US Campus Ministry, this project has been kicked into high gear.


Digital Products & Services
  • Praise: For the launch of the new mobile-friendly give site this past spring.
  • Praise: A new version of the GodTools app is available to help believers all around the world share a simple gospel presentation.
  • Prayer: For the global deployment of Netsuite, our new global enterprise platform for our non-US ministries.
  • Prayer: For wisdom in how we can use our digital platforms to help people take their spiritual best next step.


  • We are thanking God that David and Meg Robbins were called by God to lead FamilyLife.
  • Praise God for His provision for our financial needs at FYE through donors to FamilyLife.
  • Thank God for His favor upon creation of The Art of Parenting and our movie, Like Arrows.


  • Pray for GAiN to accelerate spiritual movements in the toughest places on earth through relieving suffering, restoring dignity and revealing the hope that is Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for effectiveness in GAiN supporting the ministries both in the US and around the world of our Cru staff.  Pray we would be humble servants to all. Pray for God’s protection over our staff and families in travel, health and that we would grow spiritually.
  • Pray for the Lord to bring like-minded partners alongside GAiN to help meet the enormous needs for humanitarian projects with our overseas staff. Pray that His Kingdom will increase because of the faithful stewardship of all His resources.


Cru Inner City
  • Pray as Cru Inner City expands our ministry through inner city church partners in the USA…contact if you would like to see a ministry among the poor happen in your city. Let’s partner together on this!
  • Pray as we are trusting God to raise up 30 ethnic minority leaders to intern and/or come on staff with Cru Inner City. Pray for the nearly 2,000 urban partners we serve and partner with throughout the USA…80% are men and women of color.
  • Pray for our partnership in Barcelona, Spain.


JESUS Film Project

Praise God for the 2016 statistics of JESUS film usage:

  • JESUS film has been shown in more than 1,500 languages in every nation in the world. To date it is responsible for 7.7 billion estimated viewings of the gospel and 530 million total estimated decisions for Christ!
  • Praise God for the JESUS Film Project partnership with Youth With a Mission. YWAM has been led to have 777 teams of five trained by JESUS Film Project to each record eight languages. The first team was trained in September 2017, and will travel to Papua New Guinea, where they will record the JESUS film script, leaving behind completed, edited copies to show publicly! Their target is to have all 1,776 languages recorded by end of 2020.
  • Pray that the Lord will use the 1,542 languages of JESUS film, the 163 languages of the children’s version, 167 languages of Magdalena, 35 languages of Rivka, and 22 languages of the Walking with Jesus follow-up series to bring many to Himself all over the globe!
  • Pray for the Major Donor Briefing taking place in Lake Tahoe, Oct. 5-8, 2017. Ask the Lord to supply the funding needed for film teams, so they will be equipped with the films, equipment and training to reach people around the world for Jesus, allowing multiplying churches or faith communities to be planted.
  • There are 5 billion people who are currently living in darkness, separated from God’s love. Pray that new translations of JESUS film will be made available to everyone everywhere so they will know how much Jesus loves them by hearing it in their own heart language.


Josh McDowell Ministry
  • Josh’s book, Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Life-Changing Truth for a Skeptical World, debuts October 3. Pray that this revised volume will touch the lives of many people as they seek solid evidence for Christianity. Pray for the marketing and distribution of Evidence and its translation into many languages to reach people throughout the world.
  • Pray for wisdom and direction in best using our resources to help people realize the dangers of porn, how those addicted can have victory, and how they can reach others caught in this trap.
  • Pray for continued numbers of people being reached internationally with the truth through Josh’s books and digital resources. Pray for resulting transformed lives and for the safety of those who are distributing these resources. 


Cru Military
  • Pray for the 16 US Weekend to Remember events that Cru Military will be participating in this fall. May God use them to significantly encourage military couples. Pray that we will identify volunteers and multiplying disciples among the attendees, who will join us in building spiritual movements in military communities.
  • Pray for fruitful ministry at the US Air Force and Naval Academies, as our staff and volunteers minister to future military leaders. We ask for continued access to these cadets and midshipmen, favor with chaplains there and spiritual multiplication. Pray for Cru Military ministry expansion opportunities to: Fort Sill (Oklahoma), Military Academy West Point (New York), Camp Lejeune (North Carolina), Groton Submarine Base (Connecticut), US Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown (Virginia), Fort Gordon (Georgia), Maxwell Air Force Base (Alabama), US Coast Guard Training Center Cape May (New Jersey), Carlisle Barracks (Pennsylvania), Coast Guard Academy (Connecticut), and Merchant Marines (New York).
  • Praise God for 400+ volunteers who faithfully serve at our seven US military basic training locations, military academies, and 25+ countries internationally! Pray build our new Volunteer Led Movement initiative, trusting the Lord for 2,500 volunteers to join us by 2020 to serve the US and international military community. Pray for God to increase African governmental stability so the gospel can by shared without challenging political environments. Pray specifically for our Cru Military Ministry leaders and volunteers in Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, and South Sudan.


New Life Resources (Cru Store)
  • Pray that NLR, the publishing and materials distribution ministry of Cru, will effectively serve and support the Cru ministries and its staff members – for the ministry to successfully distribute its resources for evangelism, discipleship, and spiritual multiplication to churches and individual believers with a heart for the Great Commission within the US and around the world.
  • To identify other Christians with a heart for ministry with whom we can cultivate long-term relationships and partnerships, so we can launch thriving spiritual movements in their own spheres of influence. To encourage those we serve to grow spiritually toward their maximum level of ministry involvement as they make use of the resources we provide and that they look to Cru as the best place to find the materials they need to accomplish whatever form of ministry God has placed on their hearts.
  • For wisdom to organize the ministry for the future and continue to improve and refine the Cru Store websites ( and ) where more than 70% of the requests for ministry materials are received. We desire to make it easy for people to discover and acquire ministry tools that will enhance ministry and advance the Great Commission.


  • Pray for School of Storying trainers in Francophone Africa to have more opportunities to increase their experience and skills in developing oral Bible stories for unreached language groups.
  • Pray for story movements (similar to church planting movements) to develop from completed oral Bible story sets, as they are used in a ministry of evangelism, discipleship and church planting in oral cultures.
  • Pray for new ministry leaders to emerge from School of Storying projects, where we develop oral Bible stories and provide training to use them in ministry.