Area Team Leader: Steve and Christy Sellers

  • Pray for Justin O’Malley as he forms a new South Pacific team that will lead both New Zealand (Tandem) and the Pacific Islands (CCC & Cru) ministries. Pray for wisdom and unity.
  • Pray for Don and Kathryn Mansfield as they transition back from New Zealand to the U.S. after directing the Pacific Islands ministry for 10 years.
  • Pray for Australia and the South Pacific, as they are some of the first to use the new NetSuite financial system. Pray for a smooth transition and that this tool with become a true blessing to our movements worldwide. 


AUSTRALIA* (Power to Change)

  • Praise God for lives that have been impacted through GAiN Australia. In 2017 there were 5,532 people who received medical treatment and 469 who received dental treatment. There were at least 1,845 people who indicated a decision to follow Jesus. Also enough funds were collected for the development of 16 water wells in Benin, West Africa through our Water for Life initiative. Pray for the upcoming trips to India and Cambodia that GAiN has planned.
  • Praise God that after a hectic beginning to the year we are touching lives across Australia. We’re active in at least 130 locations throughout the country, including 35 university campuses. Last year our youth strategy impacted 80 schools through our performance team, which included post performance follow-up. We continue to praise God for those He has raised up for our performance team. Pray that they would see 500 students indicate decisions for Christ through their touring this year. Our families and church movement strategies have a presence in another 15 locations around Australia.
  • May and June tend to be the time of year when we run several key recruitment events. Pray for wisdom and guidance as we plan the various events. Pray that God would be stirring hearts of those He wants to attend and that they would be present. Pray God would raise up more labourers to serve with us here. We are also praying for 200 multiplying disciples by the end of 2018.
  • June is the end of our financial year. Pray for the team to grow in ability to present Power to Change as an option for giving this year. Also be praying that God would provide the finances needed as we seek to purchase a building in Sydney that would serve as a mission hub for youth and GAiN as this would provide a significant boost for them.


CANADA* (Power to Change – P2C)


  • Pray for Canadian Football League and Major League Soccer Chaplaincies, that the Lord give them favour and wisdom.
  • Please pray for end of campus year and the National Training Camp in Guelph, that all who attend the training will be blessed and encouraged.
  • Pray for the summer camps program, that our government will see the importance of these programs to the organizations that use them and reverse its requirements decision.


Christian Embassy
  • Pray for 120 ambassadors, parliamentarians and business leaders to be impacted by our June 6 Luncheon with Jonathan Wellum on “Living a Life of Faith in a Risky World.”
  • Pray for a supernatural increase among inspired parliamentarians and diplomats who are inspiring other leaders (spiritual multipliers).
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to soften and transform the hearts of our parliamentarians and the leadership of Canada, their spouses and children, as well as the staffers advising them


Connecting Streams
  • Pray that God would continue to call leaders on all levels who would catch the vision and who are committed and called to this ministry.
  • Pray for connections made across Canada for new teams to start in cities/towns where the staff is not present. Pray for God’s provision and leading for these potential teams.
  • Pray for leaders and teams to continue to be led by the Holy Spirit as they continue to serve,  that they may share the gospel boldly with sensitivity to the people they reach.


DRIME (Disciples Ready In Mobile Evangelism)
  • Pray that our leaders around the world would be encouraged and motivated to put what they learned at our biennial Regional Summits into action within their teams.
  • Pray for our plans for multiplication. At each Regional Summit our leaders thought about and considered three places they could possibly expand to. Pray that God would provide all the contacts and connections necessary to bring things together so that we can succeed in these endeavours. 
  • Pray for our summer Mission Trips to Edmonton and Argentina. Pray that we would lots of interest in the trips, that meaningful connections and contacts would be made, and that we would leave a positive and lasting impact in both places


  • Marriage Mentor Initiative: Thank God that almost 600 couples have been trained as marriage mentors over the past two years. Pray that God will use these couples to transform marriages and ask God to raise up another 400 in the next year. Pray that the translation of the materials in French would open the door in Quebec and the French regions of the world. Interest has been also expressed in Spanish and German translations.
  • HomeBuilder Network: Praise Him for development of Together for Good series and Marriage Mentor training, which have been embraced and given practical resource to our current team of couples. Pray that God would raise up 2,500 HomeBuilders by 2020, couples that start where they are and do what they can to bring help and hope to marriages and families around them.
  • Labourers: Join us in praising God for the new staff that have joined our office team and field staff team. We long to see staff raised up in Quebec (French speaking) and in the Maritime provinces of eastern Canada. Please pray that God would release his resources of people and finances to bring help and hope to marriage and families in these places.


GAiN Canada
  • Praise God for the milestone of 1,000 wells provided in Benin as of December 2017, through Global Aid Network’s Water For Life Initiative. Through this initiative over 1,000,000 people now have access to clean water in Benin through a GAiN provided well. Please pray for our field teams as they continue to provide wells and plant churches, in partnership with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy, in the midst of much difficulty and opposition. They are actively working in the countries of Benin, Togo, Tanzania, and Ethiopia
  • Relief work with internally displaced people inside Syria: Please pray for our partner Agape Syria and the church in Damascus. Violence continues to escalate with no sign of the war’s end. Our partners in Syria have lost some of their volunteers due to the bombings, but they continue to distribute Bags of Blessing and provide emotional and spiritual care with the result of many coming to Christ. Pray that God would have His hand on Syria and that His name would be proclaimed and glorified even in the midst of such suffering.


JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS)
  • Please pray for our JFCPS teams as they share the gospel, equip leaders, and plant churches in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ethiopia, Benin, Togo, Tanzania, and Mexico. Please pray specifically for the teams in Ethiopia and Mexico. The cultural environment is hostile and progress can be slow. Please pray that God would be working in and through our teams and that disciples would be multiplying in these places.


  • Pray for LeaderImpact staff as they continue to work with marketplace leaders across Canada to reach an audacious goal of 300 LeaderImpact Groups by 2020.
  • Pray for upcoming Global Exchange in Asuncion, Paraguay, April 27 – May 6.  Pray for amazing opportunities to share the gospel with leaders in that city
  • Pray for our new national director, as of November 2017.  There is much to learn, staff to know and leaders to connect with in this all-important role


Life Project
  • Pray for creativity and connections as we’re entering a season of creating much more content for our sites.
  • Pray for wisdom for navigating criminal record checks for mentors, especially in countries with slow bureaucracy or animosity towards Christians.
  • Pray that the Lord would bring us 1,500 new online mentors this year and that our equipping and encouragement of our mentors would help them feel cared for and attentive to living Spirit-filled and directed lives


P2C Students
  • We recently celebrated 50 years of student ministry in Canada at our annual Fellowship Dinners. Pray for the approximately 3,000 guests who joined us – that they would continue to be inspired to take steps of faith in their giving and that they would remember to pray faithfully for God to move in students’ hearts. Praise God with us for all He has done in and through us and our alumni over the last 50 years
  • Please join us in praying that our staff and students would follow the Holy Spirit and open their lives to those God have put in their path. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue His work in drawing Canadian students to Himself
  • Pray for students and staff who are about to head out on month-long mission trips to East Asia, Peru, Denmark and North Africa very soon. Pray for each participant to learn to love God, and love their team well as they are on mission to bring a message of love to many who have never heard before.


WHEN (Women’s Heart-Engaging Network)
  • Praise God for new leadership stepping up at both a staff and volunteer level and request prayer for smooth transitions.
  • Pray for the development of church partnerships in order to expand WHEN. Please pray for our new partnership with the Canadian National Baptist Convention and the new WHEN team in Calgary.
  • Pray for wisdom to develop busy volunteer leaders and surface new leaders for new teams.


H Q   D E P A R T M E N T S
President’s Office
  • Pray for continued wisdom and guidance for ELT and Board – that they would be encouraged in their roles and have wisdom from the Lord as they lead the organization.
  • Pray for our upcoming Ministry Leaders’ Summit (week of April 30): Leaders will have a good time together learning. There will be a time of renewal and building into our leaders.


  • Praise God for our many wonderful donors and pray that we would all listen to them, understand their needs and desires, and put them above our own.
  • Pray that this 50 Year Celebration would continue to grow our resource base and donor relationships for 50 more years of even greater impact!
  • Pray for our government to reconsider their policy of restricting access to Canada Summer Jobs funding for our camp workers and that donors would respond generously to help meet this need.


Corporate Services
  • Pray for continued protection of our building and wisdom as we work to keep it functioning well, as well as the shipping area and fountain/pond, with vagrants frequenting our site.
  • Pray for our tenants and their guests/clients (individuals seeking financial and emotional counsel).
  • Pray our team as we serve here at headquarters and particularly for our interactions with service providers whom we have the opportunity to develop Kingdom-led relationships with.


P2C Films
  • Pray for our work on The Human Project, in partnership with Apologetics Canada. We pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for all involved. We believe it will be an effective ministry tool.


  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would always guide and lead the Finance Team in all its plans.
  • Pray that the team will rely on God’s wisdom and be able to meet its goals and objectives for this year.
  • Pray the team will continue to work harmoniously, truly caring for each other.


Human Resources
  • Pray for New Staff Training: This will be the largest training we have done and have also moved the training to Ontario. Pray the changes we made will help staff be even more equipped for ministry. Please also pray for all the prep and details leading up to the training.
  • HR has been investing into the MPD Training for new and senior staff. Pray that staff would have a renewed vision for how the Lord is providing the funds to fulfill their calling and achieve the mission. Pray also that we would have opportunities to disciple our ministry partners through our interaction with them.
  • Pray for the staff in HR, that we would see how our work is helping people know Jesus.


  • Pray for capacity to complete all of our projects with excellence, on time and on budget.
  • Pray for clear minds as we troubleshoot problems and develop systems for the organization.
  • Pray for stability and reliability for our websites and servers.


Leadership Development
  • Pray for Leadership Foundations 1 (ongoing) – for the groups of our leaders working through this training, that as they grow their teams become more effective in building the Kingdom.
  • Pray for Staff Conference 2018, July 23-27 in Hamilton, Ontario:
  • Impact – that our staff are inspired and experience God’s presence.
  • Speakers – confirmation, bringing the message God wants our staff to hear.
  • Childcare Team – coordinator and impact with our staff children.


  • Pray we would be faithful to the charge before us: To build the Power to Change brand and fulfill ministry projects well.
  • Pray for God to help us have the kind of environment that would be conducive to accomplish the above prayer request.
  • Pray that we enjoy Jesus with increasing zeal each day as we serve.


Partner Care
  • Pray our interactions with staff and donors, that all our conversations may be encouraging and uplifting and that Christ’s love for them might shine through us.
  • Pray health and energy for our team and our families as we work through our busiest seasons.
  • Pray for grace and peace as we deal with high volume of work.


Project Services
  • Praise God that He has brought our team together and that we have settled into this year’s routine so quickly and smoothly.
  • Pray for the Project Services team as we prepare and support the individuals and teams going out into the world from AIA, DRIME, LeaderImpact, Students, SportAid and GAiN.


Resource Centre
  • Pray for JESUS DVD Distribution and the use of Knowing Jesus Personally magazine in Spanish in Cuba. Pray for the team as they check out how God will bring this into reality.
  • Praise the Lord for the people ordering tracks and JESUS DVDs to help people with special languages learn to receive Jesus. God’s Word is powerful. Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw men, women and children to Christ.
  • Pray for more and more people to go to the website and watch the JESUS film or The Gospel of John in their own language. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!



National Team:
  • Praise Him for greater connection/partnership with other like-minded ministries in the U.S.. e.g. InterVarsity, Navigators, FCA, Upward Sports,Young Life,Youth for Christ, Pulse, etc., as well as church denominations.
  • Pray Colossians 1:9-11 for each member of our U.S. leadership team – that we “may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that we may walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work, and increasing in intimacy with God, strengthened with all power according to His glorious might, to gain all steadfast perseverance and patience, and joyously giving thanks to the Father…”
  • Pray for greater mobilization of volunteers in all our U.S. ministries, to enable us to get to the unreached with the gospel.
  • Pray for growth in unity and diversity:
  • Pray for Darryl and Gwen Smith leading our Office of Oneness and Diversity.
  • Pray God would give us workable solutions for Ethnic MPD (fund raising) challenges.
  • Pray that more of our staff could participate in cultural competency training.


Digital Products & Services:
  • Praise for the significant progress being made in being able to identify and move audiences digitally.
  • Prayer for our ability to specifically market content to users that would offer them a next step towards Christ.
  • Pray that we would effectively journey together with over 100M people engaged in our global digital ecosystem each year. We are trusting God to specifically help 2M in their journey by December 31, 2018.


Athletes in Action
Office of the President:
  • Pray for a clear sense of God’s presence and renewal during Springboard ’18.
  • Pray for our sending (volunteers, lifetime laborers, staff recruitment, opportunities) to see a dramatic upswing based on Matthew 9:35-38.
  • Pray for the financial needs of staff and AIA operational budgets to be met. 


Campus Ministry / National Campus Office:
  • For God to call two ethnic minority leaders to join our staff.
  • For wisdom, clarity and faith in extending our Global Partnerships (currently: East Asia, Puerto Rico, South Africa) from 3 to 4 (or 5) (Jamaica and possibly Turkey).
  • For God to raise up three Stint teams to all three current partnership locations. 


Pro (NFL): 
  • The Call to Courage Award’s Breakfast in Buffalo.
  • The Uncommon Award Dinner and Arise with the guys’ outreach.
  • The Arise with the gals’ outreach in Minnesota. 


Sports T.E.A.M.: 
  • Our Honduras Sport Chaplaincy strategy has been launched. Seventeen new volunteer associates have been trained in the chaplaincy ministry with about 10 of them beginning their ministries with their respective team. Pray for fruitful ministry for these new associates and favor with the teams they are serving.
  • Pray for our Sports Teams that will serve in 25 countries currently and in the months to come. Pray for provision of participants, funding, and great ministry opportunities.
  • Pray for 125 international volunteer associates to be identified and recruited into AIA ministry. 


Sports Complex and Retreat Center (SCRC):
  • We thank the Lord for the Associate Director of Operations reporting to Xenia and the SCRC!
  • Praise the Lord for stirring the hearts of high school athletes and coaches, mentors and AIA/Cru staff and leading them to participate in this summer’s Cru High School UTC and the Cru Inner City JAM (Jesus-Athletics-Manhood) Sports Camp.


Sports Performance:
  • Pray for MPD needs of new staff raising initial support.
  • Recruiting for AIA Opportunities: That God would send us the people we still need.
  • Armenia Sports Performance Team (March 27 – April 4) and the follow-up


Global Media:
  • Praise God that Sports Spectrum will use written content from The Prize for the 2018 Russian World Cup. They plan on distribution of 500,000 World Cup magazines featuring the interviews from the film.
  • Praise and prayers for all the Struggle and Triumph Bibles that staff members distributed at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

2018 Night of Champions, May 19, 2018

  • Pray for more sponsorship connections.
  • Pray for the final planning with the right people in place to make the event go smoothly.

2019 Super Bowl Breakfast

  • Meetings in Atlanta April 22-25.
  • Pray for good contacts, diversity, etc. 


Bridges International

Bridges staff members were in Houston, April 9-13 for our national staff conference, which we called “BUILD.” Ask the Lord to continue ministering to us post-conference:

  • Refreshment in our relationships with God.
  • Excellent connections and community-building among our staff members.
  • Good interaction during men’s and women’s times.
  • Great opportunities to be resourced in ministry skills.
  • Fun cultural immersion experiences in the city among Africans, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Latin Americans and Middle Easterners.
  • Amazing vision casting to focus on our scope of 1.3 million international students.


Cru Campus
Fund Development:
  • Praise for generous partners who fund our ministry.
  • Campus Ministry Summit, April 27-29 – may God be glorified and resources raised up.
  • Pray for six new Major Partner Representatives.


Mission Operations:
  • Praise for our partnership with InterVarsity. Other ministries are joining with IV and Cru as we work to see a ministry on every college campus in the U.S. See
  • Ask for God’s wisdom and perseverance in laying out new pathways (increasing operational capacity) for the future of the U.S. campus ministry.
  • For Operations staff to have a humble servant posture and a rhythm of prayer and listening to the Lord daily


People & Culture:
  • Praise that God continues to raise up men and women to be sent into His harvest among students and faculty.
  • Pray that we would see an exponential increase in the number of volunteer-led movements in high schools and universities.
  • For wisdom in crafting a national plan for allocating our staff resources.


Mission Expansion:
  • Praise that we have partnered with Winter Jam ( this year. We are following up contacts from this event who are interested in launching new movements. Spring break trips were well attended and are already bearing fruit.
  • Pray for endurance for our team. We are stretched very thinly in light of so much output (Matthew 22:36-40).
  • Ask God to establish movements at 100 new campuses in 2018.


Research & Development:
  • Thank God for the new staff members and innovation leaders who have joined R&D in 2017-18. Thank Him for those who will join in the days ahead.
  • Ask God to give clarity of direction and effective collaboration processes as R&D innovation teams and leaders pursue their responsibilities in the new Campus system.
  • Ask God to guide R&D into new projects that will accelerate the mission throughout the whole scope of Campus and will serve as the cutting edge for campus ministry in the years to come.


Global Missions:
  • Praise for a fruitful gospel movement Launch Trip to Luxembourg! Very encouraging as we saw two students receive Jesus and three accept the challenge to lead a gospel movement.
  • Pray for a new Stint team to be raised up in the Middle East by this fall.
  • Pray for a new Latin America Stint Expedition team to be raised up by August.


High School:
  • Praise that God has opened tremendous ministry opportunities in the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
  • May God provide people and other resources needed to make the most of opportunities to reach students in South Florida in the wake of the shooting.
  • Ask God to launch several high school movements during Chicago launch week, early May.


Field Missions (including Faculty Commons):
  • Praise that trips to start new ministries in new locations (Expedition trips) are happening all over the country this spring.
  • Pray for lasting fruit from these Spring Expedition trips. Pray that new campuses would be launched and students would come to faith.
  • Pray for evangelistic efforts this Spring. Pray that many students and faculty might come to faith and have their lives transformed by the gospel.


Ethnic Communities:
  • Praise that Epic had its first Ambassador Training Conference in mid-April to train staff to start Epic movements.
  • Pray for our various Ethnic Field Ministries to grow in producing more Ethnic Leaders and staff (Nations, SOON, Epic, Destino, Impact).
  • Pray that God will invite many people of color to join Cru as full-time staff. Pray for our movements to be a great training ground to equip students in character and in ministry.


Cru City
City (overall):
  • Pray for thousands of people in cities across the U.S. leading/discipling others, that these groups will multiply throughout their cities.
  • For Influentials to mentor Millennials, for Millennials to reach out to those in the city and come alongside young pastors, for neighbors to multiply and expand churches…to advance the mission of Jesus in the city.


  • Pray for minority leaders to help us leverage the work going on in key cities of Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle.
  • Pray for 20-Somethings to have eyes to see and ears to hear the Father patiently pursuing them.
  • Pray for leaders in our network to continue surrendering areas of their life to Christ and leading with vulnerability.


  • Be praying we see each of our ministry teams at a local level be fully funded to accomplish what God is calling them to do in each of their unique context.
  • Pray God brings those to our teams who will expand our ability and capacity to serve the thousands of mobilized believers in cities.
  • Pray God will prepare our hearts and posture to mobilize and serve those outside our staff in order that the gospel will advance.


Church Movements:
  • Praise for the Church Movements team God is building in the USA.  Please pray for bold faith as we trust God for one million mobilized multiplying disciples to see 160,000 churches planted and/or faith communities strengthened to multiply across America.
  • Over the last nine months we’ve interviewed pastors, scholars, and denominational/organizational leaders who are excited Cru is pressing in more intentionally to see the Church multiply.  Please pray as we pursue strategic partnerships in this mission.
  • We realize it is God who builds His church, so please pray that we will decrease and He will increase.


  • Pray for Neighbors as a whole, as it continues to be defined by City and as each of our staff and partners continue to reach their cities with the good news of Jesus.
  • Pray for those in Neighbors who are innovating and trying new things in their cities. Pray for them to have wisdom and courage as they enter doors that God has opened for them, however unfamiliar. Pray for them to be equipped to have conversations that lead to spiritual conversations with those with whom they interact, on a daily basis, as they practice being the hands and feet of Jesus in their cities.
  • Pray for those in Neighbors who have strong ministries of discipleship and evangelism through their churches and communities. Pray they would be faithful to the ministries in which God has called them.
  • Pray for the portion of Neighbors who are involved with Legacy. Pray that they would have strength and wisdom to continue the ministry that God has provided for them. Pray as they make decisions regarding their well-being and the well-being of their families.


  • “Mobilize Followers of Jesus” – that this objective would dynamically inform the prayers and plans of the staff in our gate.
  • “Partnering” – that this mindset and approach for ministering in the city while targeting influencers would be valued. Kingdom partners welcomed, pursued, and celebrated!
  • “Abiding in Him” – that intimacy and dependence upon Him would fuel the path to faith, growth and fruitfulness in every initiative, relationship and strategy.


Ethnic Diversity:
  • Praise: Thankful that at Cru ‘17 as well as within our City space we are starting to hear and learn from Ethnic Leaders.
  • Prayer needs: Cru City would reflect the diversity of our cities within our ministries, Staff, partners and volunteers.
  • God continue to use us as a ministry and individuals as “peacemakers” in the racial tensions around us by stepping into the “other” stories and seek to understand their reality.


  • Pray for meaningful relationships and for God’s wisdom and open doors as we seek to be present in the arts and utilize our platforms in and through the arts for Christ.

Requests for Transform Arts

  • Pray for a new resident who will be raising support to report in the fall to Kansas City.
  • Pray for our June Transform Team retreat:
    • That all our part-time staff are able to make it work with their schedule.
    • Pray for a rich time together that refreshes, empowers and re-envisions the team for what we do.
  • Pray that the Transform staff would be successful in their art fields, allowing them platforms to influence our culture. Pray they are bold and wise with the relationships God has put in their lives.
  • Pray for wisdom as we plan for the future of the Transform artist-in-residence program and as we partner with Cru and other organizations to build into the lives of emerging artists and help launch them into the culture.

Requests for Mary Beth Minnis

  • For the film Imperdonabile as it tours Italy.
    • For God to bless the partnership with Compassion International in Italy.
    • For the logistics, resources and details worked out for each screening.
    • For the Lord to work in people’s hearts through this powerful story of forgiveness.
    • For Giosue, the Director, to have his funding needs met, even exceeded.


  • Pray for the various City global initiatives we have launched, focused on mobilizing people and resources to contribute to our LeaderImpact and GCM strategies around the world.
  • Pray for the staff and partners who have launched and are developing our initiative focused on reaching out to the International, Immigrant and Refugee communities in U.S. cities.
  • Pray that we would have insight and creativity as we seek to develop and launch new and innovative global mission initiatives focused on taking the gospel to the nations in our rapidly changing world.


  • Pray for Art of Parenting – goal = one million parents, three major languages, in three years.
  • Pray for Like Arrows movie launch – May 1 & 3.  
  • Pray for maximum kingdom impact and changed lives through our WTR getaways. 


  • Committed new staff to join GAiN that have a passion to use compassionate resources to relieve suffering, restore dignity and reveal hope in some of the hardest places on earth.
  • Additional donors and partners who share the same vision as GAiN to help resource our in-country partners and staff as they build spiritual movements.
  • Praise to God for the healthy financial state; we thank Him for His generous provision to help us serve the field.
  • Pray for the health and stamina of our GAiN team as well as the partners we serve on the field.


Cru Inner City
  • Praise God for the 2,000+ urban pastors and urban leaders we partner with throughout the U.S. Pray as we expand our Christ and church focus to refugees, youth development, church-based athletics for kids, biblical justice writers, economic justice issues, etc. Praise God for the ministry in Barcelona, Spain we partner with.
  • Praise God for the expansion cities we have opened via volunteer partners. Praise the Lord for new ethnic minority staff who have joined our movement. Pray, as we trust the Lord to expand to more major U.S. cities through either partnerships or full-time/part-time staff.
  • Pray for a revised support raising system that will help see more ethnic minorities join our movement over the next three years


Jesus Film Project
  • Praise God for the more than 1,600 language versions of the JESUS film. Pray that many will come to know Jesus by watching this film along with the many others on the Jesus Film app.
  • Pray for Erick Schenkel’s health; coronary artery disease has partly blocked his arteries. Pray that the Lord will renew his strength as he continues in his role. Ask the Lord to supply the perfect replacement to be the Executive Director of the Jesus Film Ministry before this summer.
  • Pray for our recording partnerships with YWAM to record 500 new JESUS film languages.
  • Jesus Film Project goals leading to 2025 are beyond our current financial abilities. Pray that the Lord will supply in His time and in His way, to reach everyone, everywhere through film and the planting of one church for every 1,000 people worldwide.


Josh McDowell Ministry
  • Please pray for wisdom and divine direction as we are in the developmental stage of a new ministry initiative focused on spiritual, emotional and sexual wholeness. They’re currently developing core messages, videos and written content that will equip churches and leaders to minister to individuals in these areas.
  • Pray for the Lord to bring the people to Josh’s events who need to hear his messages to help them make life-changing decisions regarding God’s truth and how that affects their daily lives, their relationships with family and others and their service to the kingdom.
  • Pray for the translation, printing and distribution of Josh’s books in other countries, as well as the distribution of digital resources, including USB drives, hotspots, SD cards, websites and apps loaded with books, DVDs and other Christian materials. Pray for the truth to reach multitudes, resulting in transformed lives.  


Cru Military
  • Pray for near-term Cru Military growth expansion opportunities to new bases, to include Military Academy-West Point, Fort Sill, and Camp LeJeune. We ask the Lord for favor with chaplains and new staff volunteers that will be recruited to lead these new ministries to the local military community.
  • Pray for the successful launch of our new U.S. ministry regions, called Areas of Operations. We ask the Lord to give our new leaders for the first two Areas of Operation, Cru Military Mid-Atlantic and Cru Military Southeast, a vision for new direction, integration, and fruitful ministry under this paradigm for growth and expansion.
  • Praise God for opening doors for growth and discipleship of top military leaders by our Military Ministry of Cru Directors through training sessions and also the LeaderImpact movement! Pray for favor as we look for further collaborative ways to work with other ministries and increase the number of volunteers to expand ministry to military members in Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Pacific Islands, Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Honduras. Pray for us as we seek the Lord for clear direction on building multiplying disciples throughout the entire global military community.   



Our vision is to see followers of Christ in communities of faith in every unreached oral people group. Vision goal: By 2025, we will equip local followers of Christ to produce and use oral Bible stories in 500 languages to launch communities of multiplying disciples among oral cultures. In light of this, please pray:

  • For Spirit-led opportunities to launch story movements in partnership with national believers.
  • For God to raise up key volunteers from every School of Storying in every people group to which He sends us.
  • For each story movement to be self-sustaining and self-perpetuating, in the power of the Holy Spirit.