Area Team Leader: Layo and Luchy Leiva


  • We pray that the SLM missional community framework and the spiritual multiplication pathway and resources would be a help and encouragement in many movements in LAC.
  • May the good news of Jesus Christ transform many lives as we share with those who are seeking real life in light of the political and economic crises in many countries and due to the natural disasters that have recently occurred.
  • Praise God for all things NEW! New staff from many countries, including Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Panama; new countries beginning Student Venture (high school movements), like Turks and Caicos, Dominica, Colombia, St Maarten, Panama, Dominican Rep; new key volunteers for the Cataylic strategy; and new area leaders for SLM, Oliver and Zulma Marin.


Digital Strategies:

  • Ask the Lord to raise up a generation of multiplying disciples online.
  • Pray that people would continue to find God through our tools and platforms.
  • Praise Him for the 65 people who received training and vision in Medellin on September 9.



  • Please pray for the incoming Ops Stint team. They will be serving for one year in Costa Rica, helping mostly with Agora 2018. Please pray for their support raising, unity and that God would use them mightily.
  • Pray for Yanine and Percy as Yanine continues her fight with cancer.
  • Praise God for the Operations team – for the unity, desire to serve LAC and abilities He has given us.



  • Pray with us for our key leaders and volunteers to be Faithful/Available/Teachable/Social as we seek to make an impact in Barbados and around the world through the word of God.
  • Praise God for spiritual, physical and digital multiplication of the movement here through staff, students, professionals and volunteers, celebrating 14 years of ministry to the island.



  • Please pray for God’s mighty work in all areas of AGORA 2018: wisdom for the directors and collaborators, for God to raise up an army of volunteers for each area, for hearts to be motivated to come, for transformation, peace and salvation for the city of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Pray for our eyes to be fixed on Jesus while all our staff does MPD and for a shower of blessings in response to our prayers and initiatives.
  • We rejoice in the acceptance of several new staff members to Cru Brazil and for all those who are considering joining us.



  • May God provide full-time missionaries aligned with God´s heart to properly care and disciple the student leaders, and faithful people to join the administrative area of the ministry.
  • May every member of the missional communities remain filled with the Holy Spirit, passionate to study and share the Word of God in a relevant way and willing to love and serve sacrificially to those around them.
  • We thank God for our student leaders national conference, which was in late July and brought alignment and encouragement among the students leaders.



  • Pray for the new aspirants who have begun the process to enter as full-time missionaries in our country; we ask for faith, perseverance and wisdom. May they depend on God and grow in knowledge and obedience to Him.
  • Lift up coordinators and volunteer leaders with lives surrendered to the Lordship of Christ in all areas and passionate about connecting others with Jesus and forming multiplying disciples. May the glory of God, establishing His kingdom and doing His will be our daily priorities and our deep desire for prayer.
  • We give thanks for the new ministerial partners in the missionary support teams of each coordinator and volunteer; thank Him for the provision of God in our lives, faithful is the One who calls us. Thank Him for the “workers that God is bringing to his harvest” in the different components.



  • Pray that God will help our volunteers Bernie and Margarita to faithfully follow up the fruit of UNA and UISIL so that there can be two new movements being born in the south of the country.
  • Pray for God to provide not only new full-time or part-time staff for the campuses, but also the financial resources they need to have a pertinent ministry among their audience.
  • Ask for the grace of God to be granted to our teams in Perez Zeledón among the authorities, faculty and students at the National University (UNA) and the International University San Isidro Labrador (UISIL). Many students and faculty gave their lives to Jesus during two different mission projects.



  • Ask for God’s guidance in this transition phase of developing Missional Communities at the University of Curacao.
  • Pray for the staff to reach 80% of their support by the end of 2017.
  • Thank God that we are finally getting constant coaching in how to do ministry with results.



  • Pray that we maintain our approach and vision of Mission Communities in each coordinator, leader and volunteer in our country.
  • Pray that we can achieve the necessary agreements with university authorities to work together with our Stint in our country.
  • Praise God for the arrival of six Stint at the city of Quito for a period of one year, and for two full-time US coordinators in the city of Guayaquil, that will be supporting the MDE Ecuador movement.



  • Pray for the national staff, that each reach 100% in its finances by the end of this year, to be able to develop the ministry without any obstacle and to have healthy finances.
  • Pray for each ministry component, that God mold, multiply and mobilize each staff, administrative member, financial supporters and volunteers as a way of life.
  • Praise God that by training the staff, leaders and pastors with the strategy of MC2, putting it into practice in each ministry component, we are obtaining favorable results with the realization of relational events. Many of the assistants have begun a personal relationship with Jesus and are forming mission communities.



  • FamilyLife: Pray for the success of the “Stepping Up” men’s ministry by the men of our Core Group who were trained to use this tool earlier in the year.
  • Campus Ministry: We praise God for another opportunity to present Christ to about 600 first-year students, with some 40 indicating decisions for Christ. Pray for a permanent meeting place on campus to hold our fortnightly fellowship meetings.
  • Men needed: Pray that a male will join our Professional Ministry staff. Pray for additional males to join the Kids for Christ team, to mentor the boys.



  • May we cultivate and develop permanently our first love towards God and dependence under the leadership of His Spirit for each staff, associate and volunteer.
  • In November there will be elections – let us pray for peace and political stability in the country, due to the re-election of the current president. May the development of phases 1-4 be completed from urban MC2, by the end of the year with pastors.
  • We thank the Lord for our first DMPD training and the good attitude shown by the team by initiating the process of calling and visiting with positive responses.



  • Pray that Jamaica will reach its goal of 10,000 multiplying disciples by 2020 and that various groups of persons with different skill sets will apply to join staff including administrators, campus field staff and accountants.
  • May the various local ministries such as Digital Strategies, Athletes in Action, Campus, Church, Crossroads, Family Life continue to develop and grow exponentially.
  • Praise God for the successful completion of the JESUS film in Jamaican Creole



  • Pray for formation of the movement with young professionals recently graduated, to begin the movement of Leader Impact in: Mexico City, Puebla, Querétaro and Monterrey. May God raise up young people to direct these movements.
  • May the Lord let missionaries, associates, and volunteers keep a focus on winning unbelievers and making multiplying disciples.
  • Thank God for the effort to focus on freshman at the beginning of this semester – 10,000 Welcome Kits were to be given to first-time students. Each kit included information on the local movement, an article from, a booklet of The 4 Spiritual Laws and two gift pens. There was a large exposition of Cru’s ministry at 10 universities in our country.



  • Pray for guidance and wisdom from God as we are leading the ministry until every Nicaraguan meets a true follower of Christ.
  • Pray for love and unity in our leadership team and our City Leaders. Pray for abundance of funds for developing the ministry reaching the lost with the message of Christ.
  • Praise God for sending laborers to help us to open ministry at two new cities this year, and the inclusion of new staff in the ministry.



  • Pray for resources and an address at which to open a new headquarters.
  • Pray for the spiritual multiplication of the 180 disciples.
  • Thank GOD for the new full-time staff members that joined CRU; we will enjoy seeing what God is going to do through their lives.



  • We pray for Dawn and health for our partner, for Your total healing.
  • Pray for the missionary communities that we have started this semester in the universities.
  • Praise the Lord for Jiselle Jackson as the new coordinator



  • Pray for political and social stability in our country by the end of 2017, that Venezuelans be cheerful givers and our staff have the whole of their finances in hand.
  • Pray that of the 15 new coordinators will come people who want to be part of the team of coaches of the DDSM. Pray for the training of 200 new facilitators for the Pedagogical Project to reach 1,000 children in the country. Pray about training of 700 leaders of 700 new mission communities. Lift up the Staff Congress of Cru Venezuela, which we will have in October – for spiritual and physical refreshment, companionship, training, and alignment as an organization towards the realization of our national plan.
  • We praise the Lord because of the 15 new staff who attended our first Blitz. Despite politics protests and the country’s economic difficulties, Blitz students were able to make their appointments and come back to their cities committed to getting their finances from Venezuelans. Praise Him for their having been able to carry out and follow up during a whole cycle, the position and PDP approach the whole time in Venezuela. Thank God for the 500 children who have already been reached with the Pedagogical Project.