Area Team Leader: Layo and Luchy Leiva 



Area Leadership Team:
  • Let’s pray for the Wave2020 gatherings that every country in LAC will have in the next two months – that God will align everybody toward spiritual multiplication.
  • Let’s pray for each National Team Leader, for wisdom to lead their teams and the staff toward spiritual multiplication.
  • Let’s thank God for the great group of new staff that are now raising their support. That God may open the doors of heaven so that in few weeks they can complete their support teams.
Fund Development:
  • Pray that each country in LAC can build capacity and grow in faith to believe God can help us raise funds locally, in such a supernatural way we can recognize He did it!
  • Ask God to grant the same spirit and creativity to National Leaders and Fund Development in LAC to learn from each other and create sustainable models for the Area.
  • Thank God for the faithful and reliable people He will bring to complete the Fund Development LAC team.
  • Pray for the GCM training 10-16 October in Guayaquil with 40 participants from throughout LAC.
  • Pray for the opening of the GCM component in every country in LAC.
  • Pray for 40 staff and associates to respond to the challenge to serve in GCM.  
  • Pray for the MC2 training, Oct 11-14 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Pastors from all over Ecuador and many countries of South America will be gathering for training in effective church planting using the JESUS film as the key evangelistic tool.
  • Pray for the national gathering of pastors in Montevideo, Uruguay on November 2. They will learn about JESUS film resources and the MC2 church planting curriculum. Pray that many would sign on for training.
  • Pray for the 10 Cru staff who have received new JESUS film equipment mini-sets in the past month. Pray that God would give them creativity and wisdom as they use the equipment to reach university students and neighborhoods with the gospel.

Praise items

  • 60% of our LAC countries have established retirement fund plans for all their staff.
  • We had a successful conference for Spanish-speaking national LDHR Representatives in July in Panama. It was more of a coaching time; the LDHR Reps felt cared for and encouraged.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for the successful implementation of the Staff Development Cycle in all of LAC.
  • Pray about the completion of our policy manuals by December 2016.
  • Please pray for Operations that God would raise up laborers with operational skills and abilities to join Ops. Also, please pray for wisdom as we seek to build the capacity of the ministry in light of our 2020 goals.
  • We praise the Lord for the 20 missions teams this year who contributed to the expansion and pioneering of new movements in six new countries and six new cities in LAC!
  • Please pray that the Lord would help all our staff and student leaders to grow in grace in their relationship with the Lord and together in community as they serve together in building spiritual movements throughout LAC.
  • That we would abide in Jesus and therefore bear much fruit and so spiritual multiplication will increase and abound 100-fold!


  • Pray for wisdom and maintaining a deep relationship with God and for financial resources so that every staff completes 100% of their personal and ministry finances despite the current crisis in our country.
  • Pray that God would prepare hearts and guide us towards concrete steps so that we might be initiators of multiplying disciples of more than four generations and real missional communities. Also, that God would give us 300 students to participate at our summer camp in January.
  • For seven Argentinean pastors who will be traveling to Guayaquil to receive GCM training and further training in the Valles Calchaquíes in November.


  • May God enable us to consolidate the results of our replica of the 2020 Wave and thus advance the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Bolivia.
  • May God give us grace and wisdom to use Certifications Life Coaching to achieve more leaders with the gospel.
  • May God continue to send workers to our universities and schools to work together in the formation of new movements through L21.


  • Praise God for the celebration of Cru Brazil’s 45th year!
  • Pray about the crisis Brazil is facing. There are many people without jobs! All this is affecting the missionaries. We have seen this every month observing our finances.
  • Grace and wisdom to organize our Staff Conference taking place from October 8-12.


  • We are also thankful for the open doors at the University of Costa Rica and the Technological Institute in Cartago to the conference The Book that Change Your World. 70 people came to this activity.
  • We give glory to God for our strategic partnerships with the  ADPADHI Church and the United Bible Society that have helped us to be more effective and to have a greater impact with our activities in San José and Pérez Zeledon (16 Magdalena Seminars among women who have been victims of domestic violence with an average assistance of 15 participants per seminar).
  • Please pray for continuing results from our OLA2020 retreat that was October 1-2 so that we can experience an environment that encourages us to let God mold our hearts to see the world as God sees it so that He mobilizes us to help fulfill the Great Commission.


  • Praise God for His faithfulness in molding our hearts for the lost and mobilizing the students to evangelize and discipling.
  • Pray for the OLA2020 Conference we are having 8-9 October. That everyone attending will absorb the vision and that they will avail themselves as volunteers.
  • Pray that the LeaderImpact movement gets rolling before end of this year.


  • Pray we can complete 90% of our finances on average until the end of year as a country and staff.
  • By joining the plan of evangelization in the country, may we promote partnerships with organizations and even churches fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Praise God for miraculous resources that have come from God Enforcement National Projects and New Strategic Partnerships. May the Lord gives us every day the support of other partners in the Great Commission.


  • Pray for the digital strategy: The Hackathon, to be held from 4-6 November, for 50 participants that captures the idea of creating new tools and are challenged to be multiplying disciples.
  • For the opportunities we are having with pastors and churches through the JESUS film and Magdalena.
  • God’s care in the Cru staff and their families and for the opportunity to bring the message of salvation amid the social situation of the country where there is violence, crime and corruption.


  • We praise the Lord for the opportunity to do conferences in classrooms of the Pedagogical National University and for the weekly meetings of fellowship and Bible studies with 12 athletes of the Olympian Honduran Committee. Pray about the training evangelism for key volunteers of four universities: Pedagogical University, National University, Technological University and University Jose Cecilio del Valle in October.
  • Evangelistic meetings with students of Tegucigalpa’s Pedagogic University, from November 17-21.
  • For Women Soccer Camp with instructors of  Trainers’ School of the National Federation of Football of Honduras, and university students in September and November.


  • Thank God for the successful recording of the JESUS film in Jamaican Creole.
  • Campus: Pray for continued development of multiplying disciples, that God would mold hearts of student leaders and staff so that we continue to multiply to reach the goal of 10,000 multiplying disciples and 20 full-time staff by 2020.
  • Community: Pray for a successful premiere of the JESUS film in Jamaican Creole and for God’s direction for the right timing, people and venue.


  • Pray that God will raise up adequate people who will be able to lead the GCM in Mexico.
  • That God will shape the hearts of the staff, associates, volunteers, and disciples so they will be more like God’s own heart, and that we’ll be known for having a firm daily walk with God that is grounded in His Word.
  • Thank God for our new staff – a young single woman raising support and a couple with three young kids who just became full-time staff in SLM.


  • We praise God for the 50th anniversary dinner we had in August. The place was full, and it was an excellent platform to present all the ministries of Cru Panama.
  • Please pray that God may give us wisdom to chose our City Life team members.
  • Pray also for our national congress “Desafio 2016” from December 26-30, 2016. May it be a good opportunity to share what Ola2020 means and implies.


  • Pray for God to raise up more young passionate people for Christ and be empowered and legitimized by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for the four leaders who are praying to serve God full-time so He can provide them and confirm their call.
  • Pray for more multiplying disciples.


  • Ask God to give us, Cru PR and churches, a renewed vision of who He is and who we are in Him, together with passion for the lost amongst us and around us.
  • May we be wise in keeping our priorities in order.
  • We thank God for the people He is bringing to be part of this movement in PR. May He build the teams and body He wants to be working to develop Cru in PR, in all its components. All in His time and at His pace.


  • Thanks to God for His provision of two full-time missionaries, six associates and new headquarters to serve Him.
  • May God provide experienced full-time missionaries aligned with God´s heart to properly care and disciple the student leaders and faithful people to join the administrative area of the ministry.
  • May every member of the missional communities remain filled with the Holy Spirit, passionate to study and share the Word of God in a relevant way and willing to love and serve sacrificially to those around them.


  • Pray for Ola2020 every detail of the meeting to be held with volunteers and staff nationwide in November. There is good receptivity to work together and union as the body of Christ for the glory of God. For the monthly finances of each staff and volunteers.
  • Pray for the National Conference for SLM (MDE) Coordinators (Vida Estudiantil) in October. Where the MDE National Conference for students will be planned. God guiding us in community and team. Pray for finances of each student to attend.
  • We praise God that in the midst of the country’s situation He has given provision so that not only we have been blessed but we can bless the students and families.