Latin America & the Caribbean

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Area Team Leader: Layo and Luchy Leiva



  • Pray for Campus ministry in Haiti. We need support to go Agora.
  • Pray for our leaders. We need to be available for God and Cru ministry.
  • Praise God for the Haitian students – very interested and available for the Campus ministry.

LAC Digital Strategies:

  • We ask that God continue to raise up leaders to serve with Digital in the cities.
  • We ask that God give us wisdom and creativity in bringing follow-up to those being reached.
  • We praise God for the people that are being contacted through online digital communities.


  • Pray for the new National Team Leaders (NTLs), and for excellent coaching times over the next 18 months between coaches, NTLs and wives of NTLs.
  • Pray that the Staff Development Cycle will be implemented faithfully in all our countries, so that all our staff will be continuously developed and connected with their passion as we build movements everywhere.
  • Praise God for the successful New National Team Leaders’ Training in Costa Rica in February. It was a precious time of learning, encouragement and connecting deeply with God, with each other, and within coaching teams.





  • Pray that our staff, volunteers and students would continue to be dedicated to the call of Jesus Christ, to be labourers in His vineyard.
  • Pray for the national ministry, as we raise finances both as staff and ministry, as we move toward local sustainability.
  • We Praise God for favour and opportunities for mass evangelism on campus. We have had favour with lecturers to share during their classes. We also had a successful Religious Associations Week, partnering with other Christian associations to share Christ.



  • Pray that the plan of restoration of family values presented to the Government of the Department of Santa Cruz works this year.
  • Ask the Lord to recruit all volunteers necessary for execution of the restoration plan of family values.
  • We praise the Lord for the freedom we have in our country to preach the gospel. The penal code that prohibited the sharing of Christ was repealed!



  • Pray that God will give us an administrator for our National Headquarters, someone with a heart for God and the Great Commission.
  • Brazil will have will have the joy of hosting, the largest LAC event in recent years, Agora. God is bringing restoration and transformation to the cities of LAC. Pray that each thousands of people and each Cru Brazil staff member will understand and appropriate Agora’s vision and feel enthusiastic to participate in the event and mobilize many Brazilians to go.
  • We praise God for the many opportunities that He has given us of involvement with various ministerial partnerships.



  • May God provide: experienced full-time missionaries aligned with God´s heart to properly care and disciple the student leaders, and faithful people to join the administrative area of the ministry.
  • May every member of the missional communities remain filled with the Holy Spirit, passionate to study and share the Word of God in a relevant way and willing to love and serve sacrificially those around them.
  • We thank God for our Summer School of campus mission. Student leaders were trained and challenged to seek growth in different areas of their lives, in order to faithfully continue working on the Great Commission.



  • For all the staff of Cru Colombia, new aspirants and volunteers – that we can be dependent on God in our call and remain in Him to bear fruit.
  • For the presidential elections that will be held in the coming months – may God do his will and have mercy on our nation and respect their rulers.
  • Praise God for the training time with A6 project, March 8 – May 17, in Medellin; thanks for the team of Koreans who came to train students in the multiplication of disciples.





  • Pray for the new student leaders to be committed to the mission for the coming academic year and for God to open a door at a new university.
  • Full support for the staff. We will have a two-month blitz in May and June 2018.
  • Praise God for the students who have signed up to be student leaders, three at the actual university and 2 at the new one.



  • Pray for God’s grace through the process of transition, maintenance and growth of the campus ministry.
  • For the personal and ministerial finances of all the components of Cru DR.
  • We praise God for His love and fidelity in the work that has allowed us to develop in the DR and for the new movements that we are launching in other cities by key volunteers, students and staff.



  • Please pray for the work in the cities Quito, Guayaquil, Manta and Cuenca.
  • Pray for the life of each staff member’s integral growth.
  • Thanks to God for allowing us to work with citizen movements in all our cities and for keeping the focus of equipment and components working together.



  • Pray for the goals of the year 2020; establish a solid relationship with the local church; be associated with at least 10 churches; and carry forward the process of city transformation.
  • Have these two components developed with full-time staff leadership – Operations and SLM.
  • The self-sustainability of the national office, staff and associates.
  • Praise for all the opportunities to serve others, present the gospel and develop leaders through each component of the ministry, SLM, GCM (with the MC2 strategy), JESUS film and Operations.





  • Pray for full support for everyone going to the Agora conference in Brazil and for the funds to be raised in a timely manner.
  • For effective follow-up of persons who made decisions for Christ during the JESUS film outreaches, and that the men who attended the Stepping Up retreat would be faithful in passing on what they learnt to other men.
  • We praise God for the team from Jesus Film Mission Teams, Cru USA, that conducted a week of training and evangelistic outreaches in March, when staff, students, and professionals, among others, received training in the use of short films for evangelism. We also praise God for a successful Stepping Up Men’s Retreat where 26 men were helped to personally step up to courageous manhood in their personal lives, their marriages and their families.



  • Pray for the Campus ministry in Haiti. We need to raise support to go Agora.
  • Pray for our leaders. They need to be available for the work of God and Cru ministry.
  • We praise God for the Haitian students they are very interested and available for the Campus ministry.



  • May the Lord allow us, as a national team, to work in unity and dependence on God, in the construction of spiritual movements in each of the priority components in our two main cities Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.
  • Pray that the process of Discipleship Development of Ministerial Partners (DDSM) that began last August end no later than June, achieving 100% of each coordinator. (Due to the socio-political crisis that is experienced in the country the process was stopped.)
  • We thank God ror the strategic alliances that have been established this year in the components of the Global Movement of Churches (MGI) and Athletes in Action.



  • Pray for full-time staff, associates and volunteers for administration and all other ministry areas of Cru Jamaica. That many will join the team at the ministries opportunities seminar happening on April 7, 2018. And that even after this initiative that others will join the team.
  • Pray that the Lord will raise up financial supporters and that the financial support for current staff will improve; pray for a suitable office space and student centre.
  • Praise God for the successful recording of the JESUS film for Children and Magdalena in Jamaican Creole.



  • For courage, dependence on God and perseverance to implement the MC2 process in all the components.
  • Pray God for wisdom to change to a City Team structure.
  • Thank God for starting a new training cycle for new staff.



  • Pray for our National Team to have love for one another and find unity and encouragement in this time, as we have been having difficulties to find a time and place to meet as team.
  • Pray for all the resources we need to reach our goals for this year in all the components of the ministry and to open doors in the new cities we are dreaming to reach in this year.
  • Praise God for His love and guidance in our ministry, for allowing us to start ministry in three new cities in the last year.



  • We pray that God will provide all the necessary finances to cover the expenses of the Agora Conference for all the participants from Panama.
  • We pray that all the staff, volunteers and part-time staff will be faithful in our spiritual multiplication through discipleship in the context of missional communities.
  • We give thanks to the Lord for the new staff, volunteers and part-time staff that are joining the Cru Panama Team.



  • We praise the Lord for His provision, support and care during this time; we pray to the Lord that at this time he will renew in Spirit and strengthen each one of the leaders and full-time staff members.
  • We call for the Spirit of God to move in the training Woman and Its Meaning that will take place in April.
  • For the visit of the Canadian leaders of the LeaderImpact movement so that it is of high impact in the lives and hearts of the Paraguayan leaders.



  • We pray for the students of Lima, Trujillo, Tacna and Lambayeque – for a united team committed to the Great Commission.
  • We pray and ask God to help us establish ourselves in the National University of Cajamarca and enter the Chachapoyas University and other universities in the country. We pray to God to provide the necessary financial resources and thus be able to enter more universities and reach more students.
  • We thank God for everything He has been doing in our personal lives and as a movement, for allowing us to enter other universities and meet other students who have the desire to share the word of God. Thank God for the team of Stinters who are, and those who were, in our country supporting the Great Commission.





  • We pray for a spiritual awakening in St. Marteen.
  • We pray for strength and guidance for the rebuilding process that is going on in the country, for job opportunities and wisdom for the government.
  • We praíse God for the pastors Ellery and Sheida, in charge of the church that is allied with Cru in the island.



  • Pray for the students to become multiplying disciples.
  • Pray for those who pour into the movement through serving, finances, volunteering and praying.
  • Praise the Lord for the spiritual growth of the ministry in so many ways.



  • Pray for the new National Leadership Team of young and dynamic leaders–that they will live a life of abiding in Christ and lead courageously and creatively–focused on our 2020 LAC goals and beyond. That the Lord will affirm their decisions and they may produce abundant fruit for His glory.
  • Pray for additional committed volunteers for all ministries and for key people attending AGORA in September in Rio.
  • We are thankful for what the Lord has done in the past 15 years: Development of the local ministries and regional expansion of the Student-Led Movement to two islands, Curacao and St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Furthermore we praise God for helping with the expansion to other islands and with the establishment of the Campus bridge in the Caribbean.



  • Pray for our staff and volunteers to continue to build multiplying disciples and for our missional communities to grow strong and multiply.
  • Pray for our upcoming FamilyLife “Blended & Blessed” seminar for blended families in April and “Weekend to Remember” marriage conference in June – that God will transform marriages and families.
  • Praise God for another new staff member and a volunteer (with our National Team) that were added to our team this year, and a faithful staff couple who have been designated to succeed our current National Team leaders.





  • Pray for the upcoming presidential elections that will take place in May, that the Lord will take control and act according to His will for this country and for each one of us.
  • Pray that the Lord would guide the national leadership and that of each component of the government to do what God wants to be done in Venezuela for this time.
  • We give thanks to the Lord because, despite this situation that our country is experiencing, He is doing great things in and through the students and coordinators in the different cities. To see how God shows Himself in spite of so much chaos is something beautiful that fills us with joy and hope and encourages us to move forward.