President’s Staff
  • Praise the Lord for a fruitful Global Leaders Conference (GLC) in June in Orlando. Our global leaders were encouraged in their vision toward 10 million multiplying disciples by 2020.
  • Pray for our global leaders as they continue to implement the “Shifts” or Changes they identified during GLC to help them lead toward greater fruitfulness.
  • Please pray for Steve Douglass to continue to grow physically stronger.
  • Continue to pray for guidance from the Lord regarding many partnership opportunities.
  • Pray for all our leaders to walk humbly before the Lord and to seek Him first in everything.


VP Team – Area Team Leaders
  • May our VP team and our global leaders model living and leading from God’s word (Acts 14:25; 19:20).
  • Alignment of conduct, ministry and leadership throughout the national and local levels to CCCI’s values, culture and distinctives.
  • Our team and our global leaders to seek, find and follow God’s agenda for us.


VP Team – Global Digital Strategies
  • Please pray for Indigitous #HACK, a global hackathon that will take place in 25 cities on five continents, November 4-6. Pray that attendees will work on missional projects with lasting significance and will continue to use their talents for God after the event.
  • Pray that our Digital School of Leadership, which will be deployed in regional hubs around the globe, will advance digital maturity throughout the organization through the mobilization and transformational leadership of 425 innovators. The next DSLs will be in Johannesburg (October 10-12) and Buenos Aires (October 24-28).
  • Pray for the team working on the Voke app to complete the modifications needed to be accepted into the app store.


VP Team – Global LDHR
  • Pray that we are able to create a volunteer-friendly experience for anyone who wants to work alongside us worldwide – that we welcome them as brothers and sisters, co-workers and fellow soldiers. (Philippians 2:25,29)
  • Pray that 90% of our team leaders will engage their teammates in focused conversations about ministry objectives and developmental goals, with feedback by June 2017. (John 13:34)
  • Pray that every staff member is living out of a deep love relationship with Jesus. (John 15:4)


VP Team – Global Operations
  • New restrictive laws about charities operating in parts of East Asia go into effect January 1, 2017. Pray for wisdom and favor for the Area Leadership Team as they face a challenging time adapting to these laws.
  • As part of the overall digital simplification efforts, we are moving to a shared financial services as a way to lessen administrative burdens and more effectively serve our national ministries. Please pray for wisdom and clear direction for those leading the project.
  • We are trusting God for a strong pipeline of skilled and spiritual Operations staff around the world. Please pray for the development of a School of Operations which contains a strong mentoring component so that our dedicated Ops staff are better equipped to serve you more effectively. Pray also, for our wonderful Ops staff — we have some Areas without an Area Operations Leader and many countries with Ops staff serving in multiple roles as well as several facing serious health issues.


VP Team – Global SLM

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. (Psalm 105:1)

  • New believers through Global Student-led Movements (GSLM) are up 23% from 463,343 to 570,375 (with 333,910 of these through the website).
  • Multiplying Disciples are up 47% (from 16,336 to 24,038).
  • Countries with no SLM presence have decreased from 64 to 32 over the past three years.

Please pray:

  • That we will equip and envision student leaders to do the work of the ministry, so we can see rapid multiplication and remaining fruit of 2 Million Multiplying Disciples from SLM by 2020. (Ephesians 4:11-12)
  • About “Ungana 17” (March 27-31 in Nairobi, Kenya). It will be a global gathering of our next generation SLM leadership, including a delegation of student leaders. During our time together we will focus on empowering students to launch and lead movements, and pray and plan toward 2020 and beyond.
  • With us for the gospel for every student, a movement for every campus, and leaders for every nation.


VP Team – LeaderImpact
  • Pray for the launching of Mission Focused communities in cities around the world that will lead to 1 million multiplying disciples in 1,000 cities by 2020.
  • Praise God for the seven conferences that were completed around the globe this year by LeaderImpact staff.
  • Pray for the development of Leader Hub global, a new digital strategy that will be a resource for leaders around the world. 


ILF (International Leadership Foundation)
  • Thank God for the growing network of ILF facilitators and coaches who volunteer their time, skills and expertise to lead Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminars (TLGS) and to provide follow-up of participants and their Transformation Projects.
  • Ask the Lord to guide in every step of the process of planning, preparing, recruiting and conducting the fourth African Forum on Religion and Government (AFReG 4) to be held October 2-5, 2017 in Elmina, Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa.
  • Praise God for the expansion of ILF and TLGSs during the past year to Albania, South Korea and Latin America as well as into more countries in Africa. Pray for effective follow-up of participants by national ILF team members and LeaderImpact staff.


Women’s Resources
  • Pray for the continued use of the 30 translations printed and the many translations in process of the evangelistic and discipleship life-coaching resources, Significant Woman and SOARING, and the editing of the two men’s life-coaching resources – that all these would lead to new believers, multiplying disciples and movements everywhere.
  • Please pray for Re-imagine Orlando: Cru women connecting to impact our communities for Christ, an Oct. 20 event for all Cru women working at Lake Hart or in the Orlando area. We will be encouraging, connecting and resourcing women to make an impact on our city.
  • Thank God with us for the three women who have joined our team in the past year. Pray that we can update our technology and streamline our processes as we produce The Women’s Resource newsletter, manage and promote Cru content and bloggers on our Facebook fan page.


Global Prayer
  • Ask God to raise up additional qualified liaisons to facilitate communications with and support for each Area Prayer Champion.
  • Pray for the Area Prayer Champions as they seek to identify National Prayer Champions who will accelerate their national plans by developing a culture of prayer.
  • May Pray2020 develop as an encouragement for the body of Christ to unite in strategic, persistent intercession.