Global Leadership Office



VP Team – Area Team Leaders

  • Pray that the 2018 ET-ATL Summit will focus on God’s priorities, guided by His Spirit and achieving His purposes.
  • Pray that God will give the ATLs His vision and effectiveness in providing spiritual Leadership and will use our team to provide all the support needed toward this outcome.
  • Pray that the ATLs will be anointed by God with the skill and good success needed to provide strategic leadership for their areas, and that our team will be able to provide them with all the assistance they need in achieving this outcome.


VP Team – Global Advancement

  • Please pray for our GFD Capacity Building Team as we work to create a core Fund Development curriculum that can be used globally. We desire that it be easily transferable, adult learning style, effective, and well integrated with other Cru curriculum. Pray for local ownership and faith to move toward local sustainability and generosity.
  • Praise for the IGNITE conferences that have been held globally and the ministry partners who have stepped up in their countries to lead these movements to grow towards local sustainability.
  • Prayer for logistics and planning of the 2018 Global Briefing in July. Registrations have begun, and we are trusting God for 100 couples to attend. 


VP Team – Global Church Movements

As Global Church Movements focuses on our goal of five million multiplying churches by the end of 2020, we regularly ask these four big questions.  Please pray through these with us:

  1. How do we achieve multiple streams of 4th generation in every country?
    Pray for the translation and implementation of our recently published third version of MC2 into 8 languages by June.
  2. How do we expand our scope to achieve a church for every 1,000 people in every country?
    As part of our iShare system, which records and tracks our progress towards scope, pray for a research project being launched together with key partners to map all major urban areas greater than 100,000 people identifying Christian population and what is needed to reach these areas.
  3. How do we partner in new and more effective ways to effectively engage all the kingdom laborers in every country?
    Pray for 10 national level partnership to be established around the world. Pray specifically for the upcoming European Forum for Church Multiplication in Krakow, Poland, April 25-27. Pray for upcoming meetings in NAME, and Southern and Eastern Africa, both planning regional partnership events.
  4. How do we lead with influence and multiply ourselves 50x?
    Pray for our GCM leaders around the world who are taking the initiative to host small lunches with key denominational and organizational leaders to accelerate multiplication. Pray strategic local partnerships would be formed.


VP Team – Global Digital Strategies

  • Known and Moving – Pray that we would see 5,000 people change thresholds (unaware, curious, follower, guide) on their spiritual journey this quarter.
  • Digital Maturity Progress – Pray for 20 countries and Global MCC teams join the global digital content ecosystem to increase ministry impact by December 31st, 2018. Pray for the upcoming secured countries content strategy workshop in Amman, Jordan this May 7 – 11, where we bring leaders from India, China, Indonesia, PACT, and NAME.
  • Indigitous – Pray for clarity and wisdom for the Indigitous leadership team as they seek to refine the offering and user experience to engage 20,000 people in digital missions worldwide. 


VP Team – Global LDHR

  • Pray that every Cru staff and partner will live out of a deeply loved and rested heart, experiencing their acceptance in Christ, drawing soul nourishment from Him and not the work. Pray that we will increasingly see and depend on God as the one doing the work. Pray that God will make us alert to when we are operating out of our flesh and that we will turn quickly to Him as we become aware. (John 15:1-8)
  • Pray that every leader will engage each team member wisely and graciously in conversations that provide clarity on ministry and individual development goals, giving truthful feedback along the way, so that every staff member is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the best way possible at this moment. (Ephesians 4:15,25)
  • Pray that national and global leaders will be intentional about providing opportunities, feedback and equipping for upcoming leaders; that their teams will develop the discipline and processes to consider their people and their contributions to the whole. (2 Timothy 2:1-10)
  • Pray that the Lord will radically increase the number of frontline workers, whether through disciples, associates or partners. Pray for the motivation and mobilization of those who haven’t yet tasted being used by God to lead others to Christ. Pray that God will raise up laborers. (Matthew 9:37-38)


VP Team – Global SLM

  • Thank the Lord for His incredible work! Global Student-led Movements (GSLM) have seen a 43% increase in the number of campuses we are on globally, and the number of engaged and multiplying disciples is up almost 20%.
  • Pray (Colossians 1:6 and 2 Thessalonians 3:1) would be true of all we do in GSLM: “All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing…pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored.” 

◊ Pray the gospel spreads rapidly to every student and bears fruit with a student-led movement on every campus and leaders for every nation will be raised up.

  •  Please pray for the Global Student Launch week, which will be the first week of November. 

◊ Pray students would be able to launch more than 1,000 new campus ministries as the result of this one-week Launch Week.

◊ Pray students would deeply encounter God in the month of prayer and fasting before the Launch Week.

◊ Pray students would experience God going before them, supernaturally preparing other student Key Volunteers who will own a movement of spiritual multiplication on their campus.

◊ Pray God would enable us to challenge at least 10,161 students with the Key Volunteer Challenge (symbolically the number of unreached campuses that will get us to our goal of a ministry presence on 50% of campuses worldwide).

  • Supported in prayer, using digital tools, and working with partners, we’re continuing to trust God to see the shifts that need to happen in order for us to reach our goals by 2020: of being on 50% of the major university campuses by 2020, including – to reach every studentevery campus, and every nation.


VP Team – LeaderImpact

  • The LeaderImpact team has a goal to be in 250 priority cities by the end of 2019. We are currently in just over 162 cities, so please continue to pray as we make progress in this area.
  • The VP team is currently working on several new important materials – small group material and a start-up guide for how to begin a movement in your city. Please pray for their completion and that they would be a helpful product to leaders in a city.
  • Please continue to pray for our digital presence as we begin working on our global Leaderimpact site and various other digital projects that we hope to have completed by the Global Leadership Conference this year.


VP Team – Global Operations

  • The Global Operations Team is working towards two agreed upon goals for the next year. Pray for wisdom, required resources, and clear paths as we move forward in these goals:

◊ Develop a plan for building and strengthening operations people capacity in each scope (area/nation/functionality) by June 2018.

◊ We will seek to see every ministry adopt common 10x Systems by the end of 2019.

  • Pray specifically for all the work required to make it possible for every ministry to adopt 10x Systems (systems that would enable growth at 10x the current rate):

◊ NetSuite is a new financial platform that is being rolled out across the globe. The NetSuite team is working hard and looking at many details as they approach the first waves of the rollout – pray for energy, wisdom and clarity.

◊ The MPDx team will need to continue development to make it tool accessible for every ministry. Pray specifically for an MPDx Product Specialist to be found to fill this open role. Pray also for endurance, creative solutions and a tool roadmap that address priority enhancements.

◊ The Leading with Information (LWI) team continues to provide resources and tackle technology to best deliver information to lead the ministry forward. Pray for wisdom in the LWI realm and specifically for ways to enhance the LWI culture. 

  • Pray for operations staff to walk daily with Jesus and serve from an overflow of the Holy Spirit’s power.


International Leadership Consortium (ILC)

  • IBS classes for staff in Ivory Coast and Mali (April 16-28); development of IBS-MA program for staff.
  • Wisdom for ILC leaders in addressing several significant challenges to some of our schools that may be aspects of spiritual warfare as they move forward; health for ILC President’s Team members who are either facing health challenges or the wear and tear of significant travel (also for safety as these people travel); an improved donor base for ILC President’s Team budget.
  • Developing more practitioner-scholars to augment our faculty in the different schools; using the School Health Assessment tool to work together with the schools’ leaders for growth and greater impact for Christ in society.


International Leadership Foundation (ILF)

Pray for the follow-up from the:

  • Strategy meetings for our work in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the U.S. The open doors of opportunities are many, but we need more Christ-centered multiplying leaders to help spearhead change in their societies.
  • IGNITE History Handful Event in Mombasa, Kenya. Pray that the ILF board members and partners who attended will commit to multiplying their leadership, influence, finances and expertise in leading transformation in Africa.
  • Africa Resources Development team meetings that took place in Accra, Ghana. Pray for creative action steps as the participants trust God for local funds for ministry sustainability.


Global Prayer

  • Pray as Global Prayer is re-shaped this year to better support the movement’s mission of winning, building and sending Christ-centered multiplying disciples.


Women’s Resources

  • Praise God for the wonderful way our recent writers conference at Lake Hart, Called to Write, unfolded. Almost 60 writers joined us for a day of instruction, inspiration and encouragement. Pray for the Called to Write leadership team as we determine next steps. We are starting writing critique groups and have begun a group at Lake Hart studying The Artist’s Way. Ask God to give us wisdom as we proceed.
  • Global Women on Mission is the FB page for our women in ministry globally. We have used strategies to boost our membership to targeted women around the globe. We are having a good outreach to women in West Africa. Pray as we look for content that will meet needs of those who don’t normally have access to our Cru teaching. By selecting content that is targeted to these women, we are seeing needs met. We also have opportunity to connect them to our local ministries in their home areas. Pray that God continues to give favor and use us to meet needs. This is exciting for us to use FB in this way as an outreach without having to leave Lake Hart as we get to invest in women globally!
  • Pray for increased engagement across all our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook: Global Women on Mission and websites: and