Area Team Leader: Djasrabe and Cosette Siangar



  1. We bless the Lord for His protection during the trips carried out by our team members inside and outside our country and for the smooth running of our various activities in the midst of a hectic presidential election campaign.
  2. Let us pray for the success of the 1st Magdalena Congress, to be held in June 2018. We expect 2000 delegates coming from all the provinces of our country.
  3. Let us pray for the effective implementation of our Movement in the province of       Moxico. Thank God for the protection of our team travelling this September 23rd, 2017 to LUAU, a municipality of Moxico, located more than 1,300 km from Luanda. Let us pray for the training of church leaders and the launch the Jesus Film in Chokwe language.



  1. Pray that after 25 years of ministry we shall move to another level of ministry where we shall see more multiplying disciples and that we shall be able to reach our goal in 2020
  2. Pray for stability in our country. Especially for the Anglophone zone that the government will fine divine solutions to the problem of our nation.
  3. Pray for the follow-up of all the activities of the 25th anniversary that all the things that need to be done will be done in time. That no follow-up will be left undone



  • The completion of the Camp Sinai summer camp, August 7-13 in N’Djamena with at least 300 students and young professionals: God in His grace has generated two full-time staff members, four professional staff members (part-time) and twelve volunteers for one year.
  • The planned Consultation Mission, November 29 – December 3 in N’Djamena, which will bring together all the church leaders and Christian organizations in Chad to an awareness of the missionary challenges in Chad and in the Sahel.
  • We are preparing for the second training session of IBS scheduled, October 15-27, with the help of God. Pray for the resources to be provided, that the staff members would be available to continue the theological training, which is of great importance for the effectiveness of the ministry on the field.




  • We praise God for His support in the execution of our plans. Thank God for the opening of the first CCC / DRC SCHOOL called AGAPE SCHOOL GROUP.
  • We pray for the success of our NST. May the Lord equip them in discipleship, prayer and support development. Also, may the Lord help all our staff women to raise funds for their flights to attend the staff women forum to be held in Lome in 2018.
  • Let us pray for our chief objectives for 2017, namely mobilization for prayer, support for staff members and development of operational resources.



  1. Praise the Lord for the organization and success of the Camp MUETSO , our first ever Summer Conference
    • held from August 6th to 12th 2017 with the participation of the ASLMD Patrick Mba.
    • The dedication of the Jesus Film in GUETSOGO of Gabon with the participation of the DIAKA Daniel, the JF ccordinator for FAF from August 20-30.
    • The training of Jean Félix NZENGUE in accounting by the Finance Director FAF GNAHORE Abraham from August 27th to September 2nd 2017.
  2. Let us continue to pray that our three new staff members will be trained correctly according to the standards of Campus For Christ during this 2017-2018 batch they are:
  • MANGA Alda Zita
  • NGOUA OBAME Patrice
  • VINGA Ibrahim Ali,

3. Let us pray to the Lord for Leader Impact Movement, for the full commitment and dedication of the Disciples Leaders, leading to Christocentric multiplying disciples with Discovery Communities, Changed Lives Communities, Targeted Missions Communities and Transformers Network for an impact of Kingdom in marketplace.



  1. We are grateful to the Lord for the vitality of our G-Point Faculty of Medicine disciples and for the ASPC association they have set up to support our evangelistic activities and those of our partner churches.
  2. Let us pray for our team and for our country Mali to return to a true peace and security in Mali and the healing of staff members who are sick, particularly Tiédo Fané who has been suffering for more than a year.
  3. Let us pray for the continuation of our two projects (PROJECT 100 NEWS IN SAN AND N’TOROSSO and PROJECT for THE GRINS ( Little groups gathering for tea and socialization) OF BAMAKO). Let us ask God to give us 100 new multiplying disciples by the end of 2017 through our field projects and activities. Let us pray for new staff members and new associates to bring new blood to our team.



  1. We thank God for the Jesus Film’s achievements: the recording of two languages this year  2017, i.e. the Wamey and Oniyan.
  2. We pray for our 2020 objectives: send 25 missionaries, 60 multiplying disciples , movements within 5 National Universities.
  3. We pray for the recording of four new (4) languages in Senegal.