Francophone Africa


Area Team Leader: Djasrabe and Cosette Siangar



Area Office

Let us pray for:

  • The transition of the families of the three members of the Leadership Team of the Francophone Area, who have just joined the other five in Lomé, Togo. Pray also for residence permits for each member of these eight families.
  • May His leadership, wisdom and power direct the steps of all the leaders of our area through coaching (the area team and national teams), to accomplish the goals of – 64,000 and multiplying disciples, and at least, 50% support for the 454 team members by June 2017.
  • Success, good decision making, and effective adaptations and applications on the field, after the GO NORTH conference, scheduled from 18-21 October 2016. Pray for the effective participation of countries in the Francophone Area facing the missionary challenge.



  • We praise God for the launch of SLM in the UIGE Province within the VITA Kimpa University and the Higher Institute of Education Sciences. We praise the Lord for the involvement of student leaders and members in this Movement.
  • Pray for the execution of our strategic plan and the involvement of all – Staff; Associates; Partners and the Body of Christ. May disciples and churches multiply.
  • The development of local resources to achieve financial autonomy in our ministry in Angola.



  • We thank the Lord for the health of the staff team and their families, for the professionals retreat and also for all the activities of the Ministry.
  • Pray that we would reach our 2020 objectives: 26,656 multiplying disciples and the resources for team members and the ministry.
  • Pray for us to find premises that can host our offices because our landlord asked us to vacate the premises by the end of September  



  • Praise the Almighty God for the outcome and impact of the Sinai Camp – 12th edition, held 1-7 August 2016 in N’Djamena:
  • 430 students and young professionals took part.
  • 12 people took a commitment to join as full-time staff.
  • 33 people pledged to volunteer for a year.
  • 130 people pledged to invest around 5,000 USD to support activities of the SLM strategy.
  • Pray to God that each staff member and associate disciple would develop godly character and a great intimacy with God for efficient reproduction and greater impact in society so that the national target to generate 65,000 MDs by 2020 would be reached.
  • Ask God to help us create enough local resources for each Chadian staff member to be at full support by June 2017 and the ministry at 75% by the same date.



  • We give thanks to God who has allowed us to finish in style last fiscal year. By His grace, we were able to finalize some projects and He protected the staff and their families, despite the political climate that was unstable both before and after elections.
  • May God grant full financial support to team members and give loyal ministry partners to the ministry as a whole, to cover the various fixed costs and overcome the financial deficit.
  • May the Lord give us new staff members, partners as well as student leaders and multiplying disciples who will exercise a real ministry of multiplication.



  • Thank God for the purchase of two vehicles through the Jesus Film and further work of construction on the second building.
  • We pray for peace on the eve of the constitutional referendum and several other regional elections.
  • Pray for financial abundance for staff members and for ministry operations.



  • We praise God for His faithfulness, as He continues to provide financial support for our team in spite the crisis. We are also grateful to God because he helped in the payment of rents and other living expenses in the families of the staff. God has extended His banner on our team to thwart all the plans of the enemy.
  • Pray for our three priorities: (1) the prayer mobilization, (2) the production of multiplying disciples with the goal of reaching 110,000 MDs by 2020 and (3) the development of financial resources through the 5 Everys.
  • Pray for the recruitment of new staff members and loyal, capable leaders to staff the coordination of the 26 new provinces of the DRC.



  • Praise the Lord for the successful mission to Guevede in the southern part of the country, for recording of the JESUS film and and Magdalena in the GHETSOGHO language of Gabon.
  • Continue to pray for a delegation of at least 15 participants among our students and professionals’ disciples at the next PAMOJA in Zambia in December 2016. Let us pray for financial provision for expenses related to the trip.
  • Continue to ask the Lord to provide financial resources (1,190,000 USD / year), material and human resources for the implementation and success of activities to build spiritual movements everywhere, as part of our strategic plan, “Let’s Change the Destiny of Gabon 2020.”



  • Thank God for the training of fifteen women in the use of Bible story telling for women through Magdalena.
  • Pray for the organization of the prayer conference scheduled next year in February.
  • Pray that our three universities may work to revive a catalytic ministry to reach a large number of universities in the country.



  • We thank God for the success of the conference for the mission in April 2016 with the
    attendance of students and staff from Mali.
  • Pray for the Fatick Project with four denominations (GCM).
  • Pray for the recruitment of Senegalese staff.



  • Thank God for the 65 HomeBuilders groups installed, with 70 couples group facilitators who work as volunteers.
  • Thank God for success of the mission of the JESUS Film team in Togo and the churches planted. Pray for the upcoming GCM/Jesus Film: The Crossing of the Kpendjal Plain by Jesus Christ, asking for material and financial provision.
  • Pray for a ministry of discipleship that transforms the lives and spiritual landscape of our universities.