Francophone Africa

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Area Team Leader: Djasrabe and Cosette Siangar



  • Praise God for the successful training of 30 women in Magdalena and the impact of its tools in Angola. Many women are being won to the Lord, and movements are being launched everywhere.
  • The film and tools gives us multiplying disciples in all components and helps us develop the resources to achieve our 2020 objectives.
  • Thank the Lord for successful completion of all ongoing steps for the regularization of all administrative documents of our ministry.



  • Please pray about recruitment of three to five full-time staff members this year.
  • Intercede for the recruitment of 120 volunteers for church planting this year.
  • Pray that each staff member would reach at least 75% of their personal support goal by June 2018.



  • Pray for the stability of our country. There are more and more terrorist attacks, there is still some social and political turmoil, and there are many disagreements on social issues and a need for reconciliation and justice.
  • Pray for the Lord to touch hearts for at least three to four recruitments over the next year, because there are many opportunities.
  • Pray for the mobilization of more volunteers, partners, and professionals to enable us to reach different spheres of society and reach the 2020 goals.




  • Praise God for the new vehicle for the project “A Church for Every Hill,” whicht helps us a lot in the activities of this project!
  • Pray for an increase in the number of partners in the ministry and their contributions, so that every family reaches 100%. We want to reach our goals both in SLM and GCM for the 2018 year.
  • Pray that the KARUSI Province would be fully open to the activities of GCM, which have already started the first phase of MC2.



  • Thank God for the staff conference that took place in February and for our strategic plan that has been drawn up.
  • Pray that all the ministry components will be able to accomplish their Wildly Important Goals (WIG) set for this year, that we shall be able to move to a level-three movement.
  • Pray that god will give us the grace to raise up 100 intercessors who will intercede for the multiplication process



  • We thank God for completion of the training of four new staff members, and the launching the training of nine new staff members, including three professionals (part-time staff).
  • We pray that God would help us follow up resolutions and commitments made after the missionary consultation, namely the planting of 1,500 new churches in 2018.
  • We are trusting God to train and send 2,000 new Multiplying Disciples in 2018.



  • Pray that the Lord would support the development of LeaderImpact in our country, and that the trained leaders would take to heart outreach and become multiplying disciples.
  • Pray that strategic partnerships with Christian churches will hold for the purpose of planting churches that multiply throughout Congo.
  • May the Lord help us achieve our goals of building spiritual movements at the university, reaching new campuses, and training at least 500 multiplying disciples.


COTE D’IVOIRE (Ivory Coast)

  • Praise the Lord for the various recordings of the JESUS film and for all departmental activities that have been generally successful.
  • Pray for the success of all the activities planned for this year and the increase in the number of multiplying disciples in the various components. May God raise enough potential candidates for the training of new staff members.
  • Pray about obtaining financial means for ministry operations, each staff member and continuation of work on the second part of the ground floor of our Welcome Center.



  • Pray for the success of our 2018 updated plan, the new MDs, church planting, the support for the staff and fund development with the IGNITE strategy.
  • Pray that the schools belonging to the ministry would thrive. There is an AGAPE primary School in Kinshasa and the International Leadership University – ILU in Lubumbashi.
  • Pray for the impact and result of the work among women and the Prayer Movement throughout DRC.



  • Pray for the socio-political stability of our country. There are strikes in all sectors, and staff support is now being threatened. Continue to seek the favor of our God so that the current staff and the new staff in training would find their full support.
  • Pray for the bold mobilization of volunteers, professionals, LIFE partners and students to enable us to reach different spheres of society, send 75 multiplying disciples, and implement the plan to plant 850 multiplying churches to achieve the goals of the Strategic Plan 2020.
  • Pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of at least three to four new people to come on staff next year, because there are many opportunities.



  • Praise God for the visit made to the central prison of Conakry in the women’s aisle, where 83 women were exposed to the gospel through Magdalena and 43 received Christ.
  • Pray that the staff members whose accounts are in the red would be aware of their situation to truly invest in MPD and experience success, that the whole team would be fully committed to achieving our goals completely.
  • May our components be true incubators for volunteers, full-time staff members and multiplying disciples.



  • Praise God for the many converts recorded in the first showing of the JESUS film in Malinke in Bafoulabé last November.
  • Pray that God would give us the strategies and the courage to boldly pursue the establishment of 1,000 new churches in partnership with the Body of Christ by 2020.
  • Pray for the 10 missionaries we have newly equipped for the implementation of 100 new churches in partnership with the districts of San and N’Torosso of the Evangelical Christian Church of Mali by 2020 and the two missionaries trained and sent in Koulandougou.



  • Praise the Lord for the effective resumption of GCM by the JESUS film.
  • Pray for the need to recruit four new staff members in Niger.
  • Pray for God to enable us to consolidate an unwavering faith in our core SLM disciples.


RCA (Central African Republic)

  • Praise God for the success of the Multiplying Disciples Training Center in Bossangoa. Thirty trainees attended the training, which lasted a month.
  • Pray that we would be able to minister within the country while insecurity is total and the population has fled cities and live in the bush.
  • Pray for more commitment from all the disciples trained in the last six months, and the financial support that our team really needs at this time.



  • Pray for recruitment (a topic that comes up every time because that is our top priority).
  • We want to send 25 multiplying disciples and plant of 500 churches that multiply.
  • Pray for the local resources for the movement.



  • We praise God for the eight key volunteer students and two volunteer staff members who committed to one to two years of work in the university movement.
  • We pray to God that the staff members and volunteers would develop an increasingly growing passion for the Lord Jesus and His work and that their commitment would cause real and visible multiplication of disciples in 16 new campuses, in professional circles and churches.
  • May God help us set up the Advisory Board for our Dream Center Project. We rely on Jehovah-Jireh to help us generate locally at least 100 million CFA (186,555 USD) representing Togo’s share in this project.