Area Team Leader: Marek and Ala Wyrzykowski



  • Praise God for the amazing opportunities and results from last summer: 19 summer camps, 227 ministry partners joined, 837 participants served with the gospel, 115 accepted Christ.
  • Pray for the opportunity we have this fall to join efforts as a movement in reaching more than 40,000 freshman through “yourstory” project that starts in the middle of October.
  • Pray for LeaderImpact to expand and launch movements in another city of Albania, named  Elbasan, and in Prishtina, Kosovo.



  • Praise God for excitement among churches for Significant Woman and StepUp Men’s Groups.
  • Pray for the Lord to open doors for preaching of the gospel and inspire churches for godliness and planting of new house groups.
  • Pray for wisdom to expand into all six regions of Belarus.



  • This year we want to grow in unity together as the entire staff of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We want to be intentional about encouraging one another and building up one another.
  • We have three different teams this year (two college campus and one high school). Pray that each team will follow God’s direction in the strategies they choose to reach students.
  • Pray for our English Classes and EQ seminars, that there will be good attendance from students and good follow-up from us.



  • Pray for God to teach all of us how to be good shepherds like Jesus was and to take care for His sheep (disciples) with love and strength.
  • SLM wants to organize a summer project “Speak Out” for the first time next year – pray for preparation, good connection between the leaders and all involved groups, and God to bring the right students, both believers and non-believers.
  • We want to see God raise up more people as staff and volunteers in all ministries in our country – SLM, GCM, AIA, OPS, and LDHR.



  • We praise God for opening the doors for us to act in the society through families and through project with high school and university students, so our impact is recognized by the society.
  • We pray for the future of our SLM – we need wisdom in restructuring the local teams.
  • We praise God for our new staff guy with Athletes in Action, and we also pray for more new staff in general as we face the need for new workers in each segment of our movement.



  • Please pray for hearts to be prepared to hear the gospel in the business and professional community in the Czech Republic. Ask God to build Spiritual leaders and multiplying disciples in PNet. Pray for men and women who want to make a difference for Christ here.
  • Ask the Lord for wisdom in utilizing a visiting team from Raleigh, NC, Sept 29 – Oct 6.
  • May our digital strategy be effective.



  • Please pray for Hungary and our evangelism. We are praying for fruit in September and October. So many things depend on this and this depends on the Father. Building multiplying disciples can only be accomplished if there are newer and newer students willing to follow the Lord from their hearts!
  • Please pray for our efforts to launch the movement in Hungary in partnership with the Sonship Academy and the Prayer Breakfast Movement – two key partners in involving the churches through volunteers for e-coaches. We are well into the designing and building phase, we need capacity – hopefully some interns – and finances to launch. And please pray that the digital discipleship pathway would become more and more clear for us.
  • Please pray for the Bringing in the Hungarian Harvest Project, October 9-13, that we would see many interested students surfaced through our high school Youth at the Threshold of Life classes and also through the many hours of random evangelism on the university campuses.



  • Pray for the start-up of LeaderImpact in Macedonia, with a mid-October event and a very special speaker. Pray that many Macedonian leaders will come to this event and we will have success in follow-up with them and bringing them to Christ.
  • Pray that we will have motivated and equipped student leaders who are going to make disciples and lead teams that multiply on their campuses. Pray that our staff will help the students to spiritually multiply and lead teams that multiply. Pray for the Albanian campus team that just moved to a new office located in the more Albanian part of town so that they will connect with a lot more students. Pray that we will connect with students in whose hearts the Lord is working and that this year we’ll see the first Albanian students coming to Jesus!
  • Pray for the forming of the Cru National Leadership Team. Macedonia has just become a Stage 2 Country.



  • We praise God for 200 new disciples as the fruit of our ministry during this past school year.
  • Please pray that by the end of June 2018, we will have 200+ new multiplying disciples.
  • Ask God to touch the hearts of many business people in Warsaw, October 9-15, as we host Momentum Europe Impact Tour. Pray many students will come to know Jesus in this ministry year in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Krakow and through Catalytic ministry in other Polish cities.



  • We are very thankful for the nine high school students who placed their trust in Christ during our Summer SpeakOut camp. God created a wonderful context in which they heard the gospel many times and were challenged to trust Christ.
  • We are very thankful that LeaderImpact will be expanding its work to a second city in the fall – Cluj. God has opened doors and prepared the way.
  • We are very happy about our National Conference – energizing and refreshing for all the staff.



  • Praise God for continued freedom to preach the gospel in Russia. Please pray for God to move in the hearts of Russian people so they trust Christ when they hear the gospel (population of Russia is about 145 million and only a small percentage are believers). Pray for wisdom and faithfulness on the part of our staff of about 100) and our volunteers.
  • Please pray specifically for our teams of volunteers to be able to grow and multiply through their efforts in evangelism (and not only because they are recruiting other believers).
  • Please pray for MPD for our staff. About 1/3 of our staff currently have insufficient monthly support. Especially pray that our staff would be able to find ministry partners from within Russia (though we are very grateful for our brothers and sisters abroad who partner with Russia by supporting our staff financially and in prayer).



  • Please pray for Zoran and Dada for their support and raising support in the U.S.
  • We are very thankful for possibility of opening Family Center in Mirijevo (part of the Belgrade).
  • Please pray that people would be willing to come to this Center and that Holy Spirit would work deeply in their hearts so that many can get saved.



  • Praise God with us for student leaders He has raised up in Prešov, Košice, Banská Bystrica, and Bratislava. Please pray for the 10 student volunteers we have, for their walk with Christ and successful follow-up as they are now following up students from our very successful SpeakOut camps. We desire to see new staff on the team.
  • Our prayer request is for the re-opening of the Bratislava movement – thank God for the help of a new STINT team (12 STINTers) – pray for the current open doors we have in high schools, and pray for open doors on the university campuses of Bratislava. May God cause a movement to be re-started there.
  • Praise God for GCM Slovakia. We have nine people in our team this year!!! Please pray that we will understand God´s will and serve according to it.



  • Pray for unity among our student leaders – that they would have a shared vision for how God can use them to change Slovenia.
  • Pray that God would raise up more student leaders in Ljubljana, Maribor and Koper.
  • Pray that God would lead our team to meet more spiritually open students and that we would be bold to seize every opportunity to share the gospel.



  • SLM had their Speak Out (English camp): More than 1,000 people heard the gospel in one-on-one conversations, a great strategy to reach the city for further work with local churches. Crossroads (movement among teachers): for the first time led an English camp for the teachers, which helps with their need for English and they learn how to answer challenges of the modern world, e.g., kids with special needs, homosexuals from a Christian perspective (as part of the old Communist system, they never had such an opportunity); that creates trust and builds closer relationships with them.
  • The threat of a mass-scale war has not faded and the current hybrid war on the east of our country continues. Daily both military and civilians are being killed in the frontline territories. Please pray for peace and restoration of our country and its territories.
  • Ukraine is ready to be a sending country, so this year we plan on helping three new countries: Belarus, Georgia and Poland. Pray for the expedition teams that will be sent to those nations: for wisdom, protection, and spiritual fruit.