Eastern Europe


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Area Team Leader: Marek and Ala Wyrzykowski







  • You can pray for our visa situation. Because of changes in the law for foreigners in the recent years, our staff is having trouble getting work permits in Bosnia. Please pray that God will open doors and make it possible for our staff to get visas for this year, and the years to come.
  • Pray for physical health for our staff, but also our families back home, as a lot of us have sick parents back home.
  • Pray for the mentoring program that we’re having with high schoolers in Sarajevo, and also EQ follow-up with college students in Mostar, that we’ll see spiritually open students come forward. Thank God for the opportunities we’ve had to share our personal testimonies and the gospel with several students, and pray that we will see people be impacted by it.



  • We are going to have Speak Out project (evangelistic English camp) this July for the first time. Almost all of our staff is involved. Pray for enough tutors, Christian students and non-believers to come; good coordination between the leaders of the project; for financial support; and God to be glorified!
  • We continue to ask God to bring new laborers with us in the ministry of movement building – staff and volunteers. We continue to ask Him to bring the right people/leaders for another MCC in Bulgaria (GCM or LeaderImpact). The National TL and ATL, the National SLM leader and the National LDHR leader are involved in conversations and e-mailing about trying to recruit more laborers to work with us. So let’s pray for God to bring these people by the end of 2018!
  • For developing of our national sites and using more digital strategies for reaching young people. There are great opportunities, but we need more vision and workers.



  • Praise the Lord for our Step Up groups for men. In December 2017 we launched this program for men, and by today we have over 12 groups with about 250 men involved all over Croatia.
  • In March we had two American teams visiting to partner with our SLM, please pray for good follow-up; pray for further growth of our SLM as we transition through significant changes.
  • “Soaring” program for women is also spreading through Croatia. Please pray for women participants to fall in love with Jesus as they learn about their design and purpose, and to become His multiplying disciples.



  • Pray for organization of and provision for an event on April 24 where Eric Alexander (brought a blind man to Mount Everest) is speaking.
  • Praise that SLM has seen two students accept Christ this year; pray for consistency in follow-up with them.
  • Pray for favor in receiving VAT refund from purchase of new office.





  • Pray about growing in unity as a team (Ephesians 4:2-6).
  • Growing in our knowledge of God as individuals (Colossians 1:9-11).
  • That God may open a door for our message, as we are seeking His plan for our ministry’s future (Colossians 4:3).



  • That we will help our students to start and lead new multiplying groups in their natural relationships.
  • That God will give us vision and direction how to continue after finishing the Magdalena project in partnership with the local churches, so that all of the efforts will lead to a start of many new churches.
  • For synergy among all the teams: the three SLM teams (Sekoj Student, High School, and the Albanian team), LeaderImpact, and GCM.



  • Pray for leadership transition for national team leader – ask God to bless and lead everyone involved in the process.
  • Ask God to continue to give to all staff, disciples and volunteers vision, faith and boldness in everything that we are doing as Cru Moldova.
  • Wisdom for placement process this spring, we need new teams in SLM and GCM, new Operations team leader. Praise God for seven applicants to be on staff this year.





  • Pray for new staff and volunteers for SLM: pray for 10-15 new staff in next five years.
  • Pray for new model in ministry in LI and GCM in Poland in next 2 years
  • Pray that we as staff will continue to fight a good fight and be close to our Lord Jesus and be filled by the Holy Spirit



  • Please pray that God will mobilize hundreds of volunteers in the cities of Ploiesti and Sibiu for large city outreaches that will take place in May and June. Training is already underway for these people. Pray that many will hear the gospel and that all of our volunteers would grow in their confidence in sharing their faith and connecting with the lost.
  • Pray for the student movements in Romania. Please pray that we would have excellent discipleship taking place and that our students will excel-still-more in the work of discipling a new generation of laborers. Pray that these students would be full of courage and be intentional. Pray that young believers will learn how to share their faith as they see evangelism modeled by their disciplers.
  • Pray that everyone involved in the spiritual movements would grow and develop in their ability to share the gospel, explore the spiritual interests of others and connect with the lost. We want the gospel to be heard often and we want to courageously invite others to surrender their lives to Jesus, placing their faith in Him.



  • Please pray for successful MPD time during the months of May and June for all of our national staff. Most of us need to raise additional monthly support. Pray that by the end of the summer there will not be anyone who still needs additional support! Also, we are thankful for nine new staff applicants who want to join our staff family this spring (currently have 100).
  • Breakthroughs to change the mentality of the Russian people. People are driven by materialism, held captive by superstitions, and wallow in apathy and ignorance rather than searching for spiritual truths. Changing their hearts and minds is something only God can do! (population is about 145 million)
    We praise him that we know of 13,389 people who prayed to receive Jesus Christ in the past year (2017), and 1,496 of them became regular participants in Bible study groups. In partnership with churches, 156 new groups and 7 new churches were started. We are so thankful for great church partnerships!
  • Making the most of every opportunity. Especially please pray for multiple summer projects during the time of Football World Cup this summer (games taking place in 11 Russian cities) Our Campus ministry and AIA ministry are very involved in leading many outreach programs along with churches). Please pray for opportunities through sporting events to talk with people about our Ultimate Victory.



  • Prayer for new volunteers and partners in the ministry, for displaying Magdalena film on the beginning of work with Significant Woman materials in Serbia.
  • Prayer for staff members and their support.
  • We are grateful to God for sharing the gospel with a group of teenagers and praying that they accept the Lord as their Savior





  • Pray for students to have a united vision to own the movement here in Ljubljana – that they would get excited about God’s call on their lives to “make disciples of all nations” and take steps of faith together as a community. Pray that God would raise up national staff – that there would be Slovenes excited about reaching other Slovenes.
  • Pray for high school students to sign up and come with open and soft hearts to the SpeakOut English camp in June where they will build relationships and hear the gospel.
  • Pray for more opportunities to connect with spiritually open students and that we would continue proclaim the gospel boldly and clearly.



  • Please continue to pray for the warfare to cease in Ukraine – stabilization of both the political and economic situations in our country.
  • Please pray for the three expedition teams to Poland (2) and Belarus (1) – for their protection, and for the remaining fruit in their ministry. Please pray for the partnership of our mission organization with Christian alliances and missions both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Please pray for all the summer projects in various departments of Ukraine for Christ  –  Campus, Family Life, Athletes in Action, Military and among teachers.