East Asia Orient


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Area Team Leaders:

Sung-Min Park (South Korea* NTL)

Kok Hiang Lam (Singapore* NTL)

Stephen Wang (Taiwan* NTL)


  • Thank God that more staff are eager to experience God deeper through fasting and prayer.
  • Praise the Lord that more multiplying disciples are being raised up in EAOrt countries.
  • Please pray for our staff members and disciples to live out a 3G life. Also ask God to MOLD our heart to be more like Jesus, MULTIPLY our lives through others as we truly follow Jesus, and MOBILIZE laborers through our prayers and ministry efforts.
  • We are promoting “PRAY FOR KOREA” this year. Pray for more Christians to join this prayer emphasis. We are looking forward with great anticipation to see a BREAKTHROUGH on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Pray for the National Leadership Conference, May 14-18. The theme is “HEALTHY LEADERS, HEALTHY MOVEMENTS: Investing in Future Generations of East Asia Orient and Beyond.” Pray it will be a time for restoring our first love, renewing our calling, and re-establishing what God entrusts to us.


East Asia School of Theology (EAST)


  • Thank God for the faculty, staff and students at EAST. Pray that each of them will display God’s love and Christ-likeness as they teach, study or serve and in all that they do.


  • Pray for spiritual multiplication of Christ-centered lives as staff and students focus on EAST mission, mentoring group meetings, field internships, outreach events and ministry activities to enhance students’ development for ministry.


  • Pray for our students to be equipped fully before they return to their ministries. Pray for alumni that they will focus on building fruitful disciples in their harvest fields across the nations for the Great Commission.




  • Praise God for another successful fasting prayer chain held from March 9 to April 8 and blessing us with 14 student leaders who joined us. Pray that our hearts will continue to seek after God’s heart.


  • We are thankful that our present leadership team are able to build stronger unity among the staff teams. Pray that God’s love among us will be clearly visible in our movements, and more Christians are drawn to us. Pray that God will raise up more multiplying disciples.


  • Pray for our current SPP of SLM, as they have started four task forces:
  1. 100% sent – continual discipleship of graduates.
  2. Digital strategy – evangelism and discipleship through movies and website.
  3. Developing discipleship materials that originated in Japan.
  4. Developing a strategy to reach 2.56 million students. Beyond what we have in seven cities, we will make a plan to reach all university students in Japan.



  • Thank God for pouring His grace on the fasting conference for students and Nazareth brothers throughout the six cities in the last week of December and for letting us to start 2018 with fasting and prayer.
  • Thank God for the new evangelical materials that we can be using to reach a new generation, such as the strategies to reach freshmen and GATEWAY. Pray that God will use these to help us build spiritual movements on all campuses.

EXOLO2018 Jeju Mission Conference:

  • Ask the Lord to help us build unity between the Jeju churches and KCCC through EXOLO2018 Jeju Mission Conference, June 26-30.
  • Pray for the churches in Jeju that the Holy Spirit will convict Christians of their sins, cause them to turn back to God with deep repentance in their hearts and for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pray for a spiritual revival in Jeju.
  • Please pray for the design team that God will grant them wisdom and unity as they prepare for the conference. Pray for God’s favor as they negotiate with the local suppliers, e.g. accommodations, food and transport.
  • Pray for heart preparation of those attending, that they will experience God working in their lives even as they participate in reaching the local community with the gospel. Pray that God will pour His blessings upon the ongoing relationship between KCCC and the Jeju churches to reach every person there. Pray for the total evangelization and spiritual revival in Jeju.

Prayer Movement:

  • Pray for more Korean Christians to download the 1.1.1. prayer movement app to pray for the nation. Pray that in using the App that God will bind the hearts of every Christian to pray for the nation, South Korea, North Korea, and the world mission once a day at 1pm for 1 minute.


  • We are designing a career development path for our junior staff who are in their first, second and third year of service. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in the design process. Pray that it will help our junior staff members have a longer term of outlook in their life and ministry.


  • Please give Your wisdom Lord, to the pastors who completed their NLTC and let them experience fruitful ministries as they apply what they have learned. Also pray for many churches and pastors to join NLTC in 2018 and experience the equipping needed to build disciples.

Medical Ministry:

  • We started a program to visit the elderly who are living alone. Pray for our medical students to feel Your joy through sharing the good news and medical service. Pray for wisdom to implement this in every campus and that many students will join in this community care project.



  • Please pray for God to handpick His choice to be our new finance manager. Our current finance manager is pregnant and will deliver soon. We thank God for blessing her with a child, do pray for a smooth delivery.
  • Pray for us as we re-register our organization with the government authorities, that everything will go smoothly.
  • Pray for new staff application process. Twelve people are applying to join full-time staff, and seven people are applying to be associate staff members. Pray for God’s leading and wisdom as the HR team interviews them, and pray we can finish the process by the end of April.



  • Praise God for new ministry that started in the Khairpur District in the Pakistani province of Sindh in Sukkur Division. We have conducted evangelistic meetings and outreach trainings and raised up four associate staff there.
  • Praise God for our winter camp in March 2018. More than 70 students and professionals participated and learned about GCM Module.
  • Praise God for saving us from two major attacks (police raid and defaming Pak CCC) in 2017. We experienced God’s protection and His provision.
  • Pray for our chapel ministry (which has proven to be a good platform to raise up Multiplying Disciples) that it will continue to bring and challenge our disciples.
  • Pray for wisdom and commitment of our staff and associate staff.
  • Pray that God will raise up more full-time staff in PakCCC, so that we will have more resources to reach more people with the gospel.




  • Pray for Cru Singapore leaders and staff to live significantly. Pray that each staff will grow in the area of surrendering to God as they seek to walk closer with Him, as living significantly is a reflection of a surrendered life. Pray for each staff member’s passion to be ignited as they seek to know God’s calling according to their God-given uniqueness. Pray for staff to grow to be attentive to God’s voice and to obey His leading as they seek to live out God’s will and purposes. (Ephesians 2:10) For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.


  • Pray for spiritual multiplication of the significant life. Pray for disciples to be built up in the word of God and be equipped to live out the great commandment, so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. Pray as we are trusting God to raise up Christ-Centered Multiplying Disciples through our various ministry platforms. (Student-Led Movement, LeaderImpact, Missions Mobilization, Media Ministry as supported by our Operations and LDHR teams.) (Matthew 22:37-39) Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”


  • Pray for the mobilization of the body of Christ in Singapore to help fulfill the Great Commission through the Live Significantly (#LiveSg) campaign. Pray for individuals to be encouraged to venture out in faith and for a surge of personal evangelism across the country. Pray for the readiness of each Christian to obey the command to go, make disciples and proclaim the gospel to the nations. Pray for strong mobilization of students, volunteers, ministry partners, and churches. Pray for the body of Christ in Singapore to be united in love and for strong collaboration in fulfilling the common goals that God has for the Church in Singapore. (Matthew 28:18-20) Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”




  • We give thanks for raising up prayer movements among different churches in recent years. May God answer each of our prayers to transform the spiritual atmosphere in our country and we hope to see revival in various areas of Taiwan in the near future.


  • Thank God for blessing our efforts as we trusted Him to open many new fields by the different ministries in the past half year. Ask God to help us raise up more Christians who truly follow Jesus and who are multiplying disciples in these fields. Also pray for Christians in Taiwan to truly live out God’s words in our daily lives.


  • Thank God that our mission centers in different cities all started prayer meetings and expanded their networking with other Christians. Please pray that these network gatherings will help encourage each other as we walk with God, sharing of resources, and accelerate our mobilization.