The Journey

The Journey is an interactive prayer experience based on a feature in European medieval cathedrals. The Journey was introduced in Europe and brought to America by Campus Crusade for Christ staff. The basic premise is that you are on a pilgrimage with God to the center of a labyrinth and back out again. At each station, you encounter God concerning a different aspect of your life. The setting should be quiet except […]

Prayer Leadership Seminars

The Prayer Leadership Seminars are a set of biblical studies designed to motivate and multiply prayer disciplers. This seminar series has been prepared for believers who want to grow in prayer themselves, and for those who want to help others to do so. The set includes (click on the seminar you want to view): Seminar One “Understanding God’s Heart for Prayer” Seminar Two “Growing Strong in Prayer” Seminar Three “Winning Spiritual Battles” Seminar Four […]

“Satisfied?” A Prayer Experience of the Holy Spirit

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is vital to the Christian experience. Yet among believers today, there exists considerable ignorance, confusion and neglect concerning the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Sound teaching is foundational to addressing this need. But too often the teaching remains as merely intellectual property for the believer, with little effect on his experience. The work of the Holy Spirit is a reality to be […]

The Arena of Prayer

The Arena of Prayer by Ben Jennings (PDF File) Amazing things happen when God’s people unite with Him in biblical prayer. The Arena of Prayer searches out Scriptures leading you to a fresh, exciting, and motivating understanding of this life-changing privilege that God offers His children. With many years’ experience as an international prayer leader, Dr. Ben Jennings offers powerful, biblical concepts backed by helpful diagrams and practical illustrations. Exploring […]