Prayer Guide Glossary

Global Prayer Requests WORLDWIDE DAY OF PRAYER 3 October 2017 MOBILIZE LABORERS: The fields are ripe for harvest! John 4:35 Always observed on the: Fourth Tuesday of April. First Tuesday of October. Each staff member, volunteer and disciple–as well as every team–has some needs in common: So, we pray for one another’s faith, growth, fruitfulness, re-vitalized first love, walking in the Spirit, a heart that is God-attentive/God-dependent/God-responsive, refreshed vision, conviction […]

Francophone Africa

    FRANCOPHONE AFRICA AREA Area Team Leader: Djasrabe and Cosette Siangar   ANGOLA We bless the Lord for His protection during the trips carried out by our team members inside and outside our country and for the smooth running of our various activities in the midst of a hectic presidential election campaign. Let us pray for the success of the 1st Magdalena Congress, to be held in June 2018. […]